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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Giants: Donnell Saves the Season

This was yet another game where the Giants refused to put it away in the first three quarters against an inferior opponent.  In fact, after the 49ers scored with a little more than a minute left, the Giants trailed by 4.   What's more Beckham and Randle were both out with hamstrings when the final drive began.   But, the Giants did have three timeouts and worked a bunch of plays with Vereen before hitting Donnell, who had to reach over Navarro Bowman,  to secure the ball and the catch for the touchdown and the win.   Huge play.

Odell, did come back and draw a crucial pass interference penalty to get the Giants the first down that lead to the touchdown.  And that was huge.

Beason received a concussion on the first series of the game, and Pugh also left limping late in the game, to go along with the injuries to Odell and Ruben.   Will Tye had an encouraging second game.

This Week on the Blog

Alright, last week the Yanks ender their season by getting shutout at home, wich put a big crimp in all of our Autumns.     That being said, the Giants got back to .500, the Knicks started playing preseason games, and the Rangers went 3-0 to start their regular season.   So everybody else was good, except the Yanks.   This week should be fun.

Giants:  The Giants play the 49ers tonight.  I've despised the 49ers since the Walsh era, and I hope the Giants make quick work of them tonight.  Really, I don't want to see another game where the outcome is in question in the final 10 minutes.   The 49ers are a bad team now, and the Giants have to step on them.  So no mistakes and keep your foot on the gas.   Then the Giants have to think about re-integrating Will Beatty and maybe even JPP.

Rangers:  The Rangers are off to a strong start, and some of their best players, like Kreider and Nash, haven't even scored goals yet.   We should see those guys join the party any minute now, but I'm not sure that life isn't setting the groundwork for a Rick Nash trade.  I remember talking about trading Gaborik a few years ago and being told "no way."  But the Rangers are and will be desperate for cap room, and Nash has not really won over the crowd, and isn't even wearing a letter, even after St. Louis' retirement.   Just a thought that he's the most obvious place to find more cap space.

Knicks: The Knicks have really looked like a team in the early going.  Unlike last year's team, everyone seems to be on board, and there's no weird vibe about it, and no JR Smith's.  Kristaps Porzingis was nervous in game one, then began to show his all around abilities in game two.   Both he and Jerian Grant look like ringers.  This is an exciting time to be a Knick fan, even if they won't contend.

Yanks:  The AFL starts this week.   The hitters the Yanks have sent are pretty ho-hum, but the pitchers they've sent are anything but.   Domingo Acevedo and Ian Clarkin are probably the Yanks 1 and 2 pitching prospects now that Severino has gradutated to the majors.   They both need innings.   Acevedo was limited to around 50 this year because of a blister problem, and Ian missed the whole season, so those two will be worth the price of boxscore tracking - at least.   And, of course, there are a million other things they need to do.

Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rangers Win Again

The Rangers scored three times in the first five minutes of the game tonight, and then settled down for a 5-2 win.  Oscar Lindberg had the first two goals, and he may be even better than I thought he was and I've been calling for him to be promoted forever.  Dominic Moore had the 3rd.   Derick Brassard had a PP goal in the second, and Stepan scored a dagger in the third.   Having said that, I think AV is going to be pissed at them,

Here's why: Hank was amazing for the first two periods, and part of the reason he had to be was the Rangers turned down the energy once they got the 3-0 lead.  Then CBJ scored twice in the third, including one on a powerplay, that shouldn't have been allowed -- not by Hank -- but by the defense.  They left Johansen all alone in the crease for the second one.  So I think AV is going to drill them,

That said, if they can tighten up the D, and do a better job of staying out of the box, they will be able to build leads and calm it down, but they can't lower the energy so much that they get sloppy, or so much that they aren't ready to play a full game when they need to.  

Still, it's a very encouraging start to the season, but they still have to build.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Rangers Stun Columbus Late

Holy crap.  The Rangers are scary sudden.   The just beat Columbus,4-2, after being down 2-1 with about 3:51 left.   Then they scored 3 goals in 1:17 for the win.  I can't tell you how stunning that was and what a great sign that is for the Rangers going forward.   Holy crap.  First, Miller makes a great pass, and Oscar Lindberg converts it (he might be great).   Then Hayes shoots one from the wall and it goes in, that was from Girardi and Stepan. Finally Mats Zuccarello, scored his second of the game from Brassard, and that was that.

Zucc had scored his first goal with :42 left in the first off a steal and a backhand.   That was just a fabulous win.  Really.  I don't want to get ahead of myself, but that was special, and this team could be, too.

Yanks Offseason, Pt.2

We got into this a bit during the regular season, but as the season ends, the Yanks' 40 Man Roster is still a big problem area, and it's currently being compounded because all of those guys on the 60 Day DL will come back on it and place their number at 46.   Of course, the pending free agency of players like Drew and Capuano will help a bit, as will non-tenders and DFA's, but they will now have to make trades in order to turn the 40 back into asset protection mode by the time the rule 5 draft occurs in December.

So we're probably going to see some 2, 3 and even 4 for one trades in the offing.  And because of that, we will probably still have to part with some talent, that will would have been able to keep, had the 40 not gotten so screwed up.  The trades will probably start in November.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Rangers Beat the Blackhawks 3-2

Oscar Lindberg scored in the second or third minute of play, and looked like the real thing all night long.  The Blackhawks tied it at one, but then Keith Yandle made a perfect pass to Klein for the one timer down low, and then Stepan scored as he trailed a two on none from Hayes and Kreider.   JT Miller had assists on the first two goals, and both Hayes and Kreider got assists on Stepan's and that's all the scoring the Rangers did tonight.

The second period was a bit of a disaster, but they only gave up one goal, and it was on a typical Giradi turnover.  He's just not what he used to be, and shouldn't be in the top pairing anymore.   Hanks was solid all night, as the Rangers did enough in the third to leave with the 3-2 win.

All four Ranger lines had good jump, and Yandle may be coming around.  All good signs.   A scary moment came late when McDonagh was hit in the throat by the puck, but it didn't look like he missed a shift.   Big win, which was delayed by the Blackhawks naming all of the citizens of Chicago during the banner hanging ceremony.  Sweet to beat em.

Yanks Offseason, Pt. 1

The Yanks' offseason started today, and both Cashman and Levine gave interviews.  Now, long time observers won't put too much stock in these interviews because the Yanks have not yet had their organizational meetings and those, very really, or where the offseason agendas are set.

Right now, they will most likely they will perform their due diligence, both on the team, the system, and the market.  As of now, they hold the 22nd pick in next year's draft -- which could go higher if teams in front of them sign  arb eligible free agents.  They should hold onto that pick like grim death, for a few reasons.   First, they still need to add talent to their farm, second, first round picks pump ups bonus pools, and third, since this will be the second and last year of their IFA austerity punishment, they might want to go big in the June draft, so they should go in with all the ammo they can.  That way, they can go back to topping off the IFA market the following year, while they deal with minor draft penalties.   We'll see.

Two years ago at their organizational meetings, they decided to sign 3 over 30 free agents and the cost of their 3 first round draft picks, and that has been an unmitigated disaster so far and will be an financial fiasco by the time those players come off the books.

Beyond that, they do have prospects who'll be sought after in trades, but the Yanks should be trying to sell as many of their over 30's as they can.  So we'll see what happens there.

They also have to either have a strong talk with their manager about his propensity to play every game like it's the 7th game of the world series and thus destroy his bullpen every year, and also about segmenting the season into areas where they can start breaking in more of the farm ready talent.  And if he doesn't want to change, they need to move on, to someone they can trust with pitchers and prospects.

Down on the farm, they will probably continue their rolling rebuild, as they already have to find a new manager for at least Scranton, and who knows where else.  

Should be interesting.  

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Yanks Lose Eppler to Angels

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have just named Yankee Assistant GM Billy Eppler as their new GM.   For one thing, this will mean that the Angels will join the Braves in waiver claiming and otherwise grabbing all of our former minor leaguers.   What's more Eppler will have to be replaced, and there are a number of up an comers in the organization who might step into slot.   And that would then mean replacing that person, and hoping Eppler doesn't poach any of our executive talent.  I said I wasn't going to get too into the offseason till it starts, but we've just added something to the to do list.

Yanks Stumble Into a Home Playoff Game

Yanks just got manhandled by the Orioles in a three game sweep.  But, because the Astros lost to the DBacks today, the Yanks will host the elimination game Tuesday night.  I don't want to get into the offeason yet, which could start as soon as Wednesday, but this whole season could have been better managed.   All I can do now is root as I always have and always will for the Yanks.

Giants Win Ugly

The Giants are now 2-2, after an ugly and somewhat nerve-wracking 24-10 win in Buffalo.  The Giants looked very good for almost the entire first half, but when offered the opportunity to score to end the first half, then get the ball and score to start the second, the Giants turned down both opportunities, and really didn't have any good drives till the beginning of the 4th quarter, when Eli hit Jennings and he went for a 51 yard score.  Odell did not have a big game, and Harris who did have a TD, injured his ribs when he was hit after a drop, and was in and out after that.

The Defense played pretty well and at times started to show that old, physical Spags feel.  Kennard, Wynn, Prince, Collins and Nikita Whitlock all had big plays on D.

Though ugly, this was a big and needed win for the Giants, and they should get some players back at some point.  Home against the 49ers next week.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

This Week on the Blog

Alright, big week on the blog coming right up.

Yankees:  The Yanks have to win 1 game this weekend to host their wildcard play-in game on Tuesday against the Astros.   If they can't get it done, they'll travel to Houston to play it.  It will be interesting to see how they set their roster for the play-in game, and if they win that, thereafter.  They'll need ace Tanaka, not gopherball T.  And I will hopefully write something about the farm this week.

Rangers:  The Rangers start playing real games in Chicago on Wednesday.  It bothers me, sort of immensely, that as of now Tanner Glass is still on the team.   That he is has me sort of worried about Gorton, who I really wanted for that job.   There seems to be some indication that they still might make a deal, but it seems it will be to trim the 14 forwards, and in that case it can't be Glass, because he's untradeable and will instead be someone like Moore, whom I like.  They head to West Point tomorrow.

Giants:  The Giants face another must win game.  This time in Buffalo.  They were supposed to get Cruz back, but that's not happening.   It seems they are getting Owa Odigizuwa, back, and that could really end up helping the passrush going forward -- if not tomorrow.  And that could really help them with some decisions.   Beason should see more snaps, too.   So we'll see.  They really need to win.

Knicks:  The Knicks wrapped camp at West Point today, and will presumably start playing preseason games this week.  Melo made it through all the practices.  Zinger did not, as he tweaked his knee and they kept him out.   It's being characterized as a very minor thing, so he should play in the games.

So, there we have it.  And important slate of games and or decisions coming up on all fronts.   Have a great week, readers!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Yanks Clinch a Wildcard

The Yanks just clinched at least a wildcard game.   As the Yanks clinched,  Greg Bird, Rob Refsnyder, John Ryan Murpy, Slade Heathcott, Brett Gardner and Dellin Betances were playing defense.   All Yankee draft picks.  Bird and Refs also homered in the 4-1 win, and and Adam Warren, another pick, pitched 3 innings of scoreless relief.  It was also the Yankees 10,000th win.   Wow.

Now the Yanks need one more win or one more loss by the other wildcard contenders to make it a home playoff game.

Knicks Stuff

So, the Knicks have started their camp up at West Point (interestingly, the Rangers are heading their for  three day mini-camp before the season starts, too).   The Knicks just posted a clip from last night's open practice, and I've got to say, it's got a much more professional vibe to it than recent camps have had, ie. less playground stuff, more execution.

Unfortunately, The Zinger has tweeked his knee today, and is now limited. We'll see how long this is an issue.   He's sort of entering into a rookie script we're familiar with from all of our teams.  Meanwhile, if you watch the tape, he looks thicker than he did in Las Vegas, so, that part of the program is moving along nicely.