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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Giants Win Their Finale

The Giants just won 16-13 to complete their 5-0 preseason.  Some jobs were probably won and lost over the course of the game and we probably will have to go outside the organization for a TE.   I think we've seen the last of Painter, though Nasib didn't get much going, either.  Though it did feel like they were forcing balls to certain guys like Preston and Talley to the detriment of the QB's.  Rueben Randle was awful again while the ones were in.  And he made Eli look bad.  Then Eli did look bad, but he shouldn't have been in.   Brady didn't play.   We'll get the final cuts Saturday then see what's cooking.  

Yanks Acquire LHP Outman for Cash

Yanks have acquired Josh Outman from the Indians for cash considerations.  So now we know the space on the 40 that was opened up earlier today isn't going to a kid.    Whatever.

Yanks Can't Hit, Thus They Lose

The horse's head is dead, and, today Shawn Kelley pitched like a horse's ass.   That said, if the Yanks didn't stink on offense, maybe they could score more than two runs.   And today, like last night, they scored all of their runs in the third.  Kuroda was good and didn't deserve to lose when giving up only 2 runs.   Betances pitched a scoreless 8th, and Kelley was in for the 9th.  I don't know Girardi goes from his A+ reliever in the 8th to a B-/C+ in the 9th.   I don't know why he does a lot of things, frankly, but I'm tired of all of them.

UPDATE:  They released Corban Joseph today, so that opens a spot on the 40.

Giants Tonight: Pt. 1

Tonight the Giants will finally end their preseason schedule with their traditional game against the Patriots.   You know how this one goes, Brady probably won't play at all, and Eli will play 1 or two series.  I think we're going to get a big dose of Jimmy G. from the Pats, and the Giants will probably answer with another big dose of Nassib.    We can afford no more injuries, but it would be a good time for some guys to turn both for the guys themselves and for the team.   Looks like Beckham is out again.   Yeesh.  Hillis is back and he'll probably get a lot of work.   It would be nice if two of the TE's distinguished themselves and if some of the young front 7 defenders not named DaMonster could make some plays.    But the key is no more injuries.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yanks Greene is Great Again

The Yankees rookie starter Shane Greene was back to being great tonight.   In a game they sort of had to win, Greene held them to 2 runs off 5 hits and a walk, and K'd 8 of them over 7 innings.     The offense was, once again strange as they scored 8 runs in the third, without the benefit of a homer-- but by getting 9 straight hits off of Price!   Then they didn't score again.   Warren gave up a run in the 8th, then they used Betances for the 9th with a 5 run lead.    Ponderous.   Weird sequencing and a bit of squeezing  by the ump cost Betances a run with two outs, and lead to him facing Cabrera with one on.  He K'd Cabrera on 4 pitches, getting him with 98 out of the zone away.     Shouldn't have given up a run, though.   Big win.

Yanks: Next Cuban On The Block?

So the next Cuban up is not Yoan Moncada or Yasmani Tomas.  It's short LHP Misael Siverio.   He's said to throw 92 with a couple of breaking pitches and a splitter.   He's 24 so he won't be IFA punishable.   He threw in June and will throw again Friday.  The Yanks were there in June.   The Yanks have had some dynamite little lefties over the years, and if this cat can get out righties and lefties and shows swing an miss even with his average velo, let's pick him up and break the embargo.

Rangers To Give Ryan Malone a Tryout?

Word's around that the Rangers are interested in bringing legally challenged Ryan Malone in for a tryout.   There are sort of three interesting issues around their slow pursuit of Malone.

First, is that the Rangers have a horrible habit of doubling down on their young player signings by signing a corresponding old player.  Last week they secured RW Kevin Hayes, this week we hear they are interested in 34 year old Ryan Malone.  They can't keep blocking prospects with vets, it's bad for morale and it's bad for the salary cap.  

Second,  the Rangers have been pretty darn good at exploiting market inefficiencies.  For example, signing MZA,  getting all of those undrafted kids.  It's possible that they see Malone as an inefficiency.  He's available because he was a compliance buyout, and that happened because he drove under the influence with a pocketful of cocaine, and ended up clipping a curb.     As far as I know that's the extent of his trouble, going backwards and forwards.    If you know about more, let me know.   But, he was pretty recently a good big man, and also a teammate of Marty St. Louis, so the Rangers might have some insight there.   So, on that level it's kind of intriguing.

Third, the Rangers are tight against the contract limit, so they can't really take flyers, or in this case, Penguins, on old players with out damn good reasons.  I would expect that's why it's a tryout.

And I still think they need to make a trade to alleviate some contract space and maybe, just maybe get more future picks.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yanks Name 7 For the AFL

The Yanks are sending some brand name hitters and some interesting pitchers to the AFL.  The hitters include; Aaron Judge, Eric Jagielo, Greg Bird and Tyler Austin.   All four have been coming on lately, with only Judge having a really consistent health year.    The pitchers are Alex Smith, Brandon Pinder and Caleb Cotham (who always seems to be in rehab mode).   Smith and Pinder are relievers, and it will be interesting to see if they try to stretch out one or both of them.

Anyway, we have reason to follow whatever team they are on, guys can make headway with this AFL opportunities.

Giants Make Some Cuts

The Giants had a get down to 75 guys today.   They did it by making some cuts, the most surprising of which were WR Travis Harvey and LB Spencer Adkins, both of whom had looked good in the games.  Charles James II was also cut.   He was a great camp story, but it wasn't showing up in games.  Brandon McManus was cut, leaving us with Brown at Kicker.   I wonder if they'll try to upgrade that.   TE Xavier Grimble was cut.   He could never get healthy and practice.    TE Jerome Cunningham was also cut.   DT Everett Dawkins was cut.   OL John Sullen was cut, so now he has a better reason to be sullen.

The Giants also cut three other DB's including CB Ross Weaver and Safeties CJ Wilson and Kyle Sebetic.

A few of these guys could end up on the Psquad, if they're still available.

UPDATE:  There were even more moves.  So much for my NFL Cuts tracker.   Marcus Harris and Cooper Taylor were both IR'd.  And LB Justin Anderson and Emmanuel Dieke were both waived/injured and can be added to IF if they clear waivers.    

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pineda Wins Again

I think it's fair to say that had Pineda and Tanaka not missed so much time, the Yanks would be in much better postseason position right now.   Tonight they also got homers from Drew, Prado and Ellsbury.  If those guys (other than Prado, who has hit for some power as a Yankee) had hit a few more homers, we also might be in better shape.   Same with some other guys.   Pineda doesn't throw 98, but something is difficult to pick up.   He pitched 6.1 of one run ball, and the run was a homer.  The fact that someone squared him up so well was surprising, as was the second good appearance in a row by Huff.   I think that's 5 in a row.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yanks Get An Expensive Homer in Extras and Win

I believe that's four in a row, and a sweep of the White Sox.  I also believe this win probably prevents us from being sellers at the waiver trade deadline that's coming up next Sunday.   This will especially be true if Tanaka makes a successful minor league start between now and then.   I will never root against the Yanks, but I still think they should be sellers unless they have the horses to win it all, and they don't.  What we might be on the lookout for is a waiver trade that brings us a middle of the order hitter.  Unfortunately, most of our best prospects wouldn't have to go through waivers to make that happen.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yanks Win

Special guest Yankee Carlos Beltran homered, and the pitching staff was good enough to hold the White Sox to three runs.    It was mostly the B bullpen of Kelley/Warren creating the bridge to the A closer Robertson, but after Kelley gave up run, relief ace Dellin Betances has to come in to get the final out of the 7th. Argh!  Kuroda got his ninth win.  Now trade him.

There was a disturbing report earlier that the Yanks wouldn't go higher than 40M to Rusney Castillo because they had added Martin Prado at the deadline.  In a nutshell, that's just what's wrong with this team and why they'll continue to be hard to watch for the next several years.

This Week On The Blog

This should be another interesting week on the blog.   All of the teams could or should be in buy or sell mode, so we'll see what happens.

Giants: The Giants will start cutting players any minute now, and have to have their first cuts in by tomorrow.   Some teams have already cut guys.   The Giants will also play the last of their endless preseason games on Friday, and the first O will have a drive or two before sitting out.

Yankees:  The Yankees should be sellers, unless something comes up for next year, and I don't Prado level.   They're sort of in it, and they're sort of not, but this team isn't winning a World Series this year, so they might as well start selling.

Rangers:  The Rangers landed a good player in Kevin Hayes this past week, and now they gave to lock up John Moore.   What's more, they are tight against the 50 contract rule, so I still think they're have to make a trade to alleviate the overcrowding.  What's more, if they can free up some slots, there are still some good college players out there.

Knicks:  They're sort of doing a slow rollout of a substantial rebuild.  They haven't made a trade in a few weeks, and last week they added another coach.   Who knows what's coming this week?  A new exec?  Another trade?  They're using Phil's calculus now.  So maybe they'll do something and maybe they won't.

Should be a fun week.  Let's hope for great news for all 4 teams, and for all of you.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Giants Post Game pt. 1: Nassib Scorches the Jets

The Giants just won their 4th preseason game in the row, as Ryan Nassib decimatd the Jets starters and backups to throw 3 TD's and hand the ball to Andre Williams for another one.   The TD passes were to Hynoski, Parker and good old Corey Washington.   Nassib is just getting better and better, and tonight he probably banished Painter for good.   He finished the game on his knee in the victory formation.

Btw, Rex Ryan had his starters in well into the third quarter, both on O, when they had Vick in and on D.   They even put Babin back in in the 4th quarter to try to stop Nassib.   I wonder if Rob even likes him?

Yanks Win on Prado Walk Off Single

It was another big game for Martin Prado who had a 2 run shot and a bases loaded single to win the game in the 9th.  The Yanks had fallen behind  3-0 in the first on an Abreu karmic homer, but then Greene and the other Yankee pitchers held them scoreless for 8 innings, and managed to catch up and finally beat them in the 9th.   Good Friday Night Win for the Yanks.

Giants Down at the Half

The Giants are down 10-7 to the Jets at halftime.   It was another frustrating first half for the 1's.   The Giants looked good on their first drive until a Jernigan dropped stopped it.  Later, poor OL play bogged them down.     Something weird happened at the end of the first half, though, Geoff Schwartz who had been playing LG hurt his toe and had to be carted off.  Weston Richburg then came in at LG and the line play was terrific as they drove for a TD to Randle in the two minute O.  

We've always though Schwartz should be back at RG now that Snee is retired, and this may convince them that this is the way to go with these OL's.  

Soup Harris also got hurt, as did Bowman.   Rashad Jennings also looked good.

Penalties are still killing them.

Very good chance that Mike Vick will shred our young D depth in the second half.

Yanks: Yasmani Tomas And Yoan Moncada

Okay, the didn't go for Rusney Castillo, and, as such, have not yet gotten back into the deep end of the Cuban talent pool.   Now, was this because they're are salary maxed?  Was it because they were done spending on this year's team?  Or was it because they didn't value him at 7 year 72.7?  I don't know.   But that make all in a row that the Yanks have passé on since Contreras years and years ago.

That said, they'll have two more chances in the next several months.  The players are RF Yasmani Tomas, a 23 year old right handed power bat, and  switch hitting Yoan Moncada, a 19 year old 2B who may be able to play SS.  Both are younger than Castillo.  In fact, if the Yanks want Moncada, they have to do it before the IFA year ends and pay the fines, because next year, they can't bid more than 350K on any teenager.  So Moncada is a more urgent issue to come to market.   But Tomas has the bigger  bat.

We'll see what they do here, but as the team has swooned, it's made more and more sense to hold off and wait on Tomas and Moncada, who are both years shy of their primes and both would fill immediate needs for they 2015 Yankees.

UPDATE:  Jose Abreu, another Cuban the Yanks could have had for just money, as if to underline the massive error the Yanks have been making in talent collection, has hit a three run bomb already tonight.

Rangers: Hayes Added to Traverse City Roster

The Rangers have added recently signed Kevin Hayes to their Traverse City team.  Having done that, I don't know if the Rangers will have the best team in the tournament, but with Hayes, Haggerty and McCarthy, they would have had the makings of a hell of a college team last year.    Feels like the farm is bouncing back, even with the dearth of picks over the past few years.

Giants Tonight Pt 2: The WR's.

I was all set to post a picture of Corey Washington after another game winning catch tonight, but he may not get the chance.   And that's because Corey and Soup Harris are getting some reps with the 1's tonight, and may not be playing in the 4th Quarter.   This is good news, because regardless of how good they both look, they haven't played against 1's yet, and this will be their chance.

Btw, the Jets take this game more seriously than we do every year, so again, the most important thing is no injuries.   Better play from the 1's is second.

Giants Tonight Pt. 1

The Giants will play the jets tonight in their fourth of five exhibition games.   The key remains that they get no more injuries, and that some players step up to fill the holes that appear to remain.    On the exhibition level, I expect the Giants to play a little better than they did last week, when the threes outplayed the ones.  This is usually the game where the starters play the whole first half and into the third quarter, so we won't see as much of Painter and Nassib as we did  last week.   It will be interesting to see if they open up the playbook tonight.  They were embarrassed last week when the Colts rolled out their exotic schemes against the vanilla the Giants were running.   Time to play better.  But avoiding injuries is the key.