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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Rangers Get a Point in Detroit

Rangers just lost in OT.    It was one of those back and forth games that could still be going on, but for a ref refusing to even up a mutual grabbing which gave the Red Wings the additional skater for the overtime.   In general, it was a game where they really should have won and dominated the puck at times.   Sadly, it was yet another game where Marty looked shot.   A few too many turnovers, too.   So let's get back on the beam and get back to winning Sunday in Chicago.

Giants in Free Agency, pt.2: They Tender EFA Donnell

The Giants today announced that they have tendered EFA Larry Donnell.  So, he'll be a Giant next season because they are the only ones with bidding rights.  Hopefully, he fixes some things before he plays for us again.

Meanwhile, if the Giants want to get McCourty or any other big FA they probably have to extend Eli. So if we hear about that before the 10th, assume they're going shopping.

Giants in Free Agency pt.1: McCourty over Suh

I realize Twitter almost exploded when Schefter announced the Giants would be in on Suh.  That was the same day the Giants tagged JPP.   Anyway, I think it's unlikely that the Giants are after Suh since they're still trying to get JPP back, and probably won't want to have that much of their cap tied up in the DL, especially if Hankins keeps developing to a degree where they are finally willing to second contract one of their many DT picks.  Hankins, btw is turning into a great player.  So I think the Giants will spend a pick and maybe a smaller contract on another DT.

I think the guy they are more likely to go after is Pats Safety Devin McCourty.  I think the Giants were hoping for him in the second round in 2010,  but the Pats grabbed him at the end of the first.  They seem to do that a lot with kids the Giants want one round later.  Anyway, like Rolle,  McCourty started out as a CB but got switched.   And, starting now, he could come in and take the Rolle -- roll -- in the Giant defense.

So I think we'll see a good contract thrown at Safety where nothing on the roster is proven, and a lesser contract given to a run stuffing DT, and perhaps a pick at both positions.

Rangers Begin Tough Road Trip in Detroit

The Rangers tonight begin yet another really tough stretch of games.  After Detroit they'll play the Blackhawks, Isles and Caps -- all on the road.  Sheppard should debut tonight for Glass and we'll see if that has any immediate effect.  The Rangers overwhelmed a good Nashville team on Monday, and have been roadwarriors, so we'll see if they've realy turned it up or if going so long without Hank finally catches up with them.   Should be four good games.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Yanks: Judge Homers

Future Yankee RF, Aaron Judge, gave us all a taste of what is to come as he walked, then hit a 3 run homer in his 2 PA's in today's ST game.   Dream big on him.   A lot of people see him and see that he's the same size as Stanton and Winfield.  But, his hitting, to me, so far is a little more reminiscnt of The Big Hurt.  Big patience and pop.   Don't throw him into any deals, Yanks.

Yanks: Severino Pitches

Luis Severino just made his Spring debt pitching 1.1 innings.  His first inning he K'd 2 with one swinging and then got a broken bat ground out.  Second inning he gave up 4 hits - no ropes and I think all 4 were with 2 strikes.   Also, Austin Romine might not be a great pitch framer.

Anyway, what he showed was 95 and a very good slider and backdoor slider.  Easy pitchability.   Didn't notice any changeups, but it's hard to without the velo given on each pitch.  The only reason I know he hit 95 was that the announcer said he did.  

We'll see how he progresses.  The swing and miss stuff is real, and breaking bats is always a good sign.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Rangers Win

The Rangers just dominated the NHL points leading Nashville Predators.  Man, was the energy good and much different than it was Saturday night before the deadline.  The re-signed MZA was awesome and had two impressive assists on the first two goals -- and two was all the Rangers needed but they got 4.  The scorers were Staal, Kreider, Moore and Nash on an empty netter.  Nash missed a couple of gimme's early, but like every Ranger may have been too energized.  Yandle was impressive, and may have actually given them permission to dominate.  This situation should be watched.  Big and dominant win.

Let's Go Rangers!

Rangers Tonight: Yandle Debuts, Fast Returns

So though Keith Yandle will make his debut tonight, and though Jesper Fast will return to action, we'll still have Tanner Glass to fret about because Sheppard couldn't get in soon enough.   We're looking into claims that AV was involved in his delays.   Just the same, it should be interesting. Fast was getting better and better - like the rest of the kids - when he went down.   And we'll see if we can get our first look at Yandle on the PP.   Won't be complete till Hank is back and Glass is sitting, though.  Let's go, Rangers!

Rangers: Thank God For Gordie Clark

Seriously.  We are probably not grateful enough for all our teams scouts (wait, do the Knicks even have scouts?) but it feels like the Rangers scouts are allowed to do the most, and Gordie Clark, as well as Jeff Gorton,  Sather and an owner who cares more about the Knicks are to thank for it.   Since Gordie came aboard back around `05, the Rangers have been able to find and grab players in the draft like Stepan, Kreider, Miller, Duclair (sniff), Buchnevich, etc, among the unsigned like Hayes, and foreign markets like Zuccarello, and in prospect trades like the one that brought McD and Lindberg.   The Ranger scouts work both sides pro and amateur and it's working for them because they are good at their jobs and the powers that be trust them, and prospective players are held to a certain ideal and whom the Rangers have kept tabs on since their earliest years.   You see them constantly on players they had rated higly in their draft years like McD, Hayes, Lindbergh and even Sheppard whom assistant GM Doug Riseborough drafted when he was with the Wild.   It's a pretty perfect ecological system or glorious returns -- except for those few days every July when Sather gets an itchy palm and signs marginal vets that bock kids.

I think the Yanks and Giants both have a lot of great scouts.  But the will of the Yankees scouts often seems foiled when things like the Moncada situation comes up and ownership won't got all-Yankee on it, or when they needless jam up their salary structure by punting picks for over 30 year old FA's, like they did in 2013.   What's more it doesn't feel like all the scouts report to a single leader -- like the Rangers have with Gordie, or even the Giants have with their GM who came up through scouting.  Thus, I'd like to see Damon Oppenheimer be that guy -- but the structure doesn't seem to allow it.

So we should be supergrateful for Gordie and Gorton who have ownership backing, and when picks are lost in trades have the full organizational support behind still finding more Ranger-types to throw into the system -- and that's how we got Hayes -- who looks like a burgeoning star -- and that's what they'll have to keep finding because the Rangers don't have another first rounder till 2017.

Giants Cut JD Walton!

The Giants have cut JD Walton, thereby saving about 3M on the cap and clearing the way for Weston Richburg to assume his natural position and the one he was drafted to play -- unless Brett Jones beats him out.   Huge upgrade on the C position as JD was a problem last year.   Good stuff!

Yanks Stuff

It was learned today that Yankee catching prospect Luis Torrens will miss the whole season with a shoulder injury.   This is a blow to the system, as he was perhaps the most natural catcher out of the IFA's they have paid and turned into catchers like Montero and Sanchez.   So he loses a year and Charleston will probably now have a college catcher.

Meanwhile, if this casts uncertainty on his future, it's a good thing the Yanks have the 16th pick.  Early projections seem to show a couple of prep catchers in that #16 window.  Might be a year to pick a few.

Giants Tag JPP

The Giants have tagged JPP, meaning, that unless someone is willing to give up 2 1's and a huge contract, JPP will get at least 1 year under Spags.   Meanwhile, the cap went up another 10M, and the Giants have about that much to spend after applying the tag to JPP.  Of course, they can always find more though cuts, retructures and extensions.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Yandle Stuff

A couple of interesting points about Yandle.  First, we've talked about making stretch passes and chipping pucks to the fast guys a bit over the past few years - even when Torts was here and Hags and Kreider showed up.  Yandle can really make those passes, so, it should be fun to get him out there with the fast guys.

What's more - and this is and admittedly small sample size - but last year was the first time I've ever seen the Rangers make it to the finals without a bread n butter offensive defenseman.  First there was Park, then there were Greschner and McEwen, then they had Leetch and Zubov (and won) and then they had last year, when McD's game was developing and he had a hell of a run, but wasn't that same kind of offensive defenseman the others were -- and Yandle is again.  Now, I don't think he's going to be Leetch or Park, but I think he is going to be able to bring the puck up and make plays.

Also, he'll be wearing #93.

The Rangers at the Deadline

The Rangers made a flurry of moves today, and they have till 5pm est. Monday before the deadline arrives when not only can no more moves be made, but they have to have on their rosters everyone they want to use in the playoffs.  So it's a big day, either way, even with what they have already done.  The key will be taking Tanner Glass away from AV.  Whether that means trading him, releasing him or sending him to Hartford, something must be done because AV won't stop playing him, and playing him creates too much stress on the rest of the team.

Ideally, they could also find some cap savings, but that doesn't seem likely to happen.

The tough thing today was trading Duclair for Yandle.  Now don't get me wrong, Yandle is a good player and might really excell in AV's system.  He hasn't been on this type of team before, nor has he had good defensive partners who could facilitate the chances he takes on offense.  So it could really be a good fit for Yandle.

That said, when you are lucky enough to find a great prospect like Duclair, you don't include him in a trade for an all-star.  He's going to be an all-star.  You trade him in  a package for a superstar.   And you don't just include him because AZ is willing to pay half of Yandle's remaining contract.   It's not only a bad use of Duclair who should have been kept and added to the front six next year -- but it devalues the rest of your prospects in future trades -- so they'd be wise to hang onto the rest of them and try to get winning utility out of them.

So beyond dumping Glass, and maybe calling up Lindberg or signing Buchnevich so he can be playoff eligible, there's not much else that they can reasonably do.  So we'll see what they do.

Rangers Extend MZA 4/18

Rather than trade Zuccarello, the Rangers seemed to have gotten him to blink.   MZA apparently settled for the deal the Rangers had been offering all along.  On the one hand, this is good.  On the other hand, it keeps us small at our top two right wings, and could impact Hagelin's future along with those of the other younger players.  And, it would make me a little sick think they traded Duclair because they knew there wouldn't be a spot for him next year.   Anyway it's a good price for a good player, but the Rangers need to find cap relief and need to find it soon.

UPDATE:  This isn't official yet, because the no trade or no movement issues haven't been finalized.  It should get done in the morning.

Rangers Acquire F James Sheppard

The Rangers just got C-F James Sheppard from the Sharks for a draft pick.  Don't know what the pick is, but Sheppard is a 4th line type player who can play C or F for the Rangers.  Good sized kid, who'll turn 27 this year.

UPDATE: It's for a 2016 4th, the NYR's own, not the one they got from AZ.  So, hopefully, we'll still be better than AZ next year:)

Rangers Just Struck Fast (and for Fast)

With Jesper Fast about ready to come back, the Ranger started on the road to redemption -- in my eyes anyway -- by trading Stempniak to the Winnipeg Jets!   Don't know what the take back is, and don't care as long as it's not a bigger cap hit.   Let's see what else they can do!

Cool, they got Carl Klingberg, a 24 year old Swede back.  So, they might be able to rock an all Swedish fourth line if they call up Oscar.

Rangers Going Forward

The Rangers, at this point have done much to decimate their farm and future.  Thanks to Gordie Clark, and that Scouts, though, the cupboard is still surprisingle far from bare.  Although, when these kids will finally get their chances is anyones guess given the coach and the GM's willingness to send them off.

Going forward without so many picks, the Rangers should remain an attractive landing spot for undrafted or unsigned players -- like Hayes was -- and they'll have to keep working that market.   They'll have to find some cap room, and it better not be at the expense of Stepan, Kreider, Hags or Miller, etc.

They need to start sending down unproductive veteran players like they used to and like Glass, for starters.

In the short term, before the deadline passes tomorrow, I'd like to see them make some sort of redemptive move.  You know, something that shows Gorton and Clark still have a voice in the room.  Either by trading old for young or by sending down scrubs and bringing up the kids.   I'd hate to see them trade more prospects or anymore picks, and extending MZA is nebulous to me.   Also, their greatest need, in my opinion, was to get a bit bigger and tougher for this cup run, and they didn't do it with the Yandle move.

So there we are.  Stop being so careless Rangers and do something smart to restore some of the value you've just given away.

Breaking: Rangers Get Yandle

The Rangers have just acquired Keith Yandle in a blockbuster deal.  Don't know the details but will keep updating.  May be mad.

UPDATE:  Yup.  I'm mad.   They traded Duclair, and 2016 first and John Moore for Yandle with AZ paying half salary.    I can't believe that A) they traded Duclair because AV is an asshole.  B) That they traded their 4th 1 in a row.  And C) That they had to do this because they signed Dan Bowyle instead of keeping Stralman.   We get a good player - but the future is gone.

FURTHER UPDATE:  They have to find more picks!   I'm really mad about trading Duke.  Absolutely loved that kid and what he could have been in our top 6.   Looks like they kept Buch instead and are now extending MZA instead of trading him.   Maybe they just couldn't stand the idea of having made 3 great third round picks as now Tambellini is also having a breakout season -- but after he and Buch and what's in Hartford the forward Cupboard is pretty bare.

Still Yandle is good and was the guy to get from Az rather than Vermette.   A former first round bust named Chris Summers is also coming back in the deal, and we may have given up another pick to go with the first.

Yandle is signed through next year.

PICKS UPDATE:  Rangers gave up 1 of this year's 2's, next year's 1 and got a 2016 4th round pick back.   UGH!   They still need more picks.

Yanks Name Their First 3 ST Starters

As of right now Adam Warren will start game 1, Nate Eovaldi will start game 2 and Esmil Rogers will pitch game 3.   Will be interesting to see if Nate throws any splitters.  Otherwise, the pitchers out of the pen could be more interesting.  Will probably see Severino.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rangers Trying to Bring Buchnevich Over Now?

Wow.  Now this is interesting.  Pavel's KHL team didn't make the playoffs, so his contract may be over.  Thus, the Rangers are trying to bring him over now on either a PTO or an entry level deal.   Like Duclair, this kid can fly and play, but the question is, would AV play him?   The situation bears watching.

Btw, both Duclair and Brady Skjei could be available this year if the Rangers get deep enough in the playoffs.

This Week on the Blog

This past week sucked for us.  The Yanks let us down catastrophically, and there was really no good news for any of our teams -- though the Rangers did keep winning, thank goodness.

Whether we like it or not, this week will be more eventful, starting with the Giants.

Giants:  On Monday, the Giants have to either sign JPP, franchise him, or get ready to lose him in free agency.   That's the deadline for tagging players.  What's more they still have to find more cap room, and could start looking at cut players from around the league like Anthony Fasano, Barry Cofield and Reggie Bush to start addressing their plethora of needs before the regular free agency period starts.

Rangers:  The NHL trade deadline passes at 5PM on Monday.  Since the Rangers ALWAYS make trades, my hope is simply that they are a better team Monday night than they are right now.  I'm handing it over to the hockey gods for there with one proviso: if MZA is traded it has to be for or part of a BIG IMPROVEMENT.

Knicks:  The Knicks and all of us will continue to mourn Anthony Mason -- the last Knick who wasn't on some level -- a pussy.   Phil Jackson either will or won't continue his scouting trip with an eye on getting more picks (which a genius should be able to do).

Yanks: The Yankees, such as they are, will continue working against their own best long term baseball needs and putting brand first.   Also, they will start playing preseason games, so it's a good time to see th kids before they get sent down -- if you can even stomach watching the Yanks for awhile.

So it will be an eventful week, whether or not those events will please us is anyone's guess.   I hope it's a great one for each of you.

MZA on the Way Out?

Katie Strang is reporting that the Rangers have now made MZA available for trade.  Depending on the take back, I like this more than extending him, and if the John Moore rumors are also true, I am glad the Rangers are looking to trade roster players instead of more picks or prospects.   About 54 hours till the deadline.

Rest in Peace, Anthony Mason, Knick

Anthony Mason, the former Knick, died over night from heart problems.  He was just 48 years old.  Mase was probably my favorite Knick during the Riley Era.  I prattle on about the team nature of basketball, and the effort nature of playing D out there.  Anthony Mason embodied both concepts and would have been a good and effective Knick on the Holzman Knicks or any Knick team, ever, because he got it and had the understanding and want to to make any team better.  He had probably surpassed the physically compromised version of Larry Johnson that we traded him for at the time of the trade, and thus I was pretty unhappy about it when the deal was made, not that I don't like Larry Johnson - I do - it's just that Anthony Mason was a KNICK and we can always use more and not less of them.  We still need more Knicks, and we lost this one way too soon - and twice.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Yadier Alvarez Seeks Waiver

According to RealGM, representatives for Cuban RHP Yadier Alvarez are seeking a waiver wich would allow Yadier to sign right away and not wait for 2/7.  Apparently, such waivers are available if the player can show reason.   We'll see if he can get it, and if he does we'll see if the price is right or the race is wrong.

Yanks: A House Divided?

The Yanks' failure to behave intelligently and sign Moncada early this week made apparent a schism between the baseball people and the ownership group that has created and powerfully threatens to keep creating their seasonal rate of championship success.

We've talked about his continually, but, under Hal, we have continually seen two plans at work.  There's the good one that has worked to add the best scouts in baseball, reorganize their minor league system, rely on analytics, and finally got the owner to agree to a July 2 splurge.   All of that stuff is really good.

Then we've seen the other plan -- which seems to want to just overpay for over 30's, and make excuses for not being more agressive with amateurs and Cubans when they've been able to.

The other day Hal whined about the payroll that was made necessary by this pennywise and pound foolish stewardship of the Yanks. We have a huge payroll because Hank wouldn't spend big on amateurs.  That's it. We have few to no entry level deals.  So no young salary savers.   And that's the only reason why its as high it is.  Meanwhile, in the period that the Yanks have achieved salaray stasis above 200M, MLB revenues have nearly doubled.   So cry us a river about your payroll, Hal.  It's bullshit.

The problem with the Yanks is the involvement of the non-baseball people.  Folks like Levine, Trost and Hal.  Until Hal stops listening to those guys and commits to his baseball people, the Yanks will continue to be at odds with themselves and take self-destructive actions, like, not signing Moncada and passing on all of those other Cubans over the past few years.

Rangers Stuff

I don't really think there's much on the trade market that should do anything to move the Rangers to move assetts.  Hell, Hayes outplayed and even won a faceoff from Vermette last night  -- and that's who the pundits are expecting the Rangers to get?  A rental who shouldn't play above and emerging kid?  No thanks.

In general, though, I think the Rangers should keep growing their big and fast brand, and I think they should probably do it through the draft, and with really carefully thought out trades for or signings of big, fast kids.  I think betwen Nash, Kreider and Hayes the Rangers are moving into a poward forward driven team with speed that will really rock in the playoffs.

I don't know if they're going to tradee MZA or not, but I don't think they should re-sign MZA or MSL this offseason.  Instead, I think those slots should go to Duke and Buch, who both has size, speed and skill.

Btw, it's time to stop playing Glass, now.  People don't fight in the playoffs, so he won't play in the  playoffs.  AV should be using these final 20 games or so to get the kids ready.

Knicks: Phil Scouts D'Angelo

Phil Jackson was on the road scouting Ohio St. PG D'Angelo Russell this week.   I would not mind it one bit if he were the Knicks first rounder.  He's clearly the best guard in the draft -- and his three's and shooting make him perfect for the Triangle.  What's more, he's a very good passer and rebounder.   In what he can produce he's somewhere on the Oscar Robertson/Walt Frazier axis, and thus would be a great get.  I'm not sure if they'd pick him over Okefor (who has an incredible array of moves and can pass, for a big man) or Karl Anthong Towns, who's an improving two way C.  In any event the Knicks should finally get a great player in the draft -- for the first time in decades.

UPDATE:  The NBA is apparently going to fine Phil Jackson for commenting on a draft ineligible player.  All the NBA fricking does is draft freshmen.  I wish I could create some hypocritical and arbitrary revenue streams.

UPDATE:  Phil is now spending 2 days scouting but probably not talking about the Kentucky team.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rangers Win Another Wild One

Wow.  What a game.  Talbot was shaky in the first and gave up a quick goal.  Then Hayes, who is really coming on, gave Kreider a perfct pass across the goal mouth for Kreider's first goal of the night and Hayes's first assist.   Then Marty St. Louis took the first of two really idiotic offensive zone penalties which lead to an AZ power play, which lead to 2 goals agains when Klein also went off for knocking the puck out of play.   Bad, bad stuff.  The two first pick player would later commit his second offensive zone penalty with under 2 minutes left and the Rangers protecting a 1 goal lead.  Ponderous.

Anyway, it was 3-1 after one and Talbot was probably in danger of being pulled.   He came out for the second and so did the Ranger.  Stempniak scored his first goal of the night redirecting a John Moore shot.    Then Kreider scored his second of the game to tie it up.

The Rangers were swarming in the third, but didn't break through till Stempniak scored his second goal on a nice effort play after the AZ goalie had lost his stick.  And that was Hayes's second assist.   The Rangers then held on to win, yet another thriller.   Sheesh.  Lots more scouts in the house, but they just need to work with who they have and who's in the system.

Yanks Draft and IFA Pools

BA has updated the Yanks draft and IFA spending pools for 2015.

The Yanks have the 6th highest draft pool as of right now at  7,885,000, adding the allowable 5% overage, that gives them 8,279, 500.  I think it will go up if they can trade for a competitive balance pick or two, which I really hope they do.  They can also choose to go bigger, but it will cost them their `16 first.

Their IFA budget is and immovable 2,262,800 with a max figure of 300K for anyone player.  They can also sign as many 10K players as they want -- if they can find any.

They had till June 15 to find any IFA worth more than 300K, otherwise, we're out of luck for 2 years.

Let's hope the Yanks also have good luck after the draft and with Indy league standouts.

Yanks Name GCL2 Staff

Marc Bombard is the manager as we learned last week.  Interestingly, they have not namd a pitching coach yet.  I sort of wonder if that's because they don't have enough GCL aged pitchers:)  Kidding, they probably have a couple of guys with EST who could do it depending on what comes over or gets drafted.  Jason Brown is the hitting coach,  you mighy remember from his days as an org catcher with the Yanks system.  Lino Diaz is the defensive coach and he previously worked with the White Sox where he had some cultural responsibilities - just a guess but this could be the IFA squad for the Super `14s.

Meanwhile, we'll have to see where Drew Henson has landed.  He was one of the GCL hitting coaches last year and was well regarded.  He's either moved up or has gotten a bigger job in the organization side.

UDATE:  Drew Henson has indeed joined the Pro Scouting side for the Yanks.   So best wishes for Drew in his new job!

The Yanks Announce the GCL1 Staff

We talked a bit about this the other day.  But Julio Mosquera will officialy coach GCL 1.  His pitching coach will be former Yankee farmhand Elvis Quezada.  Caonabe Cosme will be the hitting coach.  He's 35 and it's his second year as the GCL1 hitting coach, but his 5th year with the organization.  They may have some hopes for him.  Almost hilariously, the "team coach"is a 50 year old named  Antonio Pacheco who spent the bulk of his playing and coaching career in Cuba.  He not going to know anyone!  I guess Omar Luis may still be around.   And the defensive coach will be Luis Figueroa.  He did that job for SI last year.

The GCL will be interesting this year because the Yanks didn't draft sign any preps last year and it looks like they might start this year's college picks in the Appy league.  So they're going to have so fill up 2 full teams with IFA's, 2015 prep picks and rehab guys.   I hope they have enough pitchers.

Yanks: More Hal Stuff

Hal's "We're not cheap," media blitz is getting a lot of run today, and some others are picking up on the fact that he's just been catastrophically dumb in his role as Yankee owner.    One thing, I and everyone else forgot in rightfully crucifying him for passing on Moncada -- and that is by rule, the Yanks cannot got after another high value young IFA starting in June, for 2 more years.   So it's not like he would have been setting a market he was going to re-visit any time soon.  That makes his decision to pass even more stupendously stupid.

Btw, the Yanks can and probably will grab more 23 and over IFA's from places like Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Cuba in the near to mid term, but it's fairly unlikely any of them will have the upside of Moncada.

As long time readers of the blog recall, we were begging the Yanks to spend big in the draft and IFA before MLB changed the rules and imposed limits where they had not existed.

Being willing to spend 10-15M in each market every year would have rebuilt the farm a few times over by now and gotten the payroll under 200M and thrilled the fan base.  

Instead, Hal wouldn't spend there and he wouldn't spend on Cubans.  So we are where we are - hoping old stars, pitching and D can get us back in the post season.

Rangers Should Stand Pat at the Deadline

There's really nothing on the Market that will put the Rangers over the top on their cup quest.  In fact,  their system probably holds more answers for them.  What's they can't do is repeat the errors of `93 and `94 when they traded a bunch of young talent - that could have lead to multiple cups for 1 cup and years of suffering.

Guys like JT Miller and Carl Hagelin are important young pieces and both look like core.  Miller is a tough playmaker, and Hagelin's world class speed threatens everyone.   Trading them now would cost a ton in the long term.  Likewise, the kids on the farm and KHL should be non-starters in any trade talks.

You can't keep trading #1's then tradeprospects on top of that.  You'll collapse like you did in the `90s.  They've already traded the ones and they can't trade the prospects and young players without creating massive problems.

Yankees: Pitching and Defense

So, everyone's at camp now and everyone seems healthy.  There was  even some tape of Pineda bouncing around.  They desperately need him if their `82 vision of winning with pitching and defense is to  come to pass.   From a winning perspective, this might feel like a really bad bet - but objectively, if you realize that as of a result of some terrible decisions on amateurs and Cubans over the Hal era some bad years were going to happen - it will be an interesting experiment.

They're essentially betting that Tanaka, Pineda, and CC will make their starts and that their BP will be lights out - and that plus D around the diamond will limit suppress the other teams' o's.  

Now, the BP should be great, but betting on Tanaka, Pineda and CC seems like a long shot.  What's more if they're all healthy and dominant could the Yanks have over done it on D?  That's what will be interesting.  Will having Gregorious playing SS stop enough balls and turn enough unturned DP's to create wins on the field?  Can they consistenly win on the margins without the traditional Yankee O?

It's possible that they will, especially if we have health luck, and get something out of Eovaldi and Nova/Severino as the season moves along, but, man, oh, man would better hitters help.