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Sunday, January 15, 2017

This Week on the Blog

Okay, last week was a disaster for everyone but the Yanks.  Giants were eliminated,  Rangers sucked, and the Knicks may or may not have won a game at some point this past week, but KP wasn't playing and his health is our chief concern.  Let's hope this is a better week.

Yankees:  The young Yanks are starting to flow back to Tampa, which is always exciting.  The big league Yanks were able to reach deals with all of their arb eligibles except Dealin' Dellin Betances.  So they'll probably head to arbitration, or work out a mid-term deal. They're talking about using him in high leverage spots, rather than just giving him the 8th.  This is, of course, what they always should have done, but let's see if they do it.

Giants: The Giants looked horrible in losing to the Pack last weekend.  It was a disgrace, and people like Rainey should never where blue again. What's more, the O was still broken, partially thanks to Odell and Sterling, who dropped some touchdowns.  Still, there is something really wrong with the O, that wasn't wrong when McAdoo was the coordinator.  I think they really have to look at that.  I like Sullivan, but maybe only as Eli's QB coach.  Eli regressed this year, and thus Cignetti should be looked at, too.

Rangers:  The Rangers' D is as bad as the Giants' O, and you can't win with either as we've seen.  This week they got Nash and Buch back, so they should start to get overwhelming again on offense, but their D and goal tending must improve.  Where is that trade they've been needing to make?

Knicks:  Melo might finally be willing to waive his no-trade clause for a move to LA and a reunion with his buddy, Chris Paul.  Melo would go off in that set-up. Right now he's stuck with a score first PG in Rose, and he's not getting the ball where he needs it. Noah has been playing better, but KP has been sitting, and that's not a good sign.   We'll see what happens.  They need more picks.

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 08, 2017

This Week on the Blog

Have had my beloved family in town over the holidays, so sorry the posts have been non-existent for a little over a week. This is is big week starting today with the Giants.  And it's a big week for the Rangers, although they're not playing again till Friday(!), and less so for the Knicks, who might want to start thinking about a selloff and some tanking, since they own their pick. The Yanks "Captain's Camp" might be starting this week, I'll have to check. Let's take a look.

Giants:  The Giants are in Green Bay today for the Wild Card game. Obviously, everyone is picking the Pack and the Frozen Tundra, but, those that don't learn from history are often doomed to repeat it.  The SB 42 and 46 titles ran right through the Frozen Tundra. The Giants can do it again today, if the D can play like it has lately, while cleaning up the long passses, and the Giants O can play like it did in the first two years of McAdoo. A big part of that will be giving the majority of carries to Paul Perkins, I'd also like to see them line up at a WR spot out of the huddle, if only to be a decoy. The Pack will try to take away OBJ, but I don't think they have the players to do it.  Let's Go, Giants!

Rangers: Rangers had another spirited comeback last night.  And AV finally let Clendening play and he scored 2 goals to spur the comeback.  The Rangers have been looking for that all year, and it's been on the roster.   That said they still need to find another defensive defenseman because Girardi is a pylon, and they keep giving up early goals.  They have the week off till Friday, and we could see some movement.

Knicks: The Knicks are now 3 games under .500 because they don't play D. Also, KP has been nursing a sore achilles. Korver just got traded, so the market is now open.  Time to see what we can sell (not KP, Billy, etc.) and start planning for the draft. Having multiple ones would make a rebuild go faster.

Yanks:  January is the time of year when a lot of prospects start floating back to Tampa to continue their offseason workouts. Not sure when Captain's Camp is, but they're still holding onto prospects and picks and that can only auger future success.  What's more the Phillies are now looking for a left handed bat: Brett Gardner? The Phillies started their sell-off and rebuild a year or so before the Yanks did, so they might have some desirable assets to give in trade. We'll see.

So that's about it.  Go Giants!!!!!!!!!   Go Rangers!  Sell Knicks!  Stay the course, Yanks!   And have a great week!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Can the Yanks Compete in 2017?

Had a little time and saw some of you talking about whether or not the Yanks can compete when they are "more than one player away."   I think the answer is maybe. As it stands now the Yanks have uncertainty in their starting rotation, a sinister 1-2 punch in their bullpen, and a lineup that should be chockfull of patience and pop for the first time in some time.   They also finally have a farm system that is deep in pitchers and hitters - some of whom might even force their ways to the majors this year.  So they might just compete, but it really will depend on the kids.

I think we can all agree that the Yanks are cannot expect much from Ellsbury (who will miss time and thus give time to a kid) and whom they cannot trade, but Headley and or Gardy could still be flipped for more young players, creating more room for kids.  

In the rotation there are Tanaka, CC, and maybe Pineda (who has been insanely inconsistent).  That leaves Severino, Cessa, Mitchell, and Green, with possibly Enns and Montgomery showing enough in camp to earn a spot.  Severino is once again the key here.  He was supposed to break out last year, but he got so much stronger than he lost the feel for his change up.  This year could be the year he puts it all together, and thankfully, Cash is willing to send him to AAA and NOT THE BULLPEN if he's not ready to start.

Both Cessa and Green showed at times last season and could improve.  And there's always the chance that Chance Adams or James Kaprielian put an added charge in the rotation at some point.

There are literally scores of arms available to build a bridge from the rotation to Betances and Chapman.  The Yanks, in fact, seem so comfortable with their rack of relief talent, they let Lindgren go for nothing and Nick Goody for cash or a PTBNL.  So the cupboard is loaded and the only way they will have problems is if Girardi auditions so many that the 40 man roster once again becomes the kind of mess where we can lose a Lindgren or a Torrens.

As for the line-up, we've always wanted the Yanks to start developing kids with both patience and pop.  They're now doing that again and Sanchez and Judge, especially, have plus plus power potential, and homeruns can undo a both the other team's and your so so pitching.  I do believe Aaron Judge will make the adjustment he made at AAA and become a very dangerous man.  What's more, having him in right field instead of 135 games or whatever of Beltran out there should save some runs.

Mason Williams is probably the best defensive CF on the team at this point - defenitely if they trade Gardy, we'll see if they make him split left with Austin or let him play CF and Ellsbury LF (or CF when Austin plays LF).

Bird and Austin have also shown patience and pop in the system, and could also really contribute at first and some DH in a three way rotation with Holliday.

I'm still concerned with having Castro at second (or third should Headley be moved) because he has pop but no patience, and Didi, who can field and has pop but also lacks patience and the Yanks could do well by trading him if either Gleyber or one of the other SS prospects shows they're ready at some point this season.  I don't know how they'll move Castro.  Meanwhile they should bat 8th and 9th for the foreseeable.

Higgy should beat out Romine at back up catcher, because he is better at hitting and on defense.  But because they let Torrens go, they are now bereft of C depth in the minors and might decide to keep Romine at back up and Higgy in the minors - just to have someone there.  Though that wouldn't help the majorl league team one lick.

Meanwhile, down on the farm they now have so much talent, we could see any number of lights go on and surprises, so it should be fun down there too.

So can the Yanks compete this year?  It will be largely up to the kids, and they are talented.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This Week on the Blog

A few days late with one, as we continue to barrel through the holidays.  I hope you're are joyous.  This past week, the Giants sidestepped into the playoffs, the Rangers dove into the tank and the Knicks continued to show an unwillingness to play consistent D.  Let's take a look.

Rangers:  The Rangers gave up 7 goals in each of their last two games before the Christmas break, and early tonight gave up goals on each of the Sens' first two shots tonight.  This is ridiculous and Dan Girardi is now a pylon.  I don't want to resent a guy who has been valiant for us, but he's constantly getting exposed these days, especially over this recent 16 goal barrage.  I think losing Nash again, when he was playing so well, may have been too much for this team to handle, given the long injuries to Buch and Mika that the Rangers have also been dealing with.  Hank has the flu so Brandon Halvorson has been called up.  And with the way things are going, he could make his debut. Woo hoo: Nick Holden just scored!  Down 2-1.  LGR!  Raanta give up another one.

Knicks: The Knicks lost on Christmas because they refused to play defense for the entire second period, and throughout the game challenged the Celtics to settle for 3's, which they kept hitting.  The Celts also got away with many, many moving screens. I don't know why that happens, but like the NFL, the NBA still has a ref problem.  Also, if the Knicks are going to lose, I want them to do it with the kids, who can learn, rather than with the vets who can be a little ball hoggish.

Giants: The Giants got reffed in Philly and are now locked into the #5 seed in the NFC playoffs. This weekend they play Washington, and while nothing will change for them win or lose, I think they should play hard because they need the reps.  The Giant O never really got going all year, and I won't believe it is possible in the post season until I see it in the regular season.  Also, if they beat Washington, it will keep them out of the playoffs. I'd like to see them put to sleep with a heavy dose of Paul Perkins.

Yanks: The Yankees are still rumored to be in on Quintana, whom they just could have kept instead of allowing him to become a minor leage FA back in 2011. Let's if they do make a deal, it reflects better self scouting than letting him go did.  Seems like it will be tough to do because the White Sox will probably ask for some of the deadline gold.  I think the Yanks have to pass at that point.  They are also patiently pursuing deals that would free them of Gardy, Headly or both.  Godspeed in those tasks, room must be made and protected for the kids.

Have a great week and your best year yet!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Giants Clinch!

The Giants didn't exactly back into the playoffs, but sort of sidestepped in due to what looked like either ref incompetence or malfeasance Thursday night in Philly.  This season, the Giants have proven talented enough to overcome almost all of their unforced errors, but if those officials the other night had whistled to clear PI on the 4th down throw to Sheppard, the Giants would already have already made it. This, of course takes all the pressure off the Washington game, but the Giants can't rest starters because - until they stop making soooo many mistakes - they need the reps!  But as much as they can frustrate us, they are easy to like, and we all know now that they're in the tourney, anything can happen.  GO GIANTS!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

This Week on the Blog

This week just started off nicely as the Giants beat the Lions to move to 10-4.   The Rangers play later.  The Knicks need to regroup and the Yanks still haven't done anything stupid.  Let's take a look.

Giants: It's pretty incredible that they've gotten to ten wins since they are prone to so many unforced errors. Once again they lost an Odell punt return TD because of block in the back away from the play.  But they did get TD's from Odell and Sterling as well as a big catch by Cruz early.  I'm surprised they haven't been more clever with the three of them.   OBJ did launch a great block on Sterling's WR screen which set up their second TD.  Wing had another good game and pinned the Lions a few times.  Jackrabbit Jenkins left the game with a back and we'll have to see what that is. Perkins was averaging 5 yards a carry, but somehow they tried to grind it down with Jennings again, and ended up going three and out twice in the final four minutes.  Sub-optimal.

Knicks: the Knicks D has come apart again. And it's made them look terrible over the last two games.  Rose has been out, and Melo and KP are both nursing stuff that seems to be limiting them a bit.  It may be time to start starting KOQ or Willy at C.  Both of them have been impressive, and Willy had a double double last night. Noah hasn't been able to muster much, and they've got to figure out their best rotations.  Still a work in progress, but they need to regroup.

Rangers:  the Rangers won by way of a shootout last night and later today have to come back against the Devils.  Nash and Puempel have been back, which has helped, but their margins have really narrowed without Buch and Mika.  The call-ups have been playing well, but the talent level is degraded without those two. But they are showing some character(though they indefensibly let Hank get run the other night - which I hate), but they're winning tight games, and they might run into some of those even if Buch and Mika are back for the playoffs.

Yanks: I'd assume they're done till January.  Let's be grateful that they're haning onto their picks and prospects.

It's a slow week, so maybe I can post some more, but if not, have a great one, and thanks for posting.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

This Week on the Blog

Put this off most of the weekend because of the unusual scheduling that had our Giants, Rangers and Knicks all playing at roughly the same time this afternoon/evening my time.  Amazingly, the Giants, Rangers and Knicks all posted signature wins and this week is off to an amazing start.  And Mariano was at the Giant game and was their honorary captain, so all our teams were in on it today.  Also, this must be the start of an amazing week for all of us, because when else has this happened?  Let's get down to cases.

Giants: the Giants D is now playing better than it has since Spags 1.  Those of us who wondered if Spags could still coach D at an elite level have got our answer and it's a big fat hell yeah!   Janoris Jenkins was amazing tonight and has really made huge strides this year after seeming to breakout and earn the big contract last year.   Vernon was great, too, as we Landon, and Okwara may be our latest ringer.  They gave up some runs to the JPP side, but not enough to hurt them. Owa was out, too, but they still somehow held the Cowboys to 7 points.  Amazing.  Meanwhile, on O, Eli was again shakey and big drops from OBJ and Cruz held down the Giants' chances.  If they can clean up the drops, and Eli gets back to what he's been the past two years, the Giants might actually have a run in them.   Sounds crazy, but there are some similarities to past Giant teams that have gone on runs.

Rangers: The Rangers are down 4 top forwards: Buch, Mika, Nash and Pumpel.  That's more than most teams can handle, but the Rangers, with Raanta in net again, just won their third straight and second straight shutout by thrashing the Devils 5-0.  Kreider, Skjei, Miller (all Ranger first roung picks) then Pirri and Vesey (both for this past offseason) scored the goals.  The call ups, Hrivik and Jensen have been close, and playing so well the Rangers waived Jooris, who was picked up by Az.  We'll see how long they ride with the hot hand in Raanta, but they should start getting some of the missing forwards back.  They could still use help on D.

Knicks:  KP had been in the tank since the first Minny game.  This weekend it was learned that he had tweaked his knee at some point, but he wasn't using that as an excuse.  Tonight he didnt need one as he went for 26, 12, and 7 blocks against the Lakers.  KOQ was out, but Billy Hernangomez pitched in with 6, 12 and 2 blocks of his own.  Rose, who had missed the last two, was on fire and the Knicks were also helped by Jennings and Melo.  We've been calling them a work in progress, and this work is progressing!  They're on a little run now, and if KP is over his knee, this could be the most fun we've had since Linsanity.  Good times.   They still need to consistently pick up their D.

Yanks: Pretty sure the Yanks are going to trade Gardy.  Don't know when, but I think they will.  I also think there's about a 20 per cent of a big surprise trade.  Don't know why I think this, but I do.  We'll see.

So those of you who can, head to the track this week!  Our luck is finally back!  Have a great one!