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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rangers Win Their 6th in a Row

Rangers just won their 6th in a row, with Talbot pitching another shutout, and the offense only managing one goal, and that was by their Captain D Ryan McDonagh.   The Canes goalie was a beast.  But the Rangers still played winning hockey and probably could have scored more against a goalie who wasn't on fire, as the Canes G was.  Still, you have to win these kind games to be good, and the Rangers are playing better and could be back on their way to being pretty good.   Let's go, Rangers!

Giants Smack Cheap Shotting Rams

The Giants just hurt their draft position while hurting the Rams.  Eli was awesome throwing for nearly 400 yards, 3TDs and no picks.   Beckham was Beckham with 2 more TD's and nearly 150 yards.   He was also the tartget of several cheap shots, and the refs have not done enough to protect him or punish the offenders.   Oh and by the way, he's over 1100 yards this year.

Andre Williams and Ruben Randle also went over 100 yards.  And Orleans Darkwa may be a guy at running back.  He scored.  

On D, Kerry Wynn had a sack, an intercetion and a fumble recovery.  So, he too, may be a guy.  I want to see some of their defenders with a better coordinator -- and I think we will next year.   JPP looks healthier than he's been and made more plays.  Let's hope they can get the right price.

Preston Parker and DaMontre Moore were ejected sticking up for Odell Beckham Jr. after a late hit out of bounds.   The refs made a mess of that and the rest of the game.   But the Giants beat those cheap shot artists in their own studio.   Nice win.  

Rangers Tonight

Rangers overcame a tough start from Hank, and a weird call by the officials to tie Carolina in the third and eventually beat them in the shootout.   That was their 5th win in a row, and I was impressed by their comeback.   They have Carolina at home again tonight, most likely with Talbot between the pipes, and they have to win that, too.   Let's go, Rangers!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Prado Trade: Something Different

It was pretty surprising that the Yanks traded Martin Prado yesterday.  Not that it looks like a bad trade or anything, but after re-signing Headley, it seemed Prado would just move to 2B.   For example, last season, the Yanks opted to keep Gardner after signing Ellsbury.  What Gardy might have brought back is unknown, but moving Prado who has positional versatility - like Gardy, was the opposite of not moving Gardy.  Thus, it was something different.  It's also clear that they believed more in Headley than they did in Prado.

The big question is whether they will really let Refnsyder play 2B, or if they will try to find some sort of defensive stopgap to man the position until Rob's defense is where they want it.

The two pitchers they got are intriguing, especially if they recognize what has been holding Eovaldi back.   The Yankees have a history of doing that, and it goes back a lot farther than McCarthy last year.

In 1930 the Yanks traded an OF named Cedric Durst to Boston along with 50K and a loan of 50K from Rupert to the Boston owner, and got back an unsuccessful pitcher named Red Ruffing - whom they had been trying to acquire for YEARS.   Here's why - and it was 80 years before anyone was even using the term analytics in baseball - Miller Huggins had noticed that Red was mostly an arm thrower who would tire out.   He knew if he could get him, he or his coaches, could teach him how to use his body.

Huggins died in `29 and Bob Shawkey, the former Yankee pitcher took over.  Shawkey new the same thing and talked the Colonel into getting Ruffing.  The rest is Yankee History as Red went on to become a Hall of Famer in Pinstripes.

This Week on the Blog

Could either be a really interesting or sort of uneventful week on the blog.  Let's take a look.

Rangers:  The Rangers have started another holiday roll, and will hope to continue it tonight in the first of their back to back, home and homes with Carolina.  They may have Brassard back tonight or tomorrow and Talbot will start one of the games.  Glass is still on the team and that's their biggest problem. Also, the NHL Movement freeze began at Midnight, so they can't make any trades till it ends, though I think they can promote players if the need to, and they should.

Knicks: LOL.  They might start making trades any minute now, as earlier this week they made everyone available, and other teams are already open for business and trading people.

Giants:  It would behoove the Giants to stop winning.  They have 2 games left and right now they'd have a top 10 draft position.  I'm concerned they might keep winning and blow it.  Though I can't root against them during actual games, I would like 7 rounds of top ten picks when the draft starts at the end of April.

Yankees: Maybe they'll finally hire a hitting coach and 1B coach.   Then again, maybe they won't.  Now we sort of have to remain vigilant that they don't do anything to block Refsnyder or Pirela.  It feels like they won't.  In fact as of right now it feels like 2B and 1 spot in the bullpen will be left open and claimable by any prospect who can prove he is ready.

It will also be interesting to see if their re-organization becomes more apparent.  Likewise, it would be nice to hear from the Analytics Dept. on Eovaldi and some of the other stuff.  Also, could this be the week that Moncada finally hits the market?

So, important games for the Rangers, important considerations for the Knicks, playing out the string for the Giants, and we must keep a constant vigil over the Yanks.

Have a great week and the very happiest of holidays, readers.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Yanks Still Have All Their Picks!

Thus far, the Yanks have solidified their infield, bullpen and more or less the rotation - plus gotten that back up first baseman they were wining about not having over the summer (poor Roller).   And they've done all of this without signing any FA's who'd had qualifying offers.  Thus they still have all of their picks, including the first round sandwich pick they got for DRob.    That's superb new for draft watchers, since it means the Yanks will not only get to pick closer to the top than they have in years, but they will also have a big draft pool, and easily over 8M to spread around the top 10 rounds.   That will probably mean more preps again and keelp them from having a two tiered MiL system.   All really good news.

Yanks Buy Gonzelz Germen from the Mets

The Yanks just bought another reliever.    Gonzalez Germen is a 27 year old righty from the Mets they must see something in.  They DFA'd Preston Claiborne to make the move so, apparently, they've seen enough of him.   Busy day for the Yanks.  Not Padres busy, but Yanks busy.

Yanks Make the Deal Official

The Yanks have announced the deal with the Marlins, it's Martin Prado, David Phelps and Money for Nate Eovaldi, 1B-DH Garret Jones and minor league RHP Domingo German.   The Yanks have addd velo and youth to their organization, as well as another left handed batter to aim at the cheap seats.  Phelps had a bulldog mentality, but, unfortunately not a bulldog body.  Prado was over 30 and blocking kids, though still a relatively good player.   Yanks threw in for Prado's salary and that's probably how they got German.

Really like this deal for the Yanks.   Seems like they're keeping both first round picks.

Rangers Extend Cam Talbot

The Rangers, today, extended Cam Talbot through next year.  That buys out his first year of arbitration/summer haggling.   Nice work by Sather.

Yanks Acquiring Nate Eovaldi for Martin Prado?

Jack Curry, whom I respect, just tweeted that the Yanks are on the verge of trading Martin Prado to the Miami Marlins for RHP Nate Eovaldi, who's 24, but did lead the NL in hits surrendered last year. He's not a big K guy, so he must be a big ground ball guy or I can't see the Yankees' interest.   Their analytics group carries a big say these days.

Meanwhile, this opens the door for Rob Refsnyder or Jose Pirela to become the new 2B for the Yanks.  Let's hope they can straighten out Eovaldi like they did McCarthy.   Yanks most likely saved money if this is the final shape of the deal.

UPDATE:  The deal is bigger than this with Phelps also going to the Marlins and two more players coming to the Yankees.

UPDATE 2:  The other two players are reportedly 1B Garrett Jones and minor league RHP Domingo German.   Domingo was 21 in the Sally League and seems a little slight if he's height of 6'2" and weight of 175 still holds.  He was a less than a K per inning guy, too.

Btw, Eovaldi is a very hard thrower who's head trouble getting called strikes and doesn't always have a reliable out pitch, though his slider is often plus.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yankee Stuff

The Yanks' presumptive pitching targets took a hit today when it was announced that Kenta Maeda would not be posted by his Japanese team this year.   On the other hand, they may have opened up some with the opening up of US relations with Cuba yesterday.   What shouldn't be lost in the new Cuba game is the fact that the Yanks really must get Yoan Moncada and Yoan Lopez, as well.   That said, this new openess should push the US govt. to recognize Moncada's free agency all the sooner, so the Yanks can finally sign him.

In other news, there is no other news.   Still not batting coaches MLB or AAA, and still no big picture of the reorginization.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Knicks Make Everyone Available

We usually just mention the Knicks once a week, but one of the big questions when Phil Jackson took over was would they wait till July to use their cap space and add another star or two, or would they get impatient and try a rolling rebuild in season.   Looks like the latter as reports are out that they have made everyone available (though there is some question about Melo).   If Thomas or anyone else were handling this, I'd be horrified.  But In Phil I Trust, and it helps that we can't trade this year's number 1.   Let's see what he can grab.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rangers Win Again

Rick Nash scored twice, Kreider and Stepan scored and Carl Hagelin scored his second empty netter in as many games.   Hank was still good surrendering just two goals, and allowing the team to build a 4 goal lead before giving back.   That's 4 wins in a row, and, according the the reporters, the first time the Rangers have ever swept their Vanc, Edm, Cal road trip.  And they've participated in 20 of them.  Not bad.  One more game on the road, and we'll see if they're starting their move at the Holidays again this year.    Oh, and Happy Hanukkah, to my readers who partake.

Giants Going Forward

The Giants are finishing up another poor season.   And looking forward they're going to have a lot of needs to address in the offeason:

WR - Randle is a flop and Cruz is a mystery.

RB - We have 2, need 3.

TE: We have back up types, need a more all around guy who can block and catch.

OL: We either need a right tackle so Pugh can move to LG or and LG so Pugh can stay at RT.

DL:  We need a starting type DT, unless Bromley shows enough, and a starting type DE, unless JPP is kept and one of the kids steps up.

LB:  We probably need 2 because Kennard is the only healthy guy who is also good.

Safeties:  We probably need 2 because Rolle is a free agent, Taylor is an injury and Berhe hasn't shown much.

That's a lot of needs.  What the Giants have done a lot in the past is address needs in free agency, then double down on many of the same positions in the draft.   For example, last offseason they signed JD Walton (who is awful) and then drafted Weston Richburg who has been playing out of position.

This time around they should really divvy up their positions of need, because there are so many and stop doubling down in the draft on positions they've addressed in FA.    Thus, they should make a few commitments on good players in FA -- and not try to outsmart the market with crap like Walton, Jerry and Brown again.   And then try to go BPA in the draft, since they pretty much still need everything, but the positions they will have addressed in FA.

They can take care of the rest in the UDFA and later FA markets after the draft.  But they have to be both wise and pecunious with their FA money and 8 picks this year.   Their needs demand it.

Rangers Tonight

Hank is back in net again.   Looks like Hunwick might be in for JMoore.   The rest of the lines are static.  The Flames have lost five in a row, if they Rangers can play like they did Saturday, they will make it six. Still no call up for Brassard, which means more Glass.   Let's go, Rangers.

Yanks Re-Sign Capuano

I guess he'll compete with kids at the back of the rotation.  Although, kids should be competing with kids back there.  Still probably need another starter, since this doesn't do anything.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Yanks Minors Stuff

The Yanks have re-signed oft injured RHP Jose Campos to a minor league deal.  They also signed 2b/3B Cole Figueroa and C Juan Gaterol.    Campos is the one who might still turn out to be something, and was thought to be the steal of the Pineda deal.  Since then, though, he hasn't pitched much, nor shown the stuff he had before the trade when he's been healtby enough to pitch between injuries.   We'll see if he can put himself back on the map.

No word on Slade Heathcott, yet.

Rangers Stuff

Over the weekend, the Rangers won both of their back to back games.   And there were some good signs with MZA getting going again, and McDonagh, Staal and Girardi all scoring over the two games.  Hank even shutout the Oilers last night and was solid the night before as they blew out the Canucks.   Unfortunately, Brassard is down with mumps (really, NHL?) and Glass was back in the lineup last night.

Last night's game was a bit of a dog, btw, but it was the type of game the Rangers weren't winning the first few months of the season, and they really needed it.   They'll probably call some one up, like Lindberg to address the C situation, and hopefully, Glass will be back to being the scratch.

Yanks Fold and Give Headley Four Years

The Yanks have signed Chase Headley to a new 4 year 52 Million dollar deal.    This, of course means Prado plays second and Refsnyder and Pirela don't get legitimate shots in ST.   This marks the Yanks return to overpaying in the over 30 market.  And this one has a bad back.  Egad, it just seems reactionary.  I would have rather they go 4 years on McCarthy.