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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rangers Waive Dylan McIlrath

Today, in an exapmple of their selflimiting foolishness, the Rangers placed Dylan McIlrath on waivers, where he'll either be claimed or report to Hartford. This can be looked at a few ways: first, was selecting Dylan McIlrath 10th overall in a draft loaded with skillsier guys an atavistic grab at a game that no longer existed? Or have have they given AV too much leeway with playing or not playing their key prospects?

While Dylan certainly is a capable old school fighter, he's also developed into a solid defensive player.  If AV had a defensive zone to back up his offense, McIlrath could be outstanding.  But, AV insists on playing man, and he insists on playing some of his worst men.  Thus we have this situation, where once again, it looks like the Rangers are willing to sacrifice young assets for short term goals.  This has been and will be what stops them from winning it all.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

This Week on the Blog

This week has started off well with a Giant win as they head into their bye.  Rangers play again later, and the Knicks start their regular season on Tuesday.  The Yanks haven't done anything dumb in awhile, and we're in pretty good shape.  Let's take a look.

Giants: The Giants just beat the Rams to move to 4-3. They're heading into a much needed bye.  Though they won today, the offense still looks like crap and Larry Donnell tried to give the game to the Rams by fumbling on the first possession.  He's got to go.  So does Brown, and that's all I'm going to say about that.  In general, they're still not getting a passrush, nor can they consistenly rush the football.  Beyond that they make too many undisciplined errors, and that does not reflect well on the new coach.  On the bright side, Landon Collins is starting to look like a pro-bowler.  He actually caught two balls today, and scored by returning the first one is a romp that saw him run about 60 yards on a 41 yard score.  DRC also had two picks, including one to ice the game.  They have a lot of work to do over the bye.

Yankees:  The Yankee kids are doing pretty well in Arizona, and Gleybar Torres looks like a future star.  Bird isn't playing first yet, but he's hitting. Reporters are already trying to pimp old players like Encarnacion to the Yanks, as well as naming every young pitcher as a trade target.  Let's hope the Yanks have a better plan than what's being guessed at.

Rangers: Jimmy Vesey had a break out game last night as the Rangers came back to beat the Caps, 4-2.  Vesey scored twice including the game winner and Pirri had his second, and Nash hit on an empty netter. They play the Coyotes later today, and let's hope they can keep it going. And they still need to trade for a defenseman.

Knicks:  The Knicks will start their season Tuesday against the Cavs.  It's unclear if Rose, who missed all that time, or Jennings will start at the point. Not exactly an ideal opponent to show how far they've come, but we should get some idea of how they will compete.   I have high hopes for the new coach.

And that's about it.  Congrat again to Michael on the new arrival.  I hope baby and eveveryone has a great week.   I think I'm going back to bed.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Knicks Get Down to 15

The Knicsk, today, waived Cleanthony Early, Chasson Randle, and Lou Amundsen, and flat out cut J.P. Tokoto and Damien Inglis.  Randle seems like the only loss, and they might be able to sign him when he's once again able to play.  Meanwhile,  Early and Inglis were always though to be headed to the D League.  I've been a bit surprised by Early's lack of development.  Of course, getting shot didn't help it.

These moves also mean that for the time being the Knicks are down to two PG's, including Rose who basically missed playing camp.  It also means Bakers, N'Dour and Plumlee will provide a younger bench than we are used to seeing with the Knicks.  Baker and N'Dour showed willind D and in Baker's case tough shooting and  O in preseason, and Plumlee looks, at the very least, like 6 hard fouls, and limitless enthusiasm on a nightly basis, if no other particular skills.

With the additions of Hernangomez, Kuz and Jennings, the Knicks will be more talented than they were last year even if Rose and Noah keep getting hurt or don't bounce back.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

OBJ Saves the Day

The Giants' season could have effectively ended today.  But Odell Beckham, Jr. just wasn't having any of it.  The Giants feel behind 10-0 early in the first after a opening drive FG by the Ravens, then an immediate fumble by OBJ set them up for a TD.  But the Giants didn't give up.  Eli was kind of scatter-armed early, but then turned his blood to icewater on the two throws that gave OBJ his 75 yard TD then his 66 yard game winning TD.   Meanwhile, the NFL has to do something about the refs as far as their bias against OBJ goes.  He's a good kid, and they keep calling nonsense and misdirected fouls against him.  That not only hurts the Giants and OBJ, but it hurts the league brand.  They're shooting themselves in the foot. Learn from the NBA and protect your stars NFL.  Sheesh.

Threre still was no passrush, and dumb plays by guys like Larry Donnell, who always makes dumb plays and should be off the team.

Landon Collins and Jon Cassillas both had some big plays for the Giant D.

Eli finished with over 400 yards and Odell with over 200. Roger Lewis had his first NFL TD to make it a 10-7 game.

The Giants might be able to build from this, but they need their dbacks back from the injured list if they're really gonna right things.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

This Week on the Blog

This past week saw more Bad Giants, as well as good start for the Rangers, almost no Knicks, and several Yankee prospects get off to nice starts in the AzFL.  Rangers play again today, and the Knicks finally have another preseason game, while the Giants try to right their season tomorrow, and the Yankee kids will keep getting their extra work. Let's hope this week is better.

Giants: The Giants have an early season must win game.  They have been catastrophically awful for the past three games and now is the time to right things, or start start looking for spoiler credibility in another lost season.  We've talked enough about the OL here for the past several years, and it's not only made the Giants unable to run, but the bad play of the line seems to either have gotten Eli injured against Washington, or given him a case of the permanent yips.  It's been that ugly.  It would be nice if they could also get a passrush going.  Seriously, what would Vernon and JPP charge for that?   And I know Vernon has a wrist, but he has to either let it heal, or learn to make plays with it. Here's hoping they can fix some things tomorrow.

Yanks: The great news here is that James Kaprielian was lights out in his 3 inning return to competition.  He was sitting 95-97 and his command was good.  That's very exciting news.  Oh and Gleybar Torres is starting to show more power at the plate and had a walk of hit last night, after hitting a loooong homer the night before.  Tate has been up and down but his velo is back in the 95-97 range and that can only help. Don't know if they have or haven't had their organizational meetings, but I suspect they have since Rothschild got a new one year deal, and reporters saying the Yanks will target high end relievers.

Rangers: The Rangers looked quicker and faster in their opening night win against the Isles.  Tonight they're in St.Louis to take on the Blues with the same lineup, so no McIlrath, again.  I think they wanted to see if Clendening could move the puck during the regular season, but he and Vesey were actually the only two newbies who didn't score the other night.  So we're still expecting a trade for a puckmover, even though it's been a tiny sample.

Knicks: Noah will finally make his Knick debut in tonight's pre-season tilt against Boston.  Other than that, they're looking deeper and more talented and the kids look like better depth than they've had with the retreads of the last several years.  Rose is still away from the team, and thus will have to make some quick adjustments upon his return.  But let's see how Noah's debut fits tonight.

Don't let the Giants determine your weeks for you, and I hope you have great ones.  Thanks for posting.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rangers Beat Islanders on Opening Night

Wow, the Rangers looked faster and quicker and shot more in game one of the 2016-17 season as they beat the Islanders 5-3 at the Garden.  Seven guys were making their Ranger debuts and 5 of them ended up on the score sheet.  Goals were scored by Grabner, Zucc, Kreider, Pirri and an empty netter for JT Miller.  Mika Z had two assists (Zucc and Pirri) and looked excellent.  Buch sprung Kreider for his runaway train goal.  Kreider looks fantastic.  Pirri scored on the PP, and also had an assist on Grabner's goal, as did Fast.  Skjei had the other assist on Zucc's goal, and Holden had the other assist on Kreider's.

They blew a 2-0 lead, before Kreider gave them the lead again, so D is still sort of shaky and something needs to be done there.

But in general, they looked aggressive, and passed a hell of a lot better than they have over the past few years.

Just an excellent start to the season, and I still think they'll trade for a D.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

This Week on the Blog

Last week was a drag as the Yanks began their offseason, the Giants embarrassed us, and the Rangers and Knicks did what they could to try to cheer us up.

This week could be better, if for exampe the Giants were to win, or the Rangers get off to a good start in the regular season, or the Yanks continue acting with intelligence, and the Knicks keep gelling. Let's take a look.

Giants: the Giants have looked careless and stupid while making the same errors over and over again.  Eli hasn't played well yet, and the WR's haven't dominated like they should, yet.  And the multi-million dollar DL has been a bust when it comes to rushing the passer. It's been despicable, and this mught just be how things go after a long term coach is replaced. Is it work harder or is it recess?  Oh, and the injuries are already out of control again.  It's game five and sort of a must win against the Pack tonight. Let's hope some coaching and coaching acceptance took place after the dsgrace against the Vikes.

Rangers: The Rangers will start the real games this week, and we may finally be seeing what Chris Kreider can really do.  It used to be considered common knowledge that power forwards take longer. In the preseason, paired with Mika and Buch, Kreider looked like a monstrously dominant PF.  There's word that they will start the season with 8 D, and I still can't believe they haven't made a trade.  They seemed so close to multiple moves back during draft weekend.   We'll see what happens, but they feel incomplete.

Knicks: The Knicks are deeper and more talented than they have been in quite some time.   The new pieces that have played have looked good, and Noah hasn't even suited up yet, but is being a vocal cheerleader. He's supposed to play in preseason game 4.  Meanwhile, the kids (including 27 year old Kuz) have looked useful. This could be a really fun year.  Go Knicks.

Yankees:  Cashman and Hal spoke seperately about staying the course, and looking to add pitching.  Cash said he'd be unlikely to part with any of the July take, and that he expects to get calls on McCann, whom he should trade.  They still haven't had the organizational meetings that tend to set the agenda for FA, the GM Meetings and the Winter Meetings, so as long as the don't do anything short sighted or downright stupid, we should enjoy more building.

Have a great week, everyone!