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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rangers Win and They're In

In a game that the Rangers needed to get the bad taste out of their mouths from the Kings debacle, and against a hot team trying to make the playoffs, the Rangers returned to their dominant ways.   Chris Kreider had two goals and an assist.  MZA scored.  Dan Boyle scored (btw, he's been much better since Yandle showed up).  And Tanner Glass even scored!   Hayes and Stepan each had two assists.  Nash had one, which is a start.  And Yandle, Boyle and MZA also had assists. Puck control and good passing equals dominance.  Great game.  It also allowed them to take over the overall points lead at 101 and to clinch a playoff spot for the 5th straight year and the 9th time out of the last ten.    Congrats, Rangers!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rangers Send Down Skapski

The Rangers just sent down MacKenzie Skapski, the impressive 20 year old goalie who OWNS Buffalo.   This mean Henrik Lundqvist will either start or be the back up tomorrow, then maybe start this weekend.  Btw, I think the Rangers exhaled when they saw Hank back at practice last night, and I think they exhaled.   So I'm not too concerned that they've suddenly forgotten why they're good after last night's no-show.   Onward and upward.  Let's go, Rangers!

Monday, March 23, 2015

More Yankee System Stuff

Today, the Yanks released Jordan Cote, a big, prep RHP who was their third rounder in 2011.  Over the weekend they had released Hayden Sharp, another big, prep RHP from the same draft.   Btw, that's neither of them in the picture.  That's Jordan Foley whom the Yanks drafted but didn't sign as a prep back in 2011, then re-drafted and did sign last year.  Over the weekend they also cut bait on 1B Bubba Jones, who was yet another prep pick -- and one of the "Sons of Tyler Austin" that was picked back in 2011.

I don't know if this says anything vis-a-vis prep vs. college picks, but it does seem like the Denbo team, even with the extra rookie league team, wants to make the system leaner and more competitive.  It's seems so far, that if guys aren't progressing, they aren't getting as long a rope as they were a few years ago.

While it's too bad that Cote, Sharp and Jones didn't progress, their release seems to reflect a new seriousness and an intent to develop kids for the Yanks, and not sort of keep kids around and in holding patterns just for emergencies or whatever.   Seems like standards are being raised, and that's a good thing.

Btw, the 2011 draft is still likely to go down as a good one as the Yanks took Greg Bird in the fifth, Jake Cave in the sixth, and a bunch of 2011 pitchers are still around and still have a chance, like Rookie Davis and Daniel Camerena.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rangers Crush Ducks

Derek Stepan and 2 goals and an assist to break his long suck streak, and the Rangers just rolled to a 7-2 win over a good, tough Anaheim team.  Keith Yandle may have finally had his breakout game as he tallied 3 assists.  Kreider scored, Miller scored and had 2 assists,  Hags scored.  Fast scored And Hayes had two assists. Everyone played really well, especially after Corey Perry's 2nd first period goal.   Looked like it was going to be wild at that point, but the team locked it down and poured it on.   It felt like an offensive correction was on the way and it came tonight.

Meanwhile, Miller and Fast both scored for the second straight night, and the Rangers have not missed what MSL was giving thm on the ice at all.  That's important because he is a free agent.   Also, can't believe we scored 7 goals without Nash scoing at least one.  He did have an assist on the Kreider goal, though and had some bad luck on plays that should have been goals.  

Big win, as the Rangers take over the overall points lead and have been lethal against the West.

Yanks: 189 Again???

In his latest interview Yankee "owner" Hal Steinbrenner once again said it was a Yankee goal to get down to 189M in the next couple of years when some deals get retired.  What's past is past, but it is inconceivable that he's behaved as he has over his reign and expects to do anything but screw things up more with this goal.  The Yanks could have achieved this EASILY and fielded a much more competitive team in the near future if Hal had just done a few things differently:

1) Hal had not curtailed amateur spending before the rules changes in IFA and the draft.

2) Had Hal been aggressive in the Cuban market.

3) in 2012, had Hal said "no" to the free agents that came with draft pick compensation and kept his 3 firsts, but still signed Tanaka as well as compensation free Cubans.

4) In 2014-15 if Hal had really gone out in  IFA and added Cubans to his big haul.

Having done those things, Hal would have added a lot more and better amateur talent - including 3 more first round draft picks and perhaps Sano in IFA.   He would have added top Cubans in both the majors and minors.  It would have given the Yanks to eventually getting out of the business of hiring veteran FA's and producing and extending their own.

He also should have extended Cano and Robertson before they ever became FA's.

But having been pound foolish and penny wise again, he is once again looking at his failed policies, that have found us out of the playoffs for two years and calling once again for 189.  

Yanks: CC Needs Work

So, CC gave up two wind swept over the wall homers, and an inside the park homer, as well as 4 runs in his second appearance.  And you know what?  It was a very encouraging outing and that's because he was getting some swings and misses and his velo was back up over 90.   When it's like that, his change starts to work, so though CC had some bad luck, if he can stay healthy, there's no reason why he won't give the Yanks a lift this year.  Big CC is back.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rangers Win Via The Shootout

Mats Zuccarello just won a game for the Rangers by being the only goal scorer in the "skill" portion of what used to called a tie.   This phase of being bad but mostly winning anyway has got to stop.  That Rangers were flat footed and crappy in the first, third and OT periods.   Talbot let up a an uncharacteristic early goal in the first and a tieing goal in the third where he was extremely screened because for all his weight room strength, McD can't clear the crease.

The second period was better, as they played a little more like the Rangers of a several games ago and took a 2-1 lead on goals by JT Miller and Jesper Fast.

Once again, Nash, Stepan and Brassard couldn't score.   Nash failed to convert on a short handed breakaway in the third, and must be as frustrated as those of us who've been watching.  He's also drawing a lot of unpenalized cheapshots.

The power play was also still a disaster, and the Rangers will deny their own destiny if they don't get something on the PP and get Nash, Stepan and Brassard going.   McD needs to be better, too.

This Week on the Blog

None of our teams did anyting crazy this week, other than AV playing Tanner Glass.   Let's hope for more of the same, with no Glass, in the coming week.   Let's take a look.

Rangers:  The Rangers are in an offensive slump.  Nash has been cold for awhile, as has Stepan and even Brassard.  Those three have to score, or it's just too much work for the others.   Still a little curious that they haven't called up anyone for Klein or MSL, but that may be do to move limits rather than cap stuff. There's a rumor they only have 2 moves left and they are saving them for emergencies.   Could also sign some amateurs this week.

Yanks:  Hopefully the Yanks are waiting on the disposition of the two Cuban pitchers.   With the big team, Ellsbury is hurt again - though I'm still assured he's not injury prone.   Slade Heathcott has looked like a perfect replacement should Ellsbury miss the first few games, but Slade's not on the 40. They should probably correct that ASAP, because even if Jacoby comes back, we will have OF injuries and a need for Slade this year.  Most of the pitching still looks good.

Giants:  Giants had a much better second week in UFA; and solidified the DL.  Now they need to sign a safety or two and they will be fullly scotch-guarded for the draft.  Jerry Reese and Marc Ross will continue their tour of pro-days and kids will also come in for visits.  Oh, and I think the veteran combine starts tomorrow.  The Giants will probably be there.

Knicks:  The Knicks are sort of fun to watch for a tanking team, but it's crucial that they stop winning.  Galloway and Shved are looking like they could be pieces of the new and nice next year.

In all, could be an interest week or just the set up for more interest times down the pipe.  I hope all of you have great weeks.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Giants Sign DE George Selvie

The Giants have signed well travelled DE George Selvie, to a one year deal  Selvie played with JPP at USF, and I believe he was on the Giants P-sqaud briefly a few years ago.  Anyway, he's a really nice rotational piece for this year.  He's good against the run - which was a focus going into the offseason - and can provide pressuree and some sacks on pass D.

After not being impressed with what the Giants did at the start of free agency, I'm really liking these latest DL signings.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Knicks Stuff

The Knicks today signed 2-guard Ricky Ledo to a 10 day contract.   This will obviously serve as an audition for the kid who is talented but got released from the Mavs when they picked up Stat.   As bad as the Knick trades have been - and literally nothing has been gained beside some cap room - and since the Knicks rarely have draft picks - they'll have to keep shopping among the discarded an buying second rounders then spending them on lottery tickets like they did last year with Thannasis and the French Run and Jump 4.  As I've advanced in the past, they need to find players who fit the triangle and can play it with passion - rather than just names they hope can play with Melo.