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Monday, April 20, 2015

Giants Get Back To Work

The Giants finally began their offseason program, which will run from now, through OTA's and finish with the veteran mini-camp.  JPP is sitting out, but as of last week we were getting a lot of information about his workouts with Jay Bromley, so he probably is getting in shape, as it behooves him to do so in his walk year -- if it comes to that.

Eli, who is also in a walk year, said he was comfortable with it.  Otherwise, everyon seemed healthy and happy to be back.  Shane Vereen and the new guys will have a whole new culture to get used to, but at Shane at least seemed eager.  

This program used to start in March -- which was a quick turnaround in years when we played into January and February.  But, following a season that ended in December this felt like and eternity.  I also think the Draft is now too late, and people's built-in excitement for it flags by the time it comes around lately.   I'm writing a lot less about it this -- partly because I don't want to repeat the same stuff every year and partly because the process has become too protracted and things have been cooking with the Rangers and Yanks, and will get cooking with the Knicks in the next few weeks.

They'll have to wait for a new CBA to start the workouts sooner,  but the draft is something that should be restored to it's old time slot, even if they've grown way too ridiculous to restore it to its Saturday/Sunday form.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yanks Complete Sweep of Rays

Yanks just beat the Rays for the 3 game sweep.  Pineda was really shaky in the first which you could tell the moment he walked the first batter.    He got a bit better, and shows all the signs of being an ace at some point - but he's currently 2-0 with a 5.00 ERA, so he ain't that yet.   Sort or reminiscent of Randy Johnson's time in pinstripes, so far this year.  Wins but an inflated ERA.   Betances is looking more and more like his old self, but the fastball is still not where it was - like Tanaka.   Miller gave up a leadoff double in the 9th to some chump with an HGH beard, then K'd the side, swinging, which was Goosian of him.  Great win.

Mitchell and Severino were both dominant.   Mitchell's ERA is now below 3 and Severino got an ERA when he gave up a run.   Oh well, it's just .90 and he can lower it next time.  Anyway, two really encouraging starts.

This Week on the Blog

Should be an interesting week on the blog, what with the Rangers in the playoffs, the Giants and Knicks getting ready for their drafts, and the Yanks perhaps showing a sign of life or two.  Let's take a look.

Rangers:  The Rangers played like crap last night, still, but for a bad penalty against Hags, the Pens might have never gotten started.  They'll play better Monday, and at some point in this series have the Pens totallly figured out.  Let's go, Rangers!

Yanks:  Tanaka's start was huge.   Let's see if Pineda can follow suit, and then if CC and Eovaldi can have better luck.   Down on the farm, it's a Severino day and a Bryan Mitchell day.   Also, some rumors that the Yanks are interested in the 22 year old Cuban 2B.   No word on the Cuban pitchers who had appealed for FA.

Giants:  Giants signed a couple of camp bodies this week, and might sign more this week.   They'll slso keep going to pro-days - if there are any left - and more likely having kids in or going to see them.   In the old days, we'd be in Rookie Mini-Camp by now.

Knicks:  Knicks will tend to their strategy.   Right now the lottery is 4 weeks away, so they'll probably be developing multiple plans now.

I hope all of you have great weeks!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yanks Slam Tampa

Masahiro Tanaka gave up two hit and K'd 8 over 7 scoreless innings as the Yanks beat Tampa 9-0.   What a relief to see Tanaka able to dominate again.   The Yanks blew it open with a 7 run 7th where Chris Young hit a two out grand slam.   Suddenly, the Yanks are closer to .500 than I thought they'd be for awhile.  Hmmm.

Friday, April 17, 2015

ARod Powers the Yanks to a Win

ARod, whom I used to have pictures of, hit two bombs tonight, which contributed 3 runs to the Yanks total of 5 in their 5-4 victory over Tampa Bay.   Stephen Drew also hit a homer - his third.   He's becoming a mini-Kingman.   Still it's early and the only patter that may be emerging is that ARod is not washed up, and Betances may be coming around -- also that Ellsbury was egregiously overpaid, but is still better than McCann and Beltran.   We'll see if they can get closer to .500 this weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yanks: Judge Hits a Walkoff

Holy Smokes did he get around on that pitch.   He is a major reason to be excited about this team's future.  Also, it took him a little while in each of last year's stops to get his power going.  Now it's been going since the first game.  I still think he has to learn to cover the low and away portion of the strikezone, but there's really not a lot more he has to learn.  He K's some, but he also walks.  And cleaning up his low and away thing will lower his K's.   Jake Cave is also currently going nuts.  More small sample theater, sure, but that is one loud bat that will eventually be 3 or 4 for the Yanks.

Rangers: One Down Three to Go

Rangers just won.   Brassard scored 28 seconds in and McDonagh added a power play goal later in the first, and that was it for Ranger scoring.   That's a little ridiculous, but we'll get to that.   The Pens scored in the second, on yet another goal where an opposing player shoved Lundqvist as or just before the shot was on the way.  That's goalie interference.   I'm sick of the refs allowing it.

Anyway, the Rangers blew some scoring chances later, and the Pens played desperately enough to keep it competitive, when it shouldn't have been.   The Rangers will have to play much better in the coming games if they want to fulfill their destinies.  Also, Girardi might have been hurt, and we'll have to see if he'll be ready in time for Saturday.   Hopefully, Klein will be.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yanks Stuff

The Yanks are now 2 games under .500, and it will be interesting to see just how long it takes them to reach .500.  

Elsewhere, Severino was dominant in his first start,  and Greg Bird hit his first homerun of the season.   Trenton lost, but we're looking for development.  Judge had a terrible night at the plate, K'ing 4 times.  I think a few of them were loooking and low and away.  He's got to learn to protect that low and away  quadrant.  Btw, Brady Lail did get sent back to the FSL.

Katoh drove in Mateo for a walk off win last night.  Let's hope they both get going.  Pitching's been a little bumpy throughout the system in the early going.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Yanks Win a Wild One in Baltimore

Yanks just beat the Orioles 6-5 on a pinch hit Grand Slam, by Stephen Drew who I still won't get a picture of... So here's Andrew Miller in enemy garb who got the 5 out save -  on April 13!    Betances was shaky again and Pineda was mixed as he got 8 swinging K's and one called, but gave up some hits to chumps and a homer on a bad pitch.  Still, Girardi rode him for 98 pitches - on April 13! And hopefully he'll survive and improve.  Betances still isn't Betances, but he did get a huge bases loaded K.  The offense is still ponderous, and also seems to be hitting into some bad luck.

Trenton was rained out, so no Severino yet.  The rest of the farm was undistinguished.

Yanks Stuff

Luis Severino will make his 2015 regular season debut for the Thunder in a few hours.   Let's hope he gets off to a great start and just cruises into the bigs this season.   For that to happen, he probably has to perfect his speed changing and shape changing slider, once he does that he'll be nigh on unhittable most starts.

As for the small sample theater we've observed from the big club so far, it can only be said with some certainty that we're gonna go through a ton of pitchers again this year.  It's disturbing that Matt Tracy, who was a possible sleeper got the one/done/DFA treatment.  It sickens me to some degree that they spend good money bringing these players along only to turn them into cannon fodder.  It's also hard to believe that Slade Heathcott has not been re-added to the 40 - because in the short going, Beltran looks shot.

Rangers Draw The Pens in the First Round

So the Rangers are going to play the Penguins again, this time in the first round.   A lot of people are bandying about the idea of parity this year, but it's an illusion.  Since the Rangers got over some injuries and the Finals hangover and made up all of that ground to win the Presidents Trophy, they have been the dominant team in the East and I expect them to continue to be so.  Btw, if you're from Pittsburgh, you should be a Pens fan (unless your morals prohibit it), but if you're not from Pittsburgh, and root for the Pens as a result of the players and cups they were handed by the league, then you're really a fan of kayfab and not the NHL.  That team was artificially propped up on any number of occasions, and that's beyond the pale.  Let's go, Rangers!