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Saturday, July 23, 2016

This Week on the Blog

This was an insteresting week, as the Yanks overperformed ahead of the non-waiver deadline, the Rangers made nice moves, the Knicks rested on their recent laurels, and the Giants continued to ignore the OL, which other teams will not.   This week, all four teams will be in action.

Giants: Later this week, the Giants will open their first Training Camp of the McAdo Era.  The reports will probably pick out the differences right away, but it will take well into the pre-season games for us to see if the coaching has been upgraded at all. In a very encouraging bit of news, Victor Cruz has been posting workout tapes and he looks like Victor Cruz.  And they still haven't addressed the OL.

Yanks: The Yanks need to sell.  They don't need to play every game like it's the last game of the world series and create unsustainable expectations.  So, hopefully, intelligence will prevail, though it doesn't always over there.

Rangers: The Rangers made a big trade that allowed them to get younger and pick up a future 2, and the extended Kreider for four more years, as well as giving Hayes a two year bridge deal. They're now pretty well positioned for another smart trade or two, if they want more changes.

Knicks: the Knicks were reported to be interested in Tobias Harris as well as Chasson Randle this past week.  They don't really have the ready assets or room to get Harris without a third team, and minutes for him would be a challenge.   Randle shined with their summer league team and they maybe should have tried to sign him then, than compete with two other teams now.

It'll be great to have all four teams going again.  And I hope it's a great week all around for all of you.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Rangers Lock Up Kreider

This morning, the Rangers avoided arbitration with Chris Kreider by signing the winger to a new 4 year 18.5M deal.  The Rangers wanted 5 but Kreider insisted on 4 years which helt down his annual salary a bit.  No word about an NMC, so we're going to have to listen to more people suggesting Kreider trades over the next four years.  Let's hope he puts it all together this season, instead of just having a tantalizing season fragment or two.  Kevin Hayes is the last remaing RFA the Rangers wish to keep.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Rangers Trade Brassard

Been out all day, but yesterday we said the Rangers could be making a trade any minute now.  The minute came today when they sent Derrick  Brassard and a future 7th to Ottawa for 23 year old big fast C Mika Zibanejad and a future 2.  This was a strong move for the Rangers, who have had a nast habit of trading youth and high picks for OLD lately.  This was the reverse.  Mika was the #6 overall pick in his draft year, and sort of like Brassard, when we got him he's been known as much for his inconsistency as much as for his high talent level.  That said, he's already had a 50+ point season and still has a ton of upside.  Plus the deal frees up money now for Kreider and Hayes.

Further, Mika is a big boy at 6'2" 220, and the Rangers are going through a phase where they either grab big power forward types, or little Zuccs, with nothing in between.  They've all tended to be great skaters, though, and Mika fits that bill as well.

Mika's an RFA who will have to be dealth with next year, but they still have time for more trades, but they needed cap room now .

Sunday, July 17, 2016

This Week on the Blog

Alright, the painful monotony of the current Yankee season was broken up a bit by the all-star break.  There is no more relief in  sight.  The Rangers took care of some business, and the Knicks brought back exiled religious figures.  The Giants did nothing.  Let's hope the week brings us good news.

Yankees:  Yanks have started the second half losing two straight to their ancient enemy, and playing trade drama for the papers.  These are clearly not the `78 Yanks and thus better get a trading.  They have a unique opportunity to undo a bunch of past mistakes and speed up the clock on the next dynasty if they can acquire some core pieces.  Meanwhile, down in Pulaski, Blake, Dermis, Wilkerman and Estevan are getting important experience.  Blake had two more hits yesterday and Dermis, the Adam Dunn of the Appy League, hit his 7th bomb. Those are the kind of prospects you should be getting for 3.2M.

Giants: The Giants still haven't addressed the OL.

Knicks: the Knicks are being delightfully well run. They may or may not have one more roster spot to fill, but whatever they do will most likely make sense.

Rangers: the Rangers kicked the McIrath can down the road this week and surprisingly signed last year's third rounder Robin Kovacs.  He's just nineteen, but he gave the other prospects at the prospect camp more than they could handle.  Of course, he was often playing with his Swedish League teammate Malte Stromwall,  who was signed after Ranger scouts so him play over there with Kovacs.    In other news, Pavel Buchnevich, who has a chance to be the Rangers version of KP and OBJ, began training in America and living with an American family. And they could be making a trade any minute now.  They also have to sign Kreider and Hayes.

So we have four teams that need to do some work in the near term.  I hope all of you get great news in the near term.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Rangers Re-Up McIlrath

Rangers came to terms on a new one year deal with Dylan McIlrath.  At 800K if Bozo the Coach lets him play, he'll be a huge bargain this year and another potential cap bomb next year.  The kid is good.  Meanwhile, they also extended D Tommy Hughes, who hasn't quite met expectations yet and F  Josh Jooris. Neither are real threats to make the team at this point.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Yanks: Blake Promoted to Pulaski

Looks like I'll be holding off for a GCL Review rather than preview.  The Yanks today have promoted Blake Rutherford to Pulaski.  Blake had gone from ice cold to start his Yankee career to red hot the past few days, so they moved him.  This makes Pulaski even more freakishly loaded than it was yesterday.  And with Blake having turned nineteen in May, he's age appropriate for the Pulaski team where he's actually older than Dermis Garcia.  There's a pretty good chance those two will be hitting 3-4 for the Yanks someday, so they should write them in that way today.  Bat Wilkerman second or first.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rangers Extend JT Miller

The Rangers didn't so much extend JT Miller as kick his big raise two years down the road. Today they gave thir burgeoning star winger slash center a bridge deal.  The money is in the 2's for both years, which probably means Kreider is getting his bigger deal now.  That's age appropriate.  I think a better coach would have turned these two guys into more consistent forces by now, but that's just one of the team's problems right now.  Good to have JT locked up, though.

Knicks Bring Back Ndour

Today the Knicks continued their sub rosa build around KP strategy by bringing back Maurice Ndour, the 24 year old PF who was the star of last year's SL team.  Ndour is 6'9" but has a 7'6" wingspan.  And he's a willing and coachable kid whom the Knicks somehow let sign with Dallas after league play had wrapped up.  He subsequently played limited minutes with Billy Hernangomez at Real Madrid in Spain. This gives them another young front court athlete to go along with KP, Billy, and Daug.  They're still short on young guards, but that could change if they sign Chasson.