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Sunday, August 19, 2018

This Week on the Blog

Alright, the Giants looked better, the Yanks ended the week on a high note, the Knicks and Rangers were organizationally quiet.  Now let's take a look at this week.

Yankees: Sevy was better, if not terribly efficient yesterday, and that's a big positive. Happ goes today and he's been rock solid. Quality starts have still been the bedrock of the Yanks success this year, though they blew one earlier last week, when they just couldn't score. They have to keep hitting.  Not sure why the offense has been so inconsistent lately, sure Judge, Sanchez and Frazier have been missing, but they still have Stanton, Hicks, Bird, Torres and Andujar, and that's a lot.  Bird and Torres have looked a little better lately, and the Yanks need them to get hot.

Giants: The Giants looked much better Friday. Almost as if they'd been coached up. Davis Webb got the start and lead a long mach down the field for a TD to Wayne Gallman. Gallman scored again later and looks very much like this year's number 2 back.  Martin also looked good, but Simmons got hit in the head and is in the concussion protocol. The D looked good again, though Ogletree once again got burned for a big play in coverage.  This time; however, he did run it down before the Lions could score. Lauletta only got about 5 throws,  but he did manage to score on a QB keeper where he juked the last two defenders to get into the end zone. Funny, yesterday's articles said Kyle wasn't known for running, yet Shurmur absolutely said that about him when they drafted him, and if you watch enough fim, you see him score on keepers. We'll see how much and who plays in game 3.

Rangers: The Rangers still haven't made a trade since the draft, but Vitali Kravstov, their first first rounder has been going on the KHL preseason.  Gordie said he as more of a playmaker, but he's been scoring goals like a sniper in the early going.  Could put up a huge teen year.

Knicks: the Knicks have reconvened up in Westchester for more practice. It's great that the NBA allows this and it's a shame KP still can't take part. We'll have to see what they do to get the roster down to 15.

So there it is, the Yanks need to keep playing like they can.  The Giants need to keep getting better, and the Rangers and Knicks need to keep doing what they're doing.  Have a great one.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Giants Tonight

Looks like the Giants 2 best playmakers, OBJ and Saquon will be out tonight.  That leaves things to Engram and Sterling Shepard to make things happen. It will also be interesting to see if last week's RB flashers: Martin and Simmons, get any repst with the first teamers.  Also, seems like a big night for Davis Webb.  He was awaful last week, in his first game action in about a year, while Lauletta was impressive.  No one should forget that Shurmur wanted Lauletta and will probably allow him to beat out Webb, if he actually beats out Webb. So it would behoove Davis to "find completions" tonight.

On D, we'll hopefully see more ball awareness by the CB's.  They were in good position most of the time last week, but didn't know where the ball was.  And the Safeties need to take proper angles.

In all, it won't be as much fun without the playmakers, but maybe some of the kids will step up.

Monday, August 13, 2018

CC to the DL

CC has been DL'd for 10 days and Kontos is up.  No idea what move they used to get Kontos on the 40, and sad it wasn't used to call up McBroom, or Zehner.  Anyway, I assume it a skipped start for his knee and no worries. I suspect the next pitching move will be Justus, who seems ready.

UPDATE: Ronald Toreyes is coming back, too. Not sure of that move, but I'd rather DFA him.  Tyler Wade is just better but they never let him gain traction.

FURTHER UPDATE: They finally moved Jordan Montgomery to the 60 Day DL to create space for Kontos on their 40.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

This Week on the Blog

Alright, this week we saw the Giants for the first time in months, we also saw the Yanks sort of recover from last weekend's no show. Until last night, anyway.  And neither the Knicks or Rangers did anything stupid. Let's take a look at this week.

Yankees: The Yanks just won, and Stanton, Andujar and Walker are starting to really pick up some of the offensive slack we've witnessed without El Gary and Judge. Yanks haven't made a waiver trade yet, it seems like other contenders are, so hopefully the Yanks are just holding out for a real difference maker. JA Happ and Lance Lynn have been godsends for the rotation so far, so let's hope they can keep it up, and Sevy turns back into an ace, and Tanaka turns back into playoff Tanaka.  These are the dog days but they have to grab some momentum.

Giants: I expect the Giants to extend OBJ this week. Conditions just seem to be there. I think the next game is Detroit, with some joint practices. Let's hope the practices are useful and not ridiculous like the old Jets joint practices were.  We want to see growth during these preseason games, so let's hope we see some in game 2.

Knicks: the Knicks might stretch Noah next month, or they might not. There was a lot of sweat on keyboards this week as people tried to understand what this would do to the prospect of giving out 2 max contracts in 2019.  I look at it a little differently. I don't want free agents, I want lottery luck and the guys we have, and I don't want Noah around. He was bad in the locker room last year and I have no idea what kind of self-analysis he's done in the meantime.

Rangers: Some of the kids are still playing in tournaments, everyone is signed. And though we've been expecting trades, they don't have to make one now. Barring trades, the next big event is Travers City next month.  No news is neither good nor bad in this instance.

Alight, there's the reset.  Have a great week!

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Giants Last Night

After the first play from scrimmage, where but for a missed straight arm, Saquon would have taken it to the house, the Giants were awful last night.  Of course, OBJ didn't play a down,  Saquon only played a few and Cleveland was blitzing well into the 4th quarters against 4th stringers. Cleveland also drew 2 taunting penalties in the first 5 minutes and were playing with and instensity they never match in the regular season. Eli wasn't sharp, and looked particularly bad on a screen attempt, which is too bad since this years O should feature a lot of them. Btw, Jonathan Stewart looked absolutely cooked. Not good.

The new OL looked effenctive on play 1, but got jammed on both sides thereafter.  In general, all three versions of the line kept the QB's clean, but the Browns kept blitzing  and the backs and protections weren't always ready.

Davis Webb had the yips or something and was missing high all over the place. Lucky it didn't turn into picks. He did throw one nice ball that would have been a TD, had Kalif Raymond been able to locate it. Kyle Lauletta looked a hell of a lot smoother and more accurate, and though I won't overrate this first appearance, I think, and have thought, he's the next QB. We also have to remember Davis hadn't seen live game action since last year's preseason, and since then Kyle has played a full season and a memorable Senior Bowl.  We'll see what happens next.

WR's wer awful.  they dumped a few to Sterling Shepard, but OBJ didn't play and none of the 3rd receiver candidates had a good night or could muster a big play.

Galman was deent. but Jalen Simmons and Robert Martin both looked good. Again, that was against 2's and 3's.  Simmons scored our only TD.

The D was pretty decent, particularly against the run.  However; the DB's didn't seem to know when the ball was coming at all, so communication was severly lacking.  The DL looks deep, but the back seven needs to tighten up both coverage and ball awareness. But that should come with reps.

In general, the best play was the first play, and it's a really good thing that the Giants will have second dibs on all waived players until game 4 of the regular season.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Deivi Garcia Throws 7 Perfect Innings in Spot Start for Tampa

Nineteen year old Deivi Garcia, who's been impressing in Charleston this season, came up for a spot start with Tampa tonight and threw 7 innings of 12K(!) perfect ball.  Guys like this are reasons we should never get too down on the Yanks during an injury abetted cold streak. They're coming, they're all coming and the Yanks are set for years to come.

UPDATE: Lance Lynn was just about as good, going 7.1 with just two hits, 9 K's 0 runs and 1 walk.   Could still give up a run in the pen fails...  But boy was this a huge performance.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

This Week on the Blog

Sort of a blah week, with the Yanks losing, the Rangers and Knicks handling house keeping and the Giants conitnued taking care of business as they get ready to start their preseason games. Let's take a look at what's coming up.

Yankees: For the Yankees, it's another wildcard game. Their pitching has failed and their inability to get a better catcher and or an impact bat at the deadline, is punishing them. They badly miss Judge and Sanchez and so far, the no one has shown up on the waiver wire who could help.  Today's game looks like it could be rained out, which would make tomorrow a double header.  The big picture is still rosey, though.  They will get Judge, Sanchez and Happ back, and Severino is too talented to be washed up at 24. They do have to swap at their PC and HC, but will probably wait till after the season.  George would have fired them many times over already.  And they have or are close to completing another great IFA class.  Now that the deadline is passed, we should see a bunch of promotions, too. So, just get through this weekend, then regroup.

Giants: The Giants continue to constantly reshape the bottom of their roster as they get ready for their first preseason game which, I think, comes on Thursday. So far the gamp seems happy and productive with no major injuries to key players - if you don't count Sam Beal's season ending surgery.  Having the second pick in waivers will really, really help. As of the first game, it will be really interesting to see if Shurmur keeps it vanilla or decides to do some fancy playcalling.  It's getting closer.

Knicks: Coach Fiz should be back from Latvia now and will probably be reconvening or rejoining the Knicks at the facility in Westchester. They are currently two players over the limit, so we'll have to see how and when they solve that.  But we're in a rare period of smooth sailing, so enjoy it.

Rangers: The Rangers signed Ryan Spooner to a new two year deal, thereby completing their RFA class, and all is quite on the trade front, Meahwhile, K'Andre Miller and Joey Keene are playing for different team USA squads in international play, and I think some of our Russsians and Swedes are allos playing.  Not sure about our other international kids. Traverse City is still 4 or 5 weeks off. We'll see if they make any moves.

So there it is, the Yanks need to stop their free fall and the other teams need to avoid injuries.  Have a great week!