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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Yanks Stuff

The Yanks are signing Aroldis Chapman for 5/86 with a full no trade for 3 and an opt-out after 3 as well.  They get to keep their pick, with is now #16 and could move up depending on how signs the remaining FA's. This is a perfectly acceptable move for the Yanks and should lockdown the back end of the bullpen if it's ever needed.

The Yanks did get slammed this morning in the Rule V,  they lost Luis Torrens to the Reds, who then traded him to the Padres, who will probably be able to keep him on their 25.  He was the second player chosen.  They also lost pitchers Caleb Smith,  Tyler Webb and Tyler Jones.  Then in the minor league portion of the Rule 5 they lost an interesting hitter in Kevin Cornelius, an oft injure power pitcher in Ty Hensley and RHP Kevin Magallanes.  The Yanks also picked up a 26 year old C and another RHP in the minor league portion of the draft.

Torrens is the big loss. Organizationally, he was the next catcher in line behind Sanchez, who had the talent to eventually start. He's only 20, so he might be back, but the Padres trading for him probably means they have a plan to keep him. Believe it or not, the Yanks are now really thin on minor league catching talent.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Yanks Sign Matt Holliday

The Yankees, continuing their tradition of signing guys who had offered them discounts years before, finally signed Matt Holliday today.  It's said to be a 1 year deal worth 13M.  In other words, about what they wanted Beltran for.  He'll probably get all the chances at DH, knowing Girardi, but this also means they won't be spending their #17 pick on Encarnacion.  So, it was an imaginary need filled for just cash. Still would have preferred to see them float the kids through DH on their half days.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

This Week on the Blog

Okay, Chris Kreider just took over a lackluster game by the Rangers and won it with two 3rd Period goals.  Those were his first two in 6 games and two of only 3 since he missed all that time with the neck, after his hot start.  More on them later.  This past week was more up and down for the Rangers and Knicks, and more winning without playing well for the Giants.  The Yanks still haven't done anything stupid.  The Winter Meetings start tomorrow so let's hope they keep their streak going.

Giants: The Giants have their first big test in some time tomorrow as they try to beat the Steelers and stretch their winning streak to 7.  They're could crappy weather which wouldn't help the Giants anemic running game take over for it's occasionally high flying passing game.  They're also taking a hit on their improving DL as Owa is going to miss the game with a knee.  The Steeler, love them or hold them in the proper contempt, do always field a physically tough team.  That's why it was so gratifying when the Giants pounded them in 2008.  That's why this is a huge test for the Giants.  We've seen them play down to everyone's level, now it's time to see if it works the other way.

Yanks:  The Yanks are headed to the Winter Meetings with the news that Carlos Beltran, their purported target for their imaginary old DH need is going back to the Astros. I would much rather see Austin, Refs, Higgy, and whoever else is not on defense that day flow through the position, and I really don't want to see them give up the #17 pick in the first round to sign an old DH, or a reliever or an old pitcher.  I suppose they could get Napoli or Holliday, but what't the point?  Haven't we seen enough of the ups and downs of past their prime guys like Giles and Berkman to take away at bats from younger talent?   It will be less odius if they don't give up the pick, but they should know by now Girardi has a long leash for veterans and short one for kids.  He's not the right manager for this rebuild/reload, and they shouldn't be picking up players to further expose his weaknesses.  We'll see what gets done.

UPDATE:  The Braves announced today that they have signed Jacob Lindgren.  This no doubt screws the Yanks chances of sneaking another guy through as they've done in the past.  Still losing even an injured player of this caliber without compensation, is suboptimal.  They should cut Hicks.

Rangers:  The Rangers are really missing Mika and Buch.  And until today, they were also really missing the Kreider of the preseason and the first few games.  Earlier in the season, the Rangers were overwhelming teams with their forward depth, but now with two of their best forwards and best passers out, they are struggling to maintain the possession or two create the quick possessions that lead to all those quick goals earlier this season.  What's more, they do not currently possess the defensive chops to hold onto one goal leads, or maintain ties.  So, until they can tighten up the D, every game will be more of a struggle.  But, if Kreider is really back, it will help quite a bit, because Nash and Stepan are also percolating.

Knicks:  The Knicks are still a work in progress, but they just won back to backs against the really dirty TWolves, and that was fun.  Kyle O'Quinn was a monster last night, and I think we all thought we'd see more of that when we signed him to that seemingly savvy deal, but last night was by far his best game as a Knick, and they need more of that.  KP seems to be in a phase where, if he isn't hot early, he stops getting the ball.  Of course, this has never happened to Melo, who was great again last night after a few stinkers.  The Knicks seem much better so far with Jennings at the point and Rose on the bench.  They are also 4-0 without Noah in a small sample.  But this year is all about the next core of KP, Billy, and Kuz, so look it that way and don't worry about the playoffs till they are made.

Have a great week everyone, and I'm sure we'll have more Yankee stuff to talk about as it progresses.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

This Week on the Blog

Well, the week just started out right with an UGLY Giant win in Cleveland.  The Rangers go against Ottowa later, the Knicks are off and the Yanks still haven't done anything stupid.  Let's take a look at this week.

Giants:  Giants just won, but were basically awful outside of OBJ and JPP.   This was really ugly against a Cleveland team that should be contracted.  OBJ had two TD's and would have had as many as 5 had Eli not missed him twice and if the punt return TD hadn't been called back on a ticky tack penalty that had no effect on the play.  JPP had three sacks, a forced fumble and a interception for a TD.   The missing sacks from earlier this year are now coming in bunches.  Eli was awful till about the 4th quarter.  He was missing everyone and it's unclear if it was wind, an injury or decline.  They couldn't run the ball well against the #31 run defense in the league and it's unclear when and even if this Offense will ever come together this year.  They are now 8-3, but their 5 final games could leave them at 8-8 or 9-7.  They haven't looked like a team that can beat good teams and they have the Steelers next.

Rangers: The Rangers are showing the effects of losing Mika and Buch.  Even though Matt Puempel, whom they grabbed off waivers and was a big time scorer in the OHL, scored in his first game, they can't expect to replace the prodcution Mika and Buch were giving them.  And it is really exposing their D.  They still need to make a deal for a defenseman, though playing Clendening could help in the short term.  They have Ottawa later today and it's a game they should win, but they haven't been as automatic lately.

Knicks:  The Knicks are a work in progress, and while they've become a dynamic home team, they are now 1-6 on the road.   They lost a close one last night where Rose and Melo tried to do too much in their second of back to back games.  I do feel like those two are missing KP a lot and KP's disappearing for stretches as a result.  Billy and Kuz continue to step up, and regardless of anything being written, Lance Thomas has not been missed.  They're next job is to learn how to win on the road, while the three young Euros are still learning D.

Yanks: Agents are saying the Yanks are in on every free agent.  They're probably just doing  their due diligence.  Matt Holliday's name has come up several years too late, as has Beltran's, but I see no reason why the Yanks want an old bat, the kids will need all the AB's they can get.  I'm also wondering if the new CBA negotiations are slowing down the signings and trades.  I do expect them to sign Chapman, but I have no idea who they will trade for, though I do suppose they could trade for a starter.  We'll see.  They seem unlikely to move the big prospects they've collected.

Could do some updates this week.  Have a great one, everyone.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

This Week on the Blog

Giants won, Knicks won, the Rangers lost in a shootout, and the Yanks haven't done anything dumb.  Just slightly suboptimal, but it could get tougher as we get into the week.  Here's why:

Rangers: Rangers lost tonight and start a Monday/Wednesday home and home with the Pens tomorrow.  What's more it looks like Mika Zibanejad took a bad leg injury tonight at the beginning of overtime and could be gone for a long time.  He was starting to score again, too. Then they have to play Philly on Friday, and Buch is getting an MRI tomorrow.  So, we could be in for a great deal of sudden adversity.

UPDATE: It's a broken Fibula for Mika and that's a 6-8 week ride. UGH.  Rings of harmony around his speedy recovery.

Giants:  The Giants just won their fifth straight game, and they still have not played as well as they can or should.  That said the first to second year improvement in Landon Collins is nigh on miraculous.  I waited entire careers for Mark Collins and Will Allen to learn how to catch, and Landon has!  Also, JPP is looking better and better.  So this team could have some upside this year.   But as we've been saying, it depends on the OL, and they keep getting hurt.   That said, Paul Perkins looks like the kind of back who could be a real weapon with a good OL.

Knicks: the Knicks had a full team, coaches and Phil meeting yesterday, and then made short work of Atlanta today.  They are a work in progress and they still need to share the ball and defend better most nights, but there are little periods of dominance that could grow into something.  Their D has been improving and they are 4-1 lately.   KP may be generational.  Easily our best pick since Patrick.

Yankees: The Yanks have talked a lot about pitching, which is what it is.  But this weekend pundits started talking about big bats and big bats who will cost a pick. No thanks.  We're nowhere near that yet, and we don't even know what the new rules are as the CBA is still up in the air.  I'm not even sure if that will effect `17 or start in `18.  Hopefully Cash will protect the pick.  We could get more trade news or a signing this week.  Also, Gleyber Torres won the AAFL batting title as well as the MVP and became the first teen to do so.  Let's hope they don't sandbag him an extra year like they did Sanchez, and instead let him rise as fast as his 5 tools can carry him.

The Ranger week will be tight, and the Knicks are still in process.  If there's no sudden news let me take this opportunity to with you and your's the happiest of Thanksgivings.   Thank you.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Yanks Make Roster Moves

The Yanks tonight have dumped Eovaldi, Mantiply Ackley, and Rumbelow, and added Jorge Mateo, Dietrich Enns, Miguel Andujar, Gio Gallegos, Rony Herrera and Yefrey Ramirez.  They also traded James Pazos to Seattle for RHP Zack Littell, who was their Mariners #14 prospect and didn't need 40 man protection.  Offhand it looks like they're letting Brady Lail and Tyler Webb face the Rule 5, but they may not be done.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yanks Trade McCann to the `Stros For a Pair of Fireballers

The Yanks just undid, perhaps completely, an old mistake.  Three years ago I spent a lot of time warning the Yanks not to sign McCann, who'd been in decline since his mid twenties and to instead hold onto that first round pick.  Today they moved McCann and 11M of the remaining 35 he was owed to the Astros for RHP Albert Abreu and RHP Jorge Guzman.  Abreu has topped out at 99, while Guzman has clocked in at 101.  Abreu is 21 AND Guzman is just 20 and I'm not sure either has pitched in High A yet.  But, Abreu was the Astros #7 prospect and they've been known for their big farm after losing for so long.  Now, the Yanks have added two more power arms to their big farm, to go along with the likes of Domingo Acevedo and a few others.  Not a bad haul, and if either of them makes it, that makes up for the first the Yanks gave the Braves when they signed McCann.  Nice move, nice savings.  Now to get rid of Romine, so that Higgy can back up Sanchez.