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Friday, June 22, 2018

Rangers Day One Review

Strangely both images loaded.  Anyway, I was trying to wait till we got the full Gordie on these guys, but looking around I've picked up enought to see what's up. Okay, in a video that was made before the draft but posted during the draft Gorton said every player they take will have speed, skill and character.  So he wasn't joking months ago when he mentioned how he thought the game was changing.  Wathching, you really understood the picks, fast, skillsy and grea kids, all three of them.  With the first pick the Rangers took Russian Wunderkind Vitali Kravtsov. He broke out in the KHL playoffs and has been playing in the men's league since he was 17. Not sure Buch was at 17.  Anyway, apparently Gordie said, in the presser that hasn't been posted that they had Vitali as the second best forward in the draft. That implies that their trade up talks with Montreal were for Vitali. I Also turns out that Vitali is qualified to buy out his KHL contract if he makes the team out of camp, and there's every reason to believe he will.  So the Rangers get an elite talent who might help as soon as this year at 9.  He's big, he's fast and he has great hands.  This is great.

Later in the first the Rangers traded up from 26 to 22 to take D K'Andre Miller, from the USA U18 team. This is another size, speed beast. Not sure who is faster, but K'Andre is now listed at 6'4" and 204.  In commenting on him the Ranger scouts who watched his games said because they had they weren't surprised with what he did at the combine, which was blow it up. Miller took a year off from hockey to just develop his skating at one point, and will head to Wisconsin to grow his game for awhile. Worked for McD and Step. Just another great pick, and I'm not bent that they sent the second of their seconds tomorrow to move up. I think they're getting more, once they make some trades.  This is another big, fast kid with huge upside.

Finally, they stayed at 28 and another favorite skater, slid their way in Swedish RHD Nils Lundkvist. He's not as big as the other two, but he is fast and skillsy and I get the feeling they didn't think he'd make it to 28. The Rangers really need more RHD's so it was good that they got one who can skate.  In some of this tape he looks a little Leetchy.  Hmm.

So there it is. They didn't make any moves involving roster players today, but I think they might tomorrow, which is not to say that they will sell Hayes for a 2 but a 2 might be part of the package cost of getting Hayes. Perhaps the mallest part.  We'll see what happens. Gorton said they still had a bunch of names on their list.  So tomorrow should be fun.

Good first round, but which I mean, good first day.

Rangers Take D Nils Lundkvist at 28

Here they finally get a right handed defenseman.  Nils is currently 5'11" and 180, and another great skater. Also, another helium guy who really flew up the charts this year. First round is about to end, and we'll recap either tonight of before it cranks back up.

Rangers Trade Up to 22 for D K'Andre Miller

Love this move.  Rangers had to give up picks 26 and 48 (their second second rounder.   Anyway, 2 years ago K'Andre, who's from Minnesota and the US Development Program, was a forward.  He volunteered to play D and has become a lockdown, nasty defender.  He's scheduled to go to Wisconsin next year. He comes from really tough circumstances, where he and his single mom had to find ways to keep his expensive hockey career going. Now look where he is. He's thought to have offensive upside, but used the past two years to become a stay at home guy and master the craft.  Great pick.  Still have pick 28.

I should mention that he is 6'4" and 200, and blew up the Combine, like Kreider and McDonagh.

Rangers Go Off the Board at 9 with Vitali Kravstov

This guy had helium from his 2nd KHL Season, and flew all the way up the draft board to 9.  He's big, fast and creative and I suspect that Gorton was serious about the game getting skillsier. Let's hope he's better than Oliver Wahlstrom, who is now still on the board at 11.  After Hughes was gone, I wasn't interested in any of the D's at 9, but was thinking Wahlstrom. Various reports have him as 6'2 or 6'4" but they all agree he's 18  His heat comes from blowing up in the KHL postseason where he set a league record for 19 and under. Defensively responsible and Huge ceiling and a future first liner.

This guy is a great skater and can back a defense off with his explosive first strides. We'll have to see if he comes over right away, hopefully Buch has his digits. We should excited about this guy and it will help immensely if he is clearly better than Wahlstrom, whom the Islanders took at 11.

UPDATE: Kravstov has 1 year left on his KHL contract. Perhaps something can be done about that.

Knicks Draft Review

The Knicks did what they said they'd do at the end of the season when they added Kentucky Wing Wonder Kevin Knox at pick number 9. They had a choice of a few different wings but Knox is the one who has kept on working and improving - and showing up - in this predraft process.  The only other wing available in Knox's talent univers was Michael Porter Jr. and he couldn't work out.  Already having had one back surgery in HS it keeps cropping up. That's a huge red flag, and made it easy for the Knicks to pass on the young man. I hope he reads Dr. Sarno's book, and follows the easy instructions. In Knox, the Knicks get a gifted shooter/scorer with great hands and improving handles. He is athletic enough to become a good defender and looked like he was on his way before the year at Kentucky. I know a lot of people are comparting him to Paul George, and that would be a great path to model, I think he'll be more like the KAT of 3's. That is, a kid who played on an all-start team in Kentucky, then will show a more gifted player without it. We could still end up with Paul George 2, and that would be great.  Fizdale told him he was a "mismatch."

In the second, the Knicks may have found their defensive ringer. Mitchell Robinson is sort of the anti-Enes Kanter and blocked 6 shots a game in HS. His offense is sort of primitive but effiicient.  He was 7 for 9 in the McDonald's All America game, back before he became a dropout and spent the year working on his own with a pro-trainer and his Godfather, Shammond Williams, whom you might remember played for Dean Smith. Dean Smith was the best man most of the guys he played for, and perhaps most of the people he met, ever met.  So, Williams, who left an assistant coaching job at WK when Mitchell left, probable had some good lessons for the kid. Having missed a season, it wouldn't be shocking if he spent some time in the D League.  But let's see how he looks in Vegas, first.

Right after the draft, the Knicks signed Arizona Junior G Alonzo Trier to a two way deal. Trier is a physical scoring guy and Dotson will have his hands full on the depth chart. Savvy signing.

Given their lack of picks and position, I think the Knicks did a really good job last night.

Rangers Draft Day

Knicks were fun.  The Rangers with 10 picks, as of now, should be more fun.  They have three first rounders today, 9, 26 and 28. Then they have 2 2nds, and 2 3rds. That's 7 in the top 100.  I still think they might move up, but I also think they could stay put and get someone like Oliver Wahlstrom which would great.  I hope whomever they get can really skate. The guys they've taken who haven't really made it have had skating questions like Gropp.  Let's stick with the skating model tonight.

UPDATE: Gorton has said he intends to use all 3 picks, but they are all in play. One thing I am concerned with is that Gorton said at the end  of the season that the league was getting skillsier.  So what I really don't want to see them do is take a slow footed Evan Bouchard, who, though super productive for a D, is not fleet of foot and could become a speed cone in the game as it evolves back to skill over power. And people keep mocking him to the Rangers. What's more, I hope if they do trade up it's for goals, and uses roster pieces and not bundles of picks.

The Tkachuk Factor: Brooksy thinks if he falls past five the Rangers could pounce.  And earlier, I listened to a Quinn interview where he said Tkcachuk would be a goal scorer at the NHL level. Oddly, he looked like one for Team USA, but not as much of one for Quinn at BU.

Would still prefer Wahlstrom if he's there at nine.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Knicks Have a Deal With Alonzo Trier

AT is a a long 6'5" G from AZ.  Was considered a huge sleeper in this draft.  He slept right through it and the Knicks grabbed him right after the draft.

Knicks Take Mitchell Robinson in 2

This kid is either 6'11 or 7' and 225 and can run the floor.  Not sure he played college hoops but many expected him to go in One. Can run the floor like a 3, but can defend and finish.  About what I wanted here.

Knicks Take Kevin Knox!

Alright, they resisted taking the safe pick in Mikal Bridges - with KP out for awhile - and the Knicks in need of a 2-3-5 before picking what is ideally a 6.  Porter could not work out for them, and the health was too much of a risk.  Instead, they took a long, athletic frosh, who can score and reboud and was a high school at AAU defender.  Knox has massive upside as a second star for the Knicks with KP.  A 3 to his 4 or a long to his long in a positionless offense.  Sexton wasn't there to create a conflict in me,  I wanted Knox in this case, and so did the Knicks.  We haven't really had a long, lean scorer - unless you consider KP more that than pure unicorn.  Knox has great hands and feet.  And any Knick fan who doesn't get this, doesn't get much. This is a great pick.

Btw, let me remind you that the Knicks had Knox and Miles Bridges in at the same time and  had them duel it out. What do you think the result was?

Knicks Draft Day

Okay, the big day is finally here.  This is the day where we, as long suffering, but emminently rational Knicks fans must hope we find another piece of a championship core.  Someone who will play D, and the hit the open man or hit it when he is the open man on O.  I think the Knicks are safe at 9 and there will be players that that can dispatch the role of new core, with Mikal Bridges being the safest pick of all, but not necessarily core. I think he could be a great 6th man, but we're not at that phase of our team building process.  If they move up for Bomba, he's probably core. He plays hard and would, along with KP (who is jumping off of boats with his gf right now) would help the Knicks match up better with Philly, who look to be good for the near and mid-term.  Same with Doncic, who would be amazing in a ball share O with KP and Frank. Kevin Knox at 9 would give the Knicks another true scoring threat who is long and athletic enough to play D, like he did before his year at Kentucky. Sexton plays hard D already and would give the young Knicks an in your face, take it to the hole or dish it, leader. Reminds me of Westrbook at UCLA. I don''t think Carter will be there. Would be nice to get something usefull in the second, 2.

What we can't do is take another player in the THjr useful, but not core mold, if we stay at 9 or move up.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Stanton Walks Us Off

I think we just had the moment we've been waiting for since last November.  I declare the floodgates open -- so let's get this show on the road!

Knicks Draft - Night Before

Alright, there are rumors afloat that the Knicks are trading up for Mo Bomba. They'd have to take back Parsons contract, but maybe they are into buidling throug the draft and savvy trades rather than doing what the did in 2010, spend years making room for two starts, and only getting their third choice. Maybe they've learned. Maybe they haven't.  We'll probably hear more rumors about the Knicks and target by the time the Draft starts tomorrow night.  Let's talk about them here.

UPDATE: Kyle O'Quinn has opted out.

Giants Announce More Changes

So our hopefully swiftly recovering GM announced some executive and scouting changes today. The biggest of which, Kevin Abrams to VP - probably sets the succession order for our next GM whenever Dave takes his stories to the radio full time.  Kevin has kept our cap shining since coming aboard and has learned the football biz from some of the best while he's been at it. Mark Koncz was made Director of Player Personnel.  Dave brought him over before the draft, as an advisor, and for a hot minute, when Chris Pettit was named Director of College Scouting, it looked like Koncz would be out, but he's not.  They also did some scout re-organizing, and named Jessie Armstead as special assistant to Dave G.  Those of you who don't like it when the Giants execs come from ownership might not like it that Charles Tisch is a football operations assistant, but he's a bright guy and they didn't start him at the top.

You had to know more changes were coming and at least they got through all the draft stuff and free agency stuff before announcing the changes.

The Pulaski Yankees

This is a really interesing squad.  When all is said and done this year, this roster could easily contain 3 of the Yanks top 10 prospects, perhaps even top, depending on what they do here and what the Yanks do at the deadline. But the squad is also like the Island of Unwanted Toys.  I'll show you.


Saul Torres
Carlos Narvaez
Carlos Gallardo.

Pulaski is only showing three catchers, right now and the other teams both had four.  Perhaps they are keeping a spot open for Breaux, in which case, he'd start getting the most reps.  Saul Torres in 19 and has some upside, but I think they've expected more bat than he's shown so far. The Two Carlos Theory has been similarly challenged, whoever becomes a hitter first will get to advance.  The 2 C's are 20 and 21 respectively,  actually Narvaez won't be 20 till after the season, but Gallardo needs to show some progress.


Daniel Barrios 3B
Ezekial Duran 2B
Nelson Gomez 3B
David Metzger 3B
Oswald Peraza SS
Carlos Tatis 1B

Ezekial Duran, who is suddenly being listed as a 2B, but was previously haled as a shortstop, is the elite prospect in the infield. He lost a pro year or 6 months or whatever to registration issues, so he's been 19 for almost a month, but experience wise, one would expect him to be in the GCL, not here. But he's been putting up Judgian Exit Velo at just 5'11" 175 (that's according to MiLB.com, I suspect he's bigger, now).  Peraza just turned 18, and is part of the IFA Class of 16.  He crushed it in the DSL last year, before moving over to the GCL, but is just a doubles guy so far.  Precocious, though he be, he'll get passed by by the kids with pop.  Nelson Gomez, was thought to be the 2nd or 3rd biggest Yankee signing back in the vaunted class of `14.  He had some weight issues, but has also had some moment of clarity where he hit some homers. Needs a positive season.  Daniel Barrios is already 23 and a little old for this young college, IFA league.  David Metzger is an org guy who just got sent down from Tampa. Carlos Tatis is a right handed 1B, who needs to show a first baseman's impact bat on a team where the 2B and Gomez already have them.


Everson Pereira OF
Juan DeLeon RF
Cody Brown LF
Robert Javier CF
Terrance Robertson LF
Jordan Scott LF
Evan Alexander CF

Everson Pereira was the big star of the July 2 wave of HC17, and since signing, he's gotten bigger and stronger and is showing now power to the tune of 8 EST bombs.  He's now 6' 191 but just turned 17 in April. In terms of upside, I think he has blown by Florial.  We'll have to see, but if he keeps doing what he did in EST. If the arrow keeps going up, we have our next superstar.  Let's hope he doesn't outgrow CF.  Juan DeLeon as the other top 3 2014 signing.  Still just 20, but in need of a break out season, he has supplemented some of his stuggles, by taking his walks.  Cody Brown is 24. Javier is 5'8" and from the `16-`17 signing class.  No power.  Robertson is now 21 and still hasn't shown power.  Jordan Scott was drafted 2 years ago and has shown some power and patience, but he hasn't really hit a lot. He's 21 and could use a breakout.  Evan Alexander was a surprise prep pick a few years ago.  He's 20 now and doesn't really have any plus tools. He doesn't seem to be quick twitchy, though he is 6'2" and 175, and can play CF. Needs to hit or perish.


Luis Medina
Bryan Blanton
Wellington Diaz
Wellington Caceres
Carlos Espinal
Pedro Espinola
Austin Gardner
Ron Marrinacio
Brett Morales
Jhonaton Munoz
Luis Rijo
Gilmael Troya
Alexander Vizcaino

I think Luis Medina is the best pitching prospect in the loaded system. He's 6'1" 175 and turned 19 in May. He alrady throws 100 but needs to lock down his fastball command.  Last night, in 4 innings he K'd 4, walked 5, threw a wild pitch, surrendered an unearned run -- and didn't give up a single hit. He needs to get rid of the walks and the wild stuff to preserve his pitch counts, but that's okay for right now and we can just be excited about his velo and the fac that they can't hit him.  We'll see who pops up on the rest of the staff. Troya's had some fans.

So there it is. Team Pulaski. Elite prospects and others.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

GCL Yankees East

Alright, now let's take a look of GCL Yankees East, they don't have the high gloss shine of a switch hitting teen catcher, but they do have a cat named Raimfer, who can rake.


Gustavo Campero
Pedro Diaz
Gaberial Mora
Miguel Torres

Gustavo Campero IS a switch hitting C, but he's just 5'6"  (and 185!) and turning 21 this year. Pedro Diaz will also turn 21 later this year and is 6'2" and 202. He was actually signed in September of 16, and will be 18 this season. Miguel Torres is an ince taller than Mora, and also signed in 2016, and will be 18 all year. None of the young guys have played yet, and we'll have to see who gets the bulk of the playing time.


Asdrubal Alvarez SS
Jose Carrera 3B
Brayan Jimenez 2B
Borinquen Mendez 2B
Sandy Mota 3B
Starlin Paulino SS
Jose Villa 3B

There's no hot prospect in this group, and Jose Carrera is listed as just 5'2" and will be 24 this year, if he's not already.  I guess they're going to take turn playing first, because there's no 1B.  Starlin Paulino signed in May of 2017, which actually puts him in the class of '16.  He's just 18, the other guys are 18-22. We'll see if anyone pops up.


Christiane Andrade OF
Bryant Arrieche OF
Luis Martinez CF
Raymundo Moreno LF
Raimfer Salinas RF
Alexander Santana OF
Jesus Severino OF

Raimfer Salinas is the big ticket here. Surprising that they are listing him as a RF since he was signed last fall as a CF, and seemed to have CF tools. If they were going to play him at CF at all they probably would have listed him as "OF" like some of these other guys.  Raimfer is one of the big prospects from HC17, and overally, this is a really young group.  Amazingly Bryant Arrieche who won't turn 17 till later this month, is already in the states at 16. He's presumably from the HC17, and being here at 16 is something.  Ronny Rojas is destroying the DSL as a 16 year old and he's not here. So Bryant is a guy to watch.  Martinez will turn 20 late in the year.  Raymundo Moreno has been around for awhile and was part of the class of `14, though he's still just 20.  He's been injured a bit but better get a move on it.  Salinas is a July `16 guy and still 18.  Jesus Severino is also a July `16 signing.  So, basically this group is Raimfer, maybe Bryant and a bunch of young IFA signings from the past few years. A pop up player from this group would be a great thing.


Albert Carrizo
Derek Craft
Jairo Garcia
Imael Gomez
Yoendrys Gomez
Gaberiel Gonzalez
Tony Hernandez L
Anyelo Luna
Daniel Martin
Alex Mejias
Anderson Munoz
Luis Ojeda
Elvis Peguero
Adonny Roja
Juan Then

Okay, only one lefty.  We are a little organizationally bereft.  But you can't create lefties out of thin air, and so we must be patient.  Now Derek Craft is a 6'8" reliever from this year's draft.  I guarantee they will get him to throw harder.  The other big item is Juan Then, who is a Yankees Top 30 prospect. Then is listed as 6'1" and 155.  Yanks went through a period when they were getting a lot of big pitchers, and drafting smaller relievers.  Now it's all spin rate and they might have found a market inefficiency in these 5'11" to 6'1" guys, like Then, and Johnny Lasgna, and Sevy, etc. Not the typical power pitcher profile of old, but all with electric, moving stuff.  We'll see if anyone else pops up on this staff.  No one's particularly old, and with pitching, it doesn't matter if you can get people out.

So there we are.  Maybe better pitch, but certainly a less impressive group of position players than GCL West.

Pulaski starts today!

Monday, June 18, 2018

GCL Yankees West

Alright, the GCL season opened today and, though the Rosters could turn over a bit, let's take a look at how they are starting.  The GCL Yankees West start out particularly loaded:


Anthony Seigler
Hemmanuel Rosario
Carlos Rodriguez
Meure Rodriguez

Okay, Seigler is the switch hitting first round pick from earlier this month today. He started today going 1-2 with a double and scored a run.  He'll probably get most of the work, or more than his share while also getting games at DH to keep his bat developing. He'll turn 19 on Wednesday, and he may be one of those rare preps who gets a promotion.

Hemmanuel Rosario is the kid we signed right after the draft last year, and whose bonus MLB subtracted from our draft pool, he's 2 inches taller than Seigler but the same weight.  He bats right and is just 18.  He'll probably get the second most games.

Carlos A Rodriguez and Meure Rodriguez both bat right, and can't be brothers because they are 19 year olds born about 2 months apart.  Meure spent the last two years with the Yankees DSL and Carlos signed in January. Muere is 6'2" 200 and Carlos is the shrimp of the batch at 6' 170.


Nelson Alverez  1B
Robert Chirinos SS
Jesus Grateral 2B
Jose Martinez 3B
Jose Polonia 3B
Louis Santos SS

Okay, this is where we seem to have some "place holders" that could be flipped for this year's draft picks or other younger prospects at some point. Nelson Alvarez could get swapped out. He's lefty swinging big bodied power bat but he's already 22, so will probably move up if he can hit at all. He's the only 1B on the team, so it could be someone from the draft who moves him out. Jesus Graterol has also been around forever and is already 21 and was a 7/2/15 signing who's been in the GCL for 3 years. No bueno. Jose Polonia will be 23 by Christmas. Worse Bueno. Now, onto the good stuff.  Robert Chirinos is 17 and a tooled up SS from what could be the "Historic Class of `17" before all is said and done. He's listed at 5'11" 175. SS Louis Santos is also from HC17, but he's just 5'8" so, who knows if there's a ceiling? Jose Martinez is from the HC17, too, but he's 19. Yanks have done well with some of these late bloomers.


Antonio Arias OF
Antonio Cabello OF
Jonathan Capellan OF
Anthony Garcia RF
Brandon Lockridge OF
Edel Luaces CF
Stanley Rosario RF

Okay, this is a really intriguing, group.  Even the old guy might have upside, and we'll get to that.  The stars of this group are Stanley Rosario, the power hitting lefty swinging 17 year old who is already 6'2" and 195. Monster power from HC17.  Antonio Cabello is also from the HC17 and was signed along with Raimfer Salinas as soon as they realized they weren't getting Ohtani.  He was a C when he signed, but they saw enough AA to make him an OF and he'll be learning it in GCL. Brandon Lockridge is 21 and a college pick from a few weeks, but he has true 80 speed and though another righty bat, he gives them another shot at teaching a fast guy to bunt for hits and play the old Brett Butler short game. Exciting ceiling. Anthony Garcia is another power hitting RF from HC17 he's also just 17 and a switch hitter. He's 6'5 and 204 already.  Edel Luaces is that 6'5" 205 athletic freak they found a few years ago. He'll be 24 this year so he needs to figure it out.  I think Arias is from the class of `14 that's had mixed results, but he should get moving.  Jonathan Capellan is from the class of `16 and was in the DSL last year.


Pedro Barrios
Havid Burgos L
Daniel Calderon L
Nelvin Correa
Deivi Diaz L
Abel Estevez
Franyer Hernandez
Argelis Herrera L
Kyle Johnson
Brignel Mendez
Kenlly Montez
Edward Paredes
Anderson Reynoso
Carlos D Rodriguez
Connor Von Hoose

Von Hoose is the kid from Bucknell. They plan to make him a starter but he pitched in relief today.  Other than that it's a mix of power arms with Franyer Hernandez being the most interesting because he is just 17 and most of the other guys are in their early 20s. Barrios, Diaz, Estevez, Herrera, Paredes and Rodriguez are the other teenagers. We'll see who pops up, but right now, none of the Yanks top 30 prospects are on this pitching staff.

So there it is, and they are being managed by a former big Yankee prospect with bad luck: David Adams.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ranger Stuff

Larry Brooks offered some answers and some things I just didn't agree with today. First thing, the answer: the Rangers haven't added assistant coaches because the ones they want from other teams are under contract till June 30.  Makes sense.  He also offered that there is league wide interest in RFA Kevin Hayes. Here's where I don't agree with him: Larry opines that the Rangers wouldn't use Hayes to move up a few spots in the first round. I think that's exactly how they'd make the best use of him.  Don't really want to move him for a vet or unless they can get a top prospect or package of picks.  The Flames are said to be one of the most interested teams, and they don't have a first rounder to offer, and I don't want Marek Hrivik back, so it would have to be their top prospect or two.  Hayes had a break out year this year with 25 Goals, and the main reason for moving him is kids with upside.   And the Rangers have to get out of the habit of giving away RFA's for low returns like they did with Carl Hagelin, the same draft night Sather turned down a first rounder for Cam Talbot and ended up with a second. I think that ended Sather's complete control, but the Rangers have to max their deals this week.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were active before the draft, like last year when they made the deal with the Coyotes.

Yankee System: The Influx

Hate Yankee losses.  So let's talk about something that's going to happen in the next few days.  Tomorrow and Tuesday, the Pulaski Yankee and GCL Yanks West and East will start playing and at that point, we'll see who's here. As you'll recall, the Yanks got CF Everson Pereira, and others on July 2, 2017 as well as a few others. Then in expectation of taking a run at Ohtani, they traded for more and more IFA space, until they hit the league max. Now, I think SS Ronny Rojas was in the original budget and just had a late birthday, but they had targets they were going to move into this year's budget, but instead got to sign CF Raimfer Salinas and C turned CF Antonio Cabello this past fall, plus, seemingly one or two more per month, till the signing period for `17/`18 ended this past Friday.  Rojas is still just 16 and may stay over in the DSL, which he is DOMINATING all season.  But the three CF's are coming over and have drawn comparison's to Florial as their floor. They are all 5 toolers and that's not all that seems to be coming.

They have two more shortstops in Ezekial Duran and Robert Chirinos. Duran, especially, has been getting massive love in the prospect community for his light tower power, but Chirinos is also all tooled up and might put on a show. They have another RF type he might be over named Stanley Rosario, who's a left swinger with huge power. We'll have to see who else is over, but this undercover class already looks like it has more upside than the `14/`15 class, and there seem to be more of them coming over this year than there were three years ago.

Beyond that, the Yanks will also have Seigler, Green, Alex Guerrero and the mysterious Sincere Smith in the GCL.  The Bro will probably be at Pulaski, but last year's rehabbing first rounder, Clarke Schmidt will probably get some GCL starts, while last year's prep #2 Matt Sauer threw 6 no-hit innings for SI on Friday Night.

So, even though the Yanks lost today, and sent a good chunk of talent packing since last July, there's a likelihood, we'll see that it's been more than replaced this week, so that will be a blast.

UPDATE: It's being reported that CF Everson Pereira and SS Ezekial Duran are going to start the season with Pulaski, which may be because there are multiple CF's and SS's who need slots on the 3 new teams, but that it is those 2 is really impressive for those two. I think they are both just 17, though Duran may turn 18 this year.  He was like Florial in that he had some sort of registration stuff that delayed his signing. Still, this is big news, espectially if they perform half a level up.  You might recall that Sensely and Dermis Garcia started at Pulaski and got promoted during the season last year. And they were 21 and 19 or something.  Interesting stuff.

UPDATE 2: GCL is underway!  Just from the looks of it, GCL West is LOADED!  Today, they have Lockridge (80 speed) playing CF,  Seigler playing C - these are the first two 18 picks to play in games, and they have Robert Chirinos at SS and power hitting OF Stanley Rosario playing Left and Antonio Cabello batting DH. Neither Raimfer Salinas nor Ryder Green are playing for either GCL team today. Will look at the full rosters later, but this team could probably beat the O's. Hmm, Raimfer Salinas is on the GCL East roster, but isn't playing today.  Both teams are losing, and the loaded West team is being no-hit so far.  That's baseball, Suzyn.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

This Week on the Blog

The droid we seek may already be here. That was fun. Yanks had 2 inexcusable losses this week, the Giants wrapped up OTA's and Mini Camp, the Knicks kept working out draft prospects and the Rangers stayed below the radar. Let's take a look.

Yankees; the Yanks are looking around for a pitching trade. Meanwhile, Domingo German and Johnny Lasagna look like the second and third best pitchers on the team, and only because Sevi is a legitimate ace and the post TJS twins are just getting their feet wet. Is it hard to imagine the Yanks acquiring a pitcher, then watching these kids outpitch him?  Shouldn't be, they're outpitching Gray, who was last year's big get.

Staten Island started last night and Matt Sauer pitched 6 no-hit innings. I like it when our kid pitchers have no ERA's.  Anyway, Pulaski and the two GCL Yankee teams will start in the next few days. I noticed that none of the new draft picks have been added to SI yet, so I'm holding off on a roster review. If it turns out that they are all on Pulaski, I'll start the reviews.  But untile some are assigned I won't bother.

Btw, yesterday the Yanks traded last year's tenth rounder, RHP Chad Whitmer to the Brewers for more IFA dough. So expect another big class.

More, the Yanks acquired INF Wendell Rijo as the PTBNL in the Erik Kratz trade. Their sending him to High A. Former Red Sox. He'll be 23 this year.

Giants: The Giants head into their five and half week pre-camp break still needing help at CB and possibly pass rush. That said, neither Avery Moss or RJ McIntosh could practice in the offseason program, and they are both passrushers. That leaves CB, and hopefully the Giants will take a good look at Sam Beal in the Supplemental Draft. Also, none of use should be surprised if there's more turnover at the bottom of the roster between now and camp.

Knicks: The NBA draft is later thise week, and the Knicks really, really, really need to get a player or two. At 9, I'm hoping for Wendell Carter or Collin Sexton, more than for Mikal Bridges, who'd be a decent enough 3 and D piece. I feel, Carter paired with KP would create the synergy we didn't see with Willy or Enes or anyone, really. Plus, he's a willing defender. Collin Sexton is also a willing defender, and though he can't shoot yet, he reminds me a lot of Russell Westbrook at the UCLA.  Plus, he's tough and would extend the defensive identity the Knicks have been talking about.  I hope they don't trade up for Porter or Young, just because of their lack of assets. Would like to see them get more picks.

Rangers: The Rangers also have their draft this coming week and unlike the Knicks and Yanks, they are loaded for bear with 7 picks in the first three rounds, including 3 in the first. I believe they will trade up for whomever they have fallen in love with, the #2 pick is said to be in play, as is either 5 or 6.  The Rangers are starting at 9, and have players and picks to use to move up if they want.  They'd get a great player at 2, as long as they don't think Tkachuck is that guy.  We'll have to see. I think I'm the only one around here who loves the NHL draft. So, I will go on about it later in the week.

So there we have it. Giants are off, the Yanks need to catch fire, and the Knicks and Rangers will both add youth. Go teams! Have a great week.