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Sunday, August 20, 2017

This Week on the Blog

This past week saw some refreshing wins against the Mets, and more heartbreaking blow saves by the vaunted relief crew.  The Giants swapped out injured relievers with guys who'd already been cut.  Kristaps Porzingas ingnited the internet with a driving lefty hook shot, and looking bigger and more mature, in international play. And the Rangers did nothing. Let's take a look at this week.

Giants:  The Giants play their second preseason game, and it looks like the starting O will debut and maybe play the first two quarters.  The Giants are still looking to straighten the DE and DT rotations, find the best starting 5 for the OL, find LB depth, corner depth, and 4th safety, and on an on.  No crazy needs other than OL consistency, but lacking depth in some crucial places.  They probably will be able to trade a DE or two as the preseason shakes out.

Yanks:  Sonny Gray's going to try to get the Yanks a series win in about half an hour.  Meanwhile, Greg Bird has been hitting the ball hard in rehab and should be back this week.  That's as big a bat as anyone is getting before the waiver trade deadline.  They're still sort of jammed up on the 40 so we'll see what they do.  Down on the farm,  the pitching has been really impressive, especially Trevor Stephan who threw 5 or 6 no-hit innings last night.  He's a very intriguing college arm who needs a promotion. Guzman has also been great, as have most of them.  The long term outlook is great.

Rangers: The Rangers may or may not need another C, and may or may not trade for one at any minute.

Knicks: Great seeing KP looking so good in international play.  They still have to make some trades to get rid of Courtney Lee and Carmelo, we'll see if the new crew can do it.

So there it is.  We want no injuries for the Giants and for Greg Bird to comeback and re-ignite the Yankee offense, as he is capable of doing.  And we could hear of a Knick or Ranger trade at any time now.  Should be a great week.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sonny Finally Wins

It took him three tries and on his third, Sonny Gray outpitched the Mets's Jacob DeGrom, who is tough to beat. Thanks to 6 great innings, Sonny managed. He got a big boost from a Jacoby Ellsbury blast, and then another big bop from Gary Sanchez. Gary's ELITE, btw.  He later had a big sac fly to score Judge which provided Chapman a much needed cushion as he tried to close.  Both Gray and Chapman were snakebit by two run homers.  Sonny gave his up in the 7th, when maybe he should have been out, and Chapman's happened as he tried to close. Fortunately he was able to get the "save" after giving up the two run bomb, but he should not be closing now.   Big win just the same.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Signs of Life

Okay, the Yanks just won a game, which is always nice.  But more importantly, after looking perplexed again against another bad pitcher, Judge, Hicks and Sanchez all homered and it no longer made a difference.  Judge also walked.  Sanchez also had a hit and sac fly.  Hicks had two hits.  Green, Robertson and Betances were all sharp in relief of Cessa, who seems to have left with an injury.  Judge's homer was to right, so he might be getting his groove back.  As of right now, Judge and Sanchez both have 40 career homers.  Which is a great way to start their respective careers.

UPDATE: Cessa has a right rhomboid injury, and will get an MRI tomorrow.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

This Week on the Blog

The Yanks just put Tananaka on the DL with shoulder inflammation.  Yikes.  They've called up Gio Gonzalez, who has been pretty unimpressive in his previous appearances.  So this week is ending unpleasantly.  So let's take a look at the one coming up.

Yanks: The Yanks are playing the Red Sox and Mets for awhile.  Last night's comeback win was HUGE, but they have to keep it going today with their ace on the mound.  I think the Sox will try to load up on first pitch fastballs, so I hope the Yanks recognize that and adjust if that happens.  Montgomery is back up for CC and will pitch tomorrow.  We'll see if they recall another starter, for Tanaka in the coming week. Now would be a good time for a winstreak, or to at least start winning all series for awhile.

Giants: the Giants first team D looked great last night, and Goodson showed some promise at the MIKE.  The OL didn't look good, although Bisnowaty did look solid with the 2's and 3's.  Wheeler was beaten badly twice, but also showed so athletecism.  Engram was used mostly for blocks and did catch the one ball thrown his way for a first down. The other two presumptive roster TE's looked good.  Shane Smith had a big block on a 4th and one, and caught a pass, so maybe they will go with 3 TE's and an FB, afterall.  But it's early, and everything was mostly vanilla, so who knows. None of the good WR's played, and none of the WR's who played were good.  Johnson was horrible,   Geno was solid, but had a bad pick, and Davis Webb was impressive, but was playing with scrubs.

Rangers: Rangers don't seem to be up to much.  If they don't make a trade for C, we probably won't hear much from them till the Traverse City Tournament.

Knicks: The Knicks announced the signings of Sessions and Beasley and are apparently communicating with Houston but still hoping Melo will expand his list.  KP is playing C for Latvia, and had 24/12 and two blocks against Poland.  Wasn't playing really playing with his back to the basket in the clips I saw.  So let's hope, KP, Willy and Kuz stay healthy through their international adventures.

So there it all is.  Have a great week, and let's go Yanks!

UPDATE: Jordan Montgomery was hit in the side of the head by a baseball while signing autographs earlier today.  This is according to RAB.  He's supposed to pitch tomorrow, but we'll have to see if that's still the plan.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Huge Win for the Yanks!

After a typically muddy start from Garcie that saw the Yanks down 3-0 going into the bottom of the 8th, the Yanks pulled it out based around a huge two run shot by Aaron Hicks, and then an throw out by Aaron Hicks in in the top of the 9th to save it.  Sanchez had two hits, and Judge walked twice.  Didi and Todd Frazier had huge hits in the 8th inning rally and Toe had a huge sac fly.  Yanks win 5-4.  And, yeah, Chapman was as bad as Garcia.

Giants Tonight

The Giants start their preseason shcdule at home against Pittsburgh. The first preseason game is always the most exciting because we haven't seen them in so long.  After that, the games become a drag and we can't wait for the real thing.  Tonight, I doubt that Eli and Odell will play, and what I'm really looking forward to seeing is Even Engram, Davis Webb, and the the other young playmakers. And of course I'm praying for no injuries. Go Giants!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Clint Frazier DL'd, Aaron Hicks Back

As we guessed, Clint Frazier was put on the 15 Day DL, and recalled Aaron Hicks a day early.  Clint has an oblique, so who knows if we'll see him again this year.  But we get a 5 tool guy back, who was also showing the walk gene before he went back.  Let's see if he can kick this O into high gear again.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Knicks Retain Clarence Gaines

In a bit of good news the Knicks just announced that Clarence Gaines Jr. will stay on as a scout.  He is the finder of Kristaps and some of the other young guys on the roster.  Earlier they had brought back Zeke's top scout, so they now pretty much have their two best scouts of the past 20 years looking for Knicks.  Not bad.

Yanks Promote Dillon Tate to Trenton

Dillon Tate had been smoking them in High A since his activation from the DL.  The other day I think he went 7.2 on 98 pitches and 9 K's, or something.  Anyway, it was getting suspicious so now they've fixed it.  I sat next to his cousin when the Yanks were playing the Angels, and he told me Dillon's problem had been the hammy, but his other problem had been his over reliance on his slider and his back pocketing of his big fastball. I think that's what's been corrected and why he is starting to fly.  You really can't have enough power arms.  Also, Trenton should get Sheffield back toward the end of the month and ready for the playoffs.