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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sanchez is the Yankees' OBJ and KP

Wow.  Tonight's Yankee game is just in the sixth (and Swarzak just gave up a three run bomb, so we're back down one), but Gary Sanchez is already 3-3 with two homers and 3 RBI's.  Between Odell Beckham Jr and Kristaps Porzingis have raised our standards for rookies over the past two years, and now Sanchez is turning into the same kind of phenom.  I wasn't sure who it would be for the Yanks -- whether it would be Sanchez or Judge, or whether we'd have to wait on one of the other high upside prospects to go full phenom.  Wonder who it will be for the Rangers.  Strangely, Castro also has two homeruns tonight.   Hoping Judge and Austin can get back on track in the next three innings.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

This Week on the Blog

Alright, this past week was interesting, especially for the Yanks and Rangers, while some of the Knicks continued to compete in the Olympics, and the Giants looked horrible.  Let's hope all of our teams start trending up this week.

Yanks:  Behold Luis Cessa.  He was a position player who couldn't hit, and now he's a pitcher who is hard to hit.  He was awesome last night - mixing four pitches and pitching inside.  Let's see if Chad Green, who was lights out last time, can establish traction today.  Similarly, we'll have to see what Luis can do to follow it up.  And of course there's Gary Sanchez World.  I think you have to go back to Joe D or Lou to find such a hot start to a Yankee career.  And isn't it interesting that kids can actually get the older guys like McCann and Gardy going balls out again? Haven't we all be saying that?

Rangers:  The Rangers won the Jimmy Vesey sweepstakes on Friday and now have an abundance of forwards and still a hot mess on defense. I think Vesey was the ignition key to the rest of what they're goung to do, and I think one of those things will be to trade Nash in a package for D.  Shattenkirk desperately wants to be a Ranger (who doesn't?) and I wouldn't be surprised if something worked out that way.

Giants: We've been talking about the Giants OL issues for years.  Now it's come home to roost.  Pugh was unavailable yesterday, and the Giants could not move the ball or score. Just ridiculous and now they're going to have to deal assets to get OL help if they want to compete this year.  And the does look improved, though the tackling could still use some work.  They have two young studs at safety for the first time since Jackson and Guyton.

Knicks: Melo better win gold today.  And Zinger is apparently a Connor McGregor fan.

Keep enjoying the Yanks and looking for good news from all our other teams.  Have a great week.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Giants Today

In a few hours the Giants will play their second preseason game.  This time Eli and Odell are scheduled to play, and let's hope for all the health luck we can get, especially, though not exclusivley when the OL subs start playing.  Yeesh.  We've talked about this for years and they still haven't fixed it. Let's hope Nassib survives.  Let's also look for signs of an improved D.  Probably the biggest question outside of the OL, is can Spags still do it?   There seems to be plenty of talent on D, and some emerging kids like Owa.  Will we see development and a scheme that's workable?

Enjoy the game!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Rangers Land Vesey

 The Rangers have just won the Jimmy Vesey Sweepstakes.  This whole thing was somewhat surreal, as Vesey, though universally sought throughout the league, was pretty much considered a late first round type pick. So it will be interesting to see just how good he is, and to perhaps temper expectations as he seems unlikely to be an all-star.  Having said that, I did read other reports that he was the best player on the ice in most games for Harvard this year, so who knows?

He's listed as 6'1" and 195, and said to play a PF game, but with burgeoning ability as a playmaker.  Supposed to be the sort of strong skater the Rangers love and also won this year's Hobie Baker Award after getting nosed out by Jack Eichel last year.

In general, this is the kind of move the Rangers should make: getting young free agents, either through rights expirations like Hayes or as foreign pickups like MZA and Stromwall, to make up for all the first and second round picks they gave up to chase cups over the past few years. So whether Vesey turns out to be great, good or average, it's a smart and necessary signing for the Rangers.

Now let's see what else they do.  They're still primed for another trade or two.

Oh, and yesterday, as the world waited on Vesey, the Rangers also signed expired rights FA D John Gilmour, from Providence.  He's listed as 5'11" with a blossoming 2 way game.

UPDATE: Blueshirts United is listing Jimmy as 6'3" 203.   So maybe the 6'1" 195 measurement was from his draft year.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Eovaldi Requires TJ

In a bit of a surprise, Nate Eovaldi has been shut down and will require Tommy John Surgery.  That's a bit of a blow, but the Yanks do have some upper level guys in the minor who can fill in this year and even more that can step up next year.  What the Yanks shouldn't do, during this offseason is sacrifice some of the rebuilt farm due to an injured starter.   That wouldn't be dealing from strength, and their don't seem to be any UFA SP's that will be worth the Yanks indulgence.   This is a bad break for Nate,  but creates a big opportunity for guys like Dietrich Enns, Jordan Montgomery, Luis Severino and others.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Yanks Send Down Severino, Again

The Yanks are sending Luis Severino back down again to get his secondary stuff working and hopefully to clear his head.  I'd love to see Dietrich Enns get a shot, he's been dominant all year.  Meanwhile, Sanchez, Judge and Austin should be moving up in the order.   Also, let's hope this was McCann's last game in pinstripes.  They need to keep making room.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Austin and Judge Make History in Their Yankee Debuts

You all know what happened by now.  For the first time in baseball history two teammates homered in their first career AB's in the same game.   What's more, Austin and Judge did it back to back.  They both finished 2-4 and Austin also stole a base.  Hicks, Didi and Castro also homered and the Yanks won rather easily in the very first game of their long delayed youth movement.  I surprised Sanchez didn't get into the act today, but more is coming from all three rookie sluggers, as well as from the farm.

It was one of those Magical Saturdays we used to have during the last dynasty.   In all, a big day for Austin and Judge, for the Scouts and for FO people who wouldn't trade them away.

Holy Crap: Here Come Da Judge, Too!

Wow, Bob Lorenz just tweeted that Aaron Judge has also been called up and will be playing right and batting 8th today.   Judge hit his 19th HR of the season last night for Scranton, and brings unlimited power, a great arm and surprising speed for his mammoth size.  Judge had motored through A and AA, but had trouble gaining traction in AAA, until they made him adjust his hands back in May or June.  Since they, aside from a multi week injury, Judge has been sentencing baseball after baseball to extreme pain, and he's also been controllling the strikezone and hasn't been K'ing nearly as much.

This could be a pretty amazing day around Yankeeland.

This Week on the Blog

Alright, the ARod stuff is over, the Giants ones looked good, the Rangers haven't made any more trades, and Carmelo Anthony is a great American.  Let's take a look at what comes next.

Yankees: The Tyler Austin Era finally begins.  Holy crap has this kid been through hell on his way to his big.  First, he overcame testicular C.  Then after making a big splash and getting fast tracked through the minors (Cash called him "elite"), Tyler started to have issues with his hands.  He sort of recovered, but then didn't look like Tyler Austin anymore and ended up getting released, then re-signed.  And that was a good thing, because this year, the Real Tyler Austin stood up again and he has been mashing.  He'll finally make his debut today -- roughly 3 years after he would have had he not injured his hands.

Back when Tyler was chosen, it was sort of a watershed moment in the Yankee draft. It was 2010, and the Yanks had been having trouble finding hitters outside of the first two rounds or so for awhile. They had a habit of drafting athletes they believed would hit.  Tyler was the first kid they took who could flat fricking hit without having to be projected.  The next year they took Bird, and on and on, and we're about to have a bunch of good homegrown hitters again.  Tyler is a great kid and incredibly easy to root for.

Giants:  Eli and Odell were healthy sctratches last night, but the ones on O and D looked good. The depth looked poor, especially on the second team OL, which lead to hurried throws and turnovers from Nassib.  He short armed some tosses, which was unusual.  Both Apple (knee) and Sterling (groin) left early, but the injuries weren't serious.  Geremy Davis had a hammy, that's supposed to be okay, but those can linger.  Let's hope they can get through the preseason with no more injuries. And they still have to fix the OL.

Knicks: Carmelo has saved team USA time and time again.  Haven't seen Spain or Lithuania play, so no more Knick sightings.

Rangers: Still haven't made anymore trades, and are really hoping to land Harvard's Jimmy Vesey, who, I believe, becomes a free agent this coming week.

Have a great one and thanks for reading!