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Saturday, March 17, 2018

This Week on the Blog

It was a big week as the Yanks signed Walker, the Giants finally started rebuilding their line, the Rangers had a surprising the win, and the Knicks Kincked.  Should be another interesting week coming right up.

Yankees: So far it looks like Tyler Wade will start at 2B rather than Neil Walker who will be the Super UT, to start.  Of course that could reverse itself.  Oh, and Gleyber Torres, who homered in his first MILB AB could change it even more. Bird still isn't really hitting, nor is Judge they will.  The Yanks also picked RHP Luis Gil in a waiver trade for Jake Cave. Gil is either 19 or just 20 and had more than a K per inning in rookie ball.  So he might be far off, but could also be good.

Giants: The Giants signed OLT Nate Solder and OLG Patrick Omemah, which reduced their need for starting offensive linemen to 3. Still a strong start, that would have been stronger, but C Sullivan decided to stay in LA. They misssed on Norwell, but the combo of Solder/Omameh, is probably just as good as Norwell and a lesser T.  They'll probably have to hit it twice in the draft.  Meanwhile, the Jets just traded up to #3.  The Giants still hold the #2 pick.  Also, Sam Darnold has his pro-day on Wednesday and if he looks great, he will probably become the #1 or #2 pick.

Rangers: The Rangers should be tanking, but guys like Kreider and MZA still have pride and, along with some suprisingly impressive yound D's, are making tanking tough. Their season will end April 7 and Lias Andersson can come up with 9 games left, and Filip Chytil can come back up with 7 games left. Then they're going to need some lottery luck.

Knicks: the Knicks are on a long losing streak, but it will still be tough to move way up in the draft without significant lottery luck, forwhich they are long overdue.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, and have a great week starting tomorrow.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Giants Stuff

So the Giants have whiffed on Rams C John Sullivan - who would have been a perfect 2 year stopgap while they picked and developed another guy - but they do have mutual interest with Tyraan Mathieu AKA The Honey Badger.  He could combine with Landon Collins to raise major hell in the back 4.  So let's hope they can find the dough.

Earlier they created more bucks by spreading out Ogletree's March of this year bonus over the length of the deal.  They've also confirmed their deals with Patrick Omameh and CB Curtis Riley, who played for new DB assistant Deshea Townsend on the Titans.

You've got to like who they are targetting, and both the OL and D could see quick turnarounds.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Giants Sign LG Patrick Omameh

Getting interesting. The Giants are signing 28 year old LG Patrick Omameh, who's bounced around a bit since coming into the league from Michigan.  Most recently, he was an above average LG for last year's surprising Jags. He was undrafted out of college, and has gotten better and better over his various stints.  If the Giants were to say, bring back Fluker for right guard, next to Erik Flowers at right tackle, they might really be able to run again.  Nice move.  Now, assuming Flowers is the RT, they need an Right Guard and could use an upgrade at C.  Things are a lot less desperate than they were when they whiffed on Norwell.

Solder Etc.

The Giants have made Nate Solder "the highest paid" Left Tackle in football. They're giving him a 4 year deal.  This sort of wreaks of building aroind a 37 year old QB.  Solder is pretty good, but not great and onlty the timing got him to the level of highest paid.  The Giants are also expected to sign former Cardinal OLB Kareem Martin.  He's nothing great but know the defense.  The Cards have also  released The Honey Badger, and the Giants could be a suitor.

In other news the Giants sent Mike Shula to the Oklahoma pre day to watch Baker Mayfield and Orlando Brown.  They might have sent Gettlemen and Shurmur, but as UFA opens to day, they might have to stay in NJ in case anyone is visiting.

The Giants have also tendered DT Robert Thomas.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Giants Sign an Old RB

The Giants, misssing out on their top OL target, immediately came to agreement of former Panther RB Jonathan Stewart.  You might remember him from that 2008 game where the Giants ran for 300 yards or so and so did the Panthers.  All the other backs from that game are retirned, and I wouldn't be surprised if Stewart calls it quits some time in camp. Obviously, this is another "character" signing. Young characters win game, old characters, not so much.  Brutal plan so far.

In other news, the Giants lost Richburg and Kennard, so as of right now, they'll get comp picks next year.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Yanks Signing Neil Walker

I think there are 2 possibilities, first being that Tyler Wade really did get hurt Saturday, and they need a stop gap at second who is better than Torreyes.  The other possibility is that Wade is okay, but they want to turn him into a Super Ute - meaning a guy who can play all the infield and outfield positions, other than C.  Looks like the Yanks plan to send both Andujar and Torres down to become finishned products. It's also possible that they have another deal comong that involves trading some infielders.  I think that's unlikely because I don't see anyone who could come back.  It's also probably that the price for the switch-hitting Walker was so low, it was just an automatic buy for the Yanks. Walker is 32, and didn't play much last year, but he has been  a 113 OPS+ guy over his career, and there could be worse stop gaps. I believe all of this is pending his physical.  And we might not want to take that for granted.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Giants Cutting DRC

This is somewhat puzzling.  The Giants, unable to extract a salary cut from star CB DRC, so have cut him.  This saves them 6.5M dollars right now, with only about 1M in dead money. This is puzzlning because if the Giants really believed a "quick turnaround" was possible, DRC would not have been their second cut - even if he was cut at all. Looking at the roster, you can easily find cut-able guys from this 3-13 team.  Also, with DRC, CB was not a big need, and without one it becomes a big need.  to go along with OL and their other big needs. Puzzling.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

This Week on the Blog

Yanks kept getting ready, the Giants made a big trade, the Knicks kept tanking and the Rangers got back to tanking.  Big stuff probably coming this week.

Yankees:  The Yanks have made their first round of cuts and what promises to be a spirited, exciting and competitive Minor League Camp will open.  Of the big 4 sluggers, only Sanchez has gone yard (2x), and Bird if really having bad luck. But it's not even mid-March yet, and we just need them to be ready around the 29th.  They announced  Montgomery as the 5th starter, and  with German looking good, there've been no rumors about a move for a sixth starter.

Giants: the Giants made a surprising trade for a real linebacker this past week, and with UFA opening on Wednesday, we should start to get a pretty good idea of what the plan is - presuming they have one.  Of course, the big demand around here for the past 6 years has revolved around the OL, which may have actually hit rock bottom during their 3-13 debacle. Rumors have been circulating that the Giants will start FA by signing all-world Guard Andrew Norwell from Gettelmen's old team the Panthers.  That would be a start, but the Giants would still need a plan for the other 4 spots.  So we'll have to see.

UPDATE: The Giants have cut Brad Wing.  That will teach his best friend OBJ not to buy anymore Dominoe's Pizza!

Rangers:  Filip Chytil is allowed 7 more games at the NHL leve without burning a year.  Lias Andersson is allowed 9.  The season ends April 7, so we could see them both soon.  Of the kids who are up, Gilmour, Pionk and DeAngelo have all shown signs of future value.  Rob O'Gara has not. And of course, aside from lottery luck in June, what the Rangers need most of all is a new coach.  A guy who can turn kids into winners. We'll see if such a guy is out there.

Knicks: The Knicks are in full tank. They even got a letter from the Commish, but when Mudiay is turning it over 3 straight times, you cannot win.  Like the Rangers, the Knicks need lottery luck and a new coach.

So there we are, probably some Giants excitement this week, but then steady as we go for our other three teams.

Have a great week.