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Saturday, January 19, 2019

This Week on the Blog

Alright, this past week saw the Rangers win a couple of games, the Knicks continue to almost win some game, the Yanks beef up their pen, and the Giants lose assistant db's coach Deshea Townsend da Bears. Let's take a look at what's on the way.

Yankees: Perhaps as soon as today, the Yanks will trade Sonny Gray to the Reds, or the Giants or someone. Cincy seems to be closest.  If the Yanks get the #36 pick as part of an Reds trade, that might make them a little more likely to sign a free agent, that requires compensation. Like Bryce Harper. Anyway, the buzz about them wanting a 6th starter has been refreshed lately, so maybe something like that is coming, too.  We'll seee.

Giants: The Giants lost Deshea Townsend to the Bears and will probably add another coach, there. Though, they said they wanted to keep all the coaches, they did also meet with the ex-DC from the Jets. So they may be open to some changes along those lines. In other Giants news, they seem set up to have a lot of picks, and if this year's draft is like last year's draft, they will get multiple players and it will be a great weekend.  They already used their 3rd round pick on Sam Beal, so they're probably looking to add another one. Hopefully, there are move roster players they can trade.

Knicks: The Knicks lost a heartbreaker in London on a goaltend! Yeesh.  They do have some really good periods, but keep finding ways to lose, the 4th period rotations have been ponderous, and it really does look like they are tanking intentionally tanking. Had Mitchell Robinson, who is back, been in on the fateful goal tend, it wouldn't have happened. Ah well. they need health luck and lottery luck, and there's nothing they can do about that right now.

Rangers: The Rangers had looked sort of tank city since November, but lately, they've been playing better D in 3rd periods. They called up D Ryan Lindgren the other day, and maybe he's helping. Skjei looks a little better.  Also, MZA has been on fire, which probably means his trade return is going up.  And Chytil is looking elite again. I guess hockey development is not always linear. Whenever I see young guys flashing some games, but not others, it reminds me of Kovalev, and I get a little worried. We'll see what happens.

So there it is. Waiting on a Sonny Gray trade, and status quo everywhere else, until the trades and new hires start.  Have a great week!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Yanks Closing in on Ottavino

Alright, as they grow ever cloder to becoming the New York Rockees, the Yanks are close to adding Adam Ottavino to their already lethal pen. Ottavino was a JAG, until he suddenly discovered a wipe out slider. Literally, the best in the world. And he's now bringing it to the Yanks on what sounds like a three year deal. This could be an historically signicant pen. And K's can make up for cruddy D in a few spots.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

This Week on the Blog

Alright, the Yanks continued to behave curiously, the Knicks and Rangers continue losing during their acknowledge rebuilds, and the Giants watched the playoffs. Lets take a look at this week.

Yankees: The Yanks curiously signed LeMahiue yesterday.  For him to play, one player, who's a better or much better hitter than he is will have to sit. He had played a lot with Tulo and that might or might not mean something. Anyway, what will they do next? They still haven't traded Sonny Gray or added another starter. So here's what I think will happen. Machado will choose the Yanks. The Yanks will then turnaround and trade Gray, Andujar and maybe something else for a top starter. And LeMahieu will play 3B, Manny will play short and Tulo will be the extra piece, most days.

Giants: The Giants were interested in the Jets deposed DC, so perhaps they are looking for upgrades on the staff. They have important cap decisions to make, starting with Eli. They'll make them. I am reasonably and finally certain that the OL will be fixed before we play another game. Could be another quiet week.

Knicks: The Knicks are still tanking, and only fun to watch in spurts. Enes Kanter may be on the way out, which would be fine, if they gain an asset, but now there are reports that KP is unhappy - and that is not fine. The Knicks only jobs this year were to develop the kids and keep KP happy. So they better fix that.

Rangers: Rangers are currently tied with the Islanders, 1-1. Chytil has to goal, so it's a good game. Chytil's having a weird year. He has games and periods where he looks absolutely elite, then games and periods where he disappears from the score sheet. He is the youngest kid on the team, so he's got time to step up. Rangers have to start thinking about the trade deadline.

So there we have it. Yanks make no sense, Giants make no moves, though they might, Knicks and Rangers must continue developing/tanking and thinking about trades. Wouldn't be surprised if the Yanks make a trade or two this week.

Have a great one.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Yanks Sign 2B/3B DJ LeMahieu

Yanks have probably taken themelves out of the Manny Machado sweepstakes by signing DJ LeMahieu to a 2 year and 24 million dollar deal. This is ponderous. The man has won 3 gold gloves, a batting title at age 27, and been an all star. But he is also, 30, and in every year but his age 27 year, he's been a below average major league hitter.  Also, he plays 2B, 3B and 1B, not short, so he's no replacement for Didi and when he does play one of the positions he can play, a young player will sit.  Ponderous, and sick money for this particular guy.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Yanks Re-Sign Britton

The Yanks have re-signed Zach Britton for what looks like a 3 year, 40M deal with a 4th year option that would bring it to 50. I think this was probably the best RP on the market. Before he tore his achilles he was one of the top two or three in the game, and once or twice he was #1.  He had some good performances down the stretch for the Yanks, and was a better health bet than Andrew Miller, at this point.  Now, they can eithe add Ottavino or try someone from the farm - that is loaded with RHP's.  Good move.

This Week on the Blog

Alright, the Giants's season ended, the Knicks and Rangers continued their rebuilds, and the Yanks took a flier on a guy who's played less than Ellsbury lately. Let's see what's coming up.

Yankees: The Yanks signed Tulo for the vet minimum, that should not imply playing time, but we have plenty of references saying his veteraness will lead to too much playing time. That's been the case with Torre, Girardi and Boone with Walker during last season's early going.  So, ugh.  Meanwhile I don't think the Tulo signing has anything to do with their pursuit of Machado, which I suppose could reach a conclusion this coming week. That said, the Yanks still need to add a reliever or two, and offload Sonny Gray.  Something is holding up the market.

Giants: Shurmur and Gettleman spoke to the press this week, and really gave no clue as to what they plan to do with Eli. Dave said he had a blunt conversation with Eli and that Eli was a mensch. Wonderful. What's the plan? Eli's coming cap hit is 23M, and that cannot work for the Giants.  They also signed nine stree free agents, and seem to be content with the coaching staff.

Knicks: The Knicks beat the Lakers last night. It was one of those games where Trey Burke scored a bit and Herzonga was effective. Anyway, Mitchell Robinson will be back any day now and the team will be more fun because of that. Kanter had a good game last night, but seems unhappy and perhaps headed for a trade demand.  We'll see.  Maintain the tank.

Rangers: the Rangers have been playing like crap lately, and while that's fine during the first year of a rebuild, it's hard to watch.  K'Andre's Team USA beat Karvstov's Team Russia last night and will now compete for gold. That's key. Also the world juniors are loaed with Ranger Scouts as some of the kids in the tourney, who haven't already been drafted, will be draft eligible this June.

So there it is, still waiting for the Yanks to make moves in the midst of our tripartite tankathon.  Do something smart Yanks!  Have a great one, folks.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Yanks and Tulo Have a Deal Pending Physical

The Yanks are apparently signing Troy Tulowitzki, pending a physical, which given his history over the past few years he will or won't pass. I'd expect it's for the Neil Walker role and not as fill in for DiDi or anything.  Sort of an odd move.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Giants Will Pick 6th

With their loss today, and a comination of other results, the Giants will have the 6th overall pick in the 2019 Draft. Today, Saquon Barkley also set all sorts of Giant rookie records and became only the 3rd rookie in NFL History to gain 2000+ yards from scrimmage.  So why do I have a picture of Sam Beal up, and not Saquon?  To remind everyone that Beal, like OBJ, will be back and ready for the 2019 season, and becuase the Giants already spent their 19 third rounder to acquire him.  As it stands now, the Giants have their 2nd, 2 4ths (though a 3rd 4th is expected in all the comp calcs) 2 5ths, one 6th, and 3 7ths.  With what the new FO was able to do with just 6 picks this past drafts, getting them 12 or more - if trades are made - could really speed the rebuild.

The Giants cannot keep Eli at his current cap number of 23 million, so they have to fix that, one way or another.  I personally, don't think he is consistent enough from game to game, to get us into and through the playoffs anymore, so time to cut bait and take the heat.  The Giants might be able to get Haskins at 6, and if he's there, they should probably do it.

In order to be ready to go anywhere but OL at 6, the Giants have to sign either a starting caliber C, RT or G before the draft, not sure who will be out there in FA, but that will be optimal.

We'll see if there's any turnover on the coaching staff, as well which street free agents they can pick up in the coming weeks.

They should be much better next year.