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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yanks Promote Severino

The Yanks have promoted their best pitching prospect, Luis Severino from AA to AAA.  So now he'll just be a call-up away should there me more injuries to the rotation.  What they can't do is Joba him and send him up to help the BP.   Some other guys will probably get promoted between now and the start of the short season teams.  But this does probably mean that we will see Luis in the Bronx at some point this season -- whether or not Girardi will play him once he's there is another matter.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Giants OL Pt.1,000,000

I think that most people presumed that once Beatty got hurt last week, the Giants would use Flowers and Pugh at the tackles - with a competetion for Left Tackle to start things off, and leaving the Giants looking for another Guard instead of a tackle to complete the Beatty-less line.

That does not seem to be what they have in mind.   Today as we noted earlier they had Justin Pugh lined up inside Flowers at Left Guard.  That's bold, but pretty clearly what they had in mind for next year and down the line.  Right now, the Giants have their three best OL's lined up at LT, LG and C.   That leaves Schwartz, who's alternating during these practices while he rehabs, and a hole on the right side.  Marshall Newhouse probably won't be part of this solution, but but he was out at Right Tackle today.

In general, with a right handed QB, it's probably better to have your problem on the right side than on the left, and that's where the Giants are keeping their's for now.  It would be awesome if Michael Bamiro or Emmet Cleary or someone who's already on the roster could grab that position.  If not, they'll have to keep an eye on the waiver or look for a trade.  I don't think there will be any OL's in the Supplemental Draft.  But right now they need to find a decent RT and may not have one.  What they do have is a lot of young talent at LT, LG and C.

Yanks Win Again

The Yanks continued they're winning mixture of pitching and power hitting, finishing off the Royals 4-2.    Pineda was back to dominating as he went 6.2 innings of 8K 1BB 1 run ball.  Leading 4-1, Girardi didn't use Lindgren.  Instead he went with Carpenter and Wilson who combined for 1 out.  Betances and Miller did the rest.

Meanwhile, the second run that the Royals scored was unearned as DiDi G threw another ball away.   It was supposed to be pitching and defense, but it's only been pitching and power so far.

Giant OTA's, PT.1

The biggest news out of today's OTA is that Ereck Flowers was installed at LT and Justin Pugh was installed at LG.  They could have left Pugh at RT, but instead they had Newhouse acting as a placeholder over there.   This is really interesting because it seems to indicate that it is the organization's will that Flower and not Pugh becomes the Left Tackle and that Pugh is still moving to LG, even with the virtual vacancy at Right Tackle.  Frankly, I think that will prove to be a nasty, pro-bowly combo on the left side -- but the right side is terribly unsettled.   Unless one of the other kids can step up -- like Cleary or Bamiro or someone -- the Giants really do need to sign someone or make a trade.

In other news, Robert Ayers did something to his knee and ended up leaving on a cart.  And Corey Washington scored two more TD's -- beating Prince 2x in goal line practice.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rangers Crush Bolts - Force Game 7

The Rangers moved MSL off the Brassard line an added JT Miller.  The results: 3 goals and two assists for Brass, 1 goal and three assists for Miller, and 1 goal and 3 assists for Rick Nash as the Rangers rose up and crushed the Lightning 7-3.  And I must say, it should have been more lopsided as I bet Hank would want all three of the Lightning goals back.  Yandle and Sheppard had the other Ranger goals.  It was actually 2-1 after 2 and then the Rangers errupted.  Usually, they've been great at just protecting those third period leads this year, but this time, they went hard at the net and scored 5 more goals.  The Lightning had to pull Bishop.  Then Nash scored on the new guy.  Brassard's third goal was an empty netter.  

Game Seven is Friday Night at MSG.  Let's Go, Rangers!

Yanks Win Again

Yanks just beat the Royals using their homer + good pitching system.  Not sure what happened to Beltran, but he left the game for Heathcott, who had been on the bench at the start of the game, despite being the Yanks hottest hitter and an elite defender.  Hmmm.  Anyway, winning is better than losing even if it hides some warts.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Heathcott and Lindgren Impress as Yanks Route Royals

Slade Heathcott was 2-5 with his first big league homer and Jacob Lindgren pitched two scoreless innings in his MLB debut, as the Yanks clobbered the Royals today.   The solid pitching and homers were back -- and that's been their best formula all year.  Plus the kids brought their own solid pitching and a homer -- hmmm.  Anyway, it was one of those games where McCann and Drew homered, so that may not work to the team's benefit.  Headley also homered and he may be coming around.  So did Gardy, and I think it would be a very good idea for Heathcott to stick close to Gardy while he's up.  There's a lot he can still learn from him, and he's quite a bit like Gardy, but with more potential pop.  Good day for the Yanks all around -- except for the Drew reprieve.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yanks: Lindgren Coming Up

Yanks are bringing up Jacob Lindgren tomorrow.  All he has done in the minors is flat fricking dominate, thus it is about time. He should have made the roster out of ST, but the Yanks might finally be worrying about clocks.  This should give the Yanks a three headed monster pen, should they ever get a lead and want to protect it again -- or keep the other team from growing their lead -- which would also be a switch.

Lindgren was a second round pick last year - the Yanks first.   Imagine where they'd be now if they had kept there three first rounders.   No Beltran, no McCann and no Ellsworth.  They probably wouldn't have had their surprising start, but we'd be watching kids get better instead of vets decline.

This Week on the Blog

This week will have to be better than last week was.  I won't recount or chew on it anymore, but all four of our teams took major hits, and that's unacceptable.  So, onward and upward.

Rangers:  The Rangers have to win 2 more games to make it back to the finals.  They still need to tighten up their D if they want that to happen, but if Hank, Nash and St. Louis keep playing like they did last night, they can and will.

Giants:  The Giants will continue with OTA's on into their mini-camp.  Meanwhile, they have to find another OL.   With the injury to Beatty, they're back down to 4 and that won't work any bettter than just having 3 and two filler players for most of last year.  Something must be done, and the sooner the better for the sake of line chemistry.

Yankees:  The Yanks are at a cross roads.  The timely hitting they had in April and early May has dried up and it's putting too much pressure on the pitchers.   They need to solve 2B for starters, and have the candidates to do it.  Also, they need to reconfigure their middl relief and they have the parts to do that, too.  They just need to keep calling guys up.  Also, their draft start June 6, so we're getting really close.

Knicks: The Knicks need to hang onto pick #4, and see what else they can add.  Trading Melo should be on the drawing board.  I love Melo, but this is a total reboot, and if we can move him for the #2 pick and stuff it will be to our longterm benefit and probably his.

So, all four teams should have a sense of urgency. I hope things are going better for all of you.  And Anonymous posters, remember to get handles.   Otherwise your posts will be deleted.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Rangers Win

Rick Nash broke through with 2 goals, Keith Yandle had a goal and three assists and the Rangers beat the Lightnigh 5-1 to even the series at 2 games apiece and restore home ice advantage.   The Rangers finally played so D, and Hank was back to being great.  They still made too many mistakes as far as giveaways and penalties go, but they were far more responsible than they had been in either loss.   And Marty St. Louis finally scored one and started swarming, to the point where he probably should have had one or two more.  Kreider was the other goal scorer.   Rookies Hayes, Fast and Miller continud to impress.  Hags was also an animal and had an assist.  Hell, Tanner Glass had a good game.  

In any event if Nash, Marty and Hank are going to keep playing like that, I really, really like our chances.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Giants: And There Goes The OL

Unbelievably, after finally drafting a 5th starter for the offensive line, the Giants have lost their OLT Will Beatty till at least November with a torn pec.   Even when they finally bit the bullet and tried, they still can't put 5 guys out there, and that's because they missed on so many in free agency, more so than in the drafts, where they really had bad luck with their windows.  So, this means Flowers, Pugh or Newhouse will have to play OLT, and god only knows who will then pick up the open spot.  A trade for a real OL would seem to be necessary.  This is just unbelievably bad news on the Giants end.