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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yanks Win By Two Touchdowns

Chase Headley and pretty much everyone else in the lineup had a big day, as the Yanks beat the Braves 20-7, after missing the final conversion.   Eovaldi won his 14th, but it was more like early season, short innings Eovaldi than like the recent Super Destroyer we've been watching.  Instead of his one bad inning, he had two, and had to leave the game with none out in the 6th.

Because of the offensive outburst, Betances and Miller got the day off.  Headley, Drew and Ellsbury all homered.  Gardy showed signs of life, and Bird was 2 for 4 with a double, a walk and a sacfly.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Severino Wins Again

Luis Severino pitched 6 shutout innings tonight to even his record at 2-2.   He might have gone farthrer, but Girardi lifted him for a pinch hitter with men on in the bottom of th 6th.   Then in the 7th of 2-0 game,  Girardi brought in Wilson instead of a well rested Betances -- and almost gave away Severino's decision before finally bringing in Betances.  Btw Pitch FX showed Severino getting worse than squeezed at times...

The Yanks ended up scoring another run, but they're still not consistently punishing bad starters like they should have today.

Eovaldi goes for the sweep tomorrow.

This Week on the Blog

This week was sort of a big ugh, as the Yanks continued to lose games and the Giants continued to lose players.   This coming week, though, the Yanks will get some reinforcements and the Giants will have to start cutting guys.  Let's take a look.

Yanks:  The struggling Yanks may have found a team they can beat in Atlanta.  Let's hope Severino and Eovaldi keep dealing in games 2 and 3.  In the bigger picture, the Yanks can start calling up guys who are on the 40 starting on September first.   My guess is that Dustin Ackley and Cole Figueroa will get more run under Girardi than the actual prospects do.   We already know Judge isn't coming, but Ben Gamel is also very deserving but not on the 40.  In either event they'll have an endless bullpen that should now be scotchguarded against the manager.

Down on the farm, the DSL and GCL have now ended, and Chris Gittens and others from the GCL might start floating up to SI or even Charleston.

Giants:  The Giants play the Jets tonight and that's a game that's always overcooked for the preseason. Let's hope they can come out of it healthy.   After the game, the Giants will have to start their two rounds of cuts.  Then later this week they'll have to play the Pats, and then make the rest of their cuts. I still wouldn't be surprised if they traded for a right side OL, instead of waiting to sift through other teams cuts, which they'd still do anyway,

Knicks: There weren't really any rumors this week.  Melo apparently had everyone come down to Puerto Rico to workout.  We'll see if that's a value add.

Rangers:  As September begins the prospects will start filtering back to the mothership to get ready for the Traverse City tournament later in September.  The vets as well might start back as articles about their workouts and what they've been doing are starting to pop up.

In all, I'm hoping it's a productive week for our teams and all of you.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Yanks Score 15 and Win

Yanks went back to hitting homers today down in Atlanta and got shots from Didi, McCann and eventually Chris Young, who was a late game replacement for Ellsbury.   Tanaka was apparently so surprised that the Yanks scored 5 runs in the first, looked horrible for his first half and inning before settling down and K'ing the side in the second.

Other than the much needed win, the key to this one is the possibility that the Yanks will be able to trade McCann back to the Braves at some point.  He's from there and they still love him.  Plus, the young C they let him go for just hasn't developed the way they'd hoped.   He'd probably be a draw there.

I think it might be tough to get this idea through Girardi's dull brain, but Murphy and Sanchez could split the job till one emerges next year.  Here's hoping.

Big Win.

Btw, Jordan Montgomery pitched 6 perfect innings tonight in Tampa down in High A, and last night Chaz Hebert pitched a shutouts for Scranton.  These are both drafted Lefty starters who just keep getting better.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Yanks are in the Tank

The formerly first place Yanks just went 5-5 on a huge ten game homestand where they should have "gotten fat."  This happened primarily because their offense has been horrible and because they insist on playing guys who can't hit even when the big boppers are bopping, and refusing to use the DL for their older hitters, like Tex or fragile hitters like Ellsbury and Beltran -- keeping them active rather than calling up more young bats.   The Refsnyder buisness is inane, but he, other than creating wins with his glove all of a sudden at Scranton, is a righty hitter who grinds out at bats.   Too many of the current Yanks don't do that and it has been endemic to the entire Girardi era.  They don't dig in and grind like they used to, and like winning Yankee teams did in the `20s, `30s, `40s, `50s and `90s and early underachieving `00s did.  Also, they now have two hitting coaches and neither of them has had the sense to tell Greg Bird to lay off the high pithes that are out of the zone?   WTF?

Now, as we've talked about before, their 40 man roster is screwed up with old players, marginal players, hurt but not hurt enough players and relief pitchers.  The common meme is that Girardi really knows how to handle a pen.   The truth is he's always had great relievers from Mo, Robertson and Hughes to Betances and Miller, usually much more than that.  But his use of relievers has been nothing like efficient and most of the Yanks 101 callups this year have been for relievers, at least one of whom had to be DFA'd.

And beside the stuff with the kids on the farm, who are held to a false standard, the Yanks, who couldn't afford to, threw Warren and not Sabathia into the pen when Nova came back.  Now Sabathia is hurt, Nova is awful and Warren has no regular work, though he clearly has starter stuff.

I'm hopeful that they will still make the playoffs, but this is a bad and unrepeatable formula.  And it's a real shame because everywhere under the MLB level, the Yanks for finally stockpiling and developing talent again.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Yanks Win By Walk Off Sac Fly

Nathan Eovaldi threw 8 innings of shutout ball, in what should have created his 14th win, but because the Yanks value marginal defense above demonstrative offense, they were also held scoreless against a guy who touched ninety once.  That's not 91, that's 90, one time.   They are the offensive reflection of Girardi when they have games like this.

Miller got the win, and Gardy started the winning rally by working a walk.  Then they walked ARod. Then they walked McCann (who had been thrown out at the plate in the 7th) and then Beltran hit a fly ball and Gardy scored.

Much needed win.  But a team with Capuano and dead bats in the lineup better not make big October plans.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

This Week on the Blog

This past week was a bit of a mixed bag of things we don't like, like Yankee losses and Giant injuries.      Let's hope this week is a bit better.

Yanks: The Yanks will finally get a day off on Thursday, having completed their stretch of 16 games in a row.  Tex will probably be back at some point, but it's doubful Bird is going anywhere, so it will be interest to see how they get him his AB's.  Today, they're sending CC out to try to get a split with the Indians... the Indians.  Ugh.

Down on the farm, Aaron Judge is heating up.   Judge had been scuffling after they gave him that week off a few weeks ago, but last night he went three for three with a homer and a double - which would have been a homer in YS  - and a stolen base.   He's been a little like Gardy in the respect that it takes him a bit to adjust to a new level.  If he's made his adjustment, he could start pounding on the door.   The thing; however, is that the Yanks don't need to put him on the 40 yet this year, and so may choose not to, since they have so many other prospects who will need it.

Giants: the Giants looked bad again last night, but they still won, and I don't think they were particularly trying to.  The OL looked better throughout the game, which was a relief.   When Eli was in they were just working on their deep game - which they couldn't hook up - and Eli's dumpoffs, some of which looked good.   Andre Williams looks bigger and faster, and Shane Vereen looked explosive in and out of his cuts.   Nice.

On the downside, they had more injuries to Safeties, and Beason got dinged - must be football season.  Devon Unga is a guy who's starting to pop up at Mike.   The young DL's also did some good things.

Rangers:  The Rangers still probably need to make a trade, but that might wait till camp.  It's a shame that they whiffed on all three of the big collegiate FA's, the goalie and and both D's, this offseason.

Knicks:  The Knicks will continue to be the subject of rumors, because they are the Knicks.  Last week the rumor was Jamal Crawford, we'll see what this week brings.

So that's where we are.  The Yanks must keep winning and the Giants must continue getting ready.  The Rangers and the Knicks are still chilling.   I hope it's a great week for all of you.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Giants Today

Okay, today marks the second of four preseason games for the Giants.   This one is against the Jags, and all we can hope for is health.   Last weeks game was costly, and tonight they are down several DB's and both Cruz and Randle are being held out.

Other than health, it will be important to keep an eye on the OL and see if there's any home for them without making a trade.   Beyond that, the starters - such as they are - should play for the first half, though TC could elect to even start the second half with them if he feels they didn't get enough work in the first.


Luis Severino Wins His First

After pitching well enough to win, but not getting much run support in his first starts, Luis Severino finally got some support, and though not as sharp as he's capable of being, still only allowed 1 run over 6 innings.

Luis actually gave up the 1 run on an improbable homer from Lindor, where Severino's fastball provided most of the power.   That happened in the first, but Luis didn't let that or anything else shake him today.   The Yanks came right back with a two run homer from Gardy and a solo shot from McCann and that was all Severino needed.  

I say he wasn't as sharp as he could be because he walked 4 and let his pitch count get up by missing the glove too often, but he also only allowed 3 hits and struck out 6.  I'm sure it was a relief for him to finally get a win, but he's probably been the Yanks best pitcher since he's been up, anyway,

The Yanks did manage to score 6 overall against more good Cleveland pitch and without ARod or Tex in the lineup.     Big win.