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Monday, October 20, 2014

Yanks Promote Gary Denbo to VP of Baseball Operations

So it looks like long time Yankee hitting coordinator/minor league manager/assistant director or player development/ and player development coordinator Gary Denbo will be taking over Mark Newman's position as Vice President of Baseball Operations.

He's certainly got massive experience with the operation and the transition should be an easy one.

Importantly, the Yanks also made it official that Pat Roessler is out.  I would think Pat McMahon or Jon Kremer would get that job.    We'll see.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yanks Miss Out on Chili

While the Giants were losing on the field, the Yanks were losing off the field, as the Red Sox hired Chili Davis to be their new hitting coach.  I really hope this is not one of these offseasons where we can't rangle our first choices.   We're off to a bad start.

Rangers Shutout Kings 4-0

At least one of our teams played some defense today, as Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers beat the big, tough San Jose Sharks 4-0 at the Garden.   It was a scoreless game for the first period, the Hagelin finally scored a goal in the second.  Toward the very end of the second St. Louis finally scored a goal, and Nash followed right up with his 7th.  Finally, in the 3rd Kevin Hayes scored his first of many NHL goals.  Too bad Duclair wasn't playing since so many were getting their first.

Perhaps next game.   They really shouldn't send him down for the reasons I've outlined.

Giants Play Stupid and Lose

First off, the Giant defense was horrible today and couldn't stop Dallas at any point when they just had to.   Having said that, the Giants had an idiotic game plan that they just wouldn't abandon, it called for endlessly running the ball on first down or on long down distances.   It worked against them all day.  When they finally used their hurry-up, late, they scored easily and could have all day, but they were stupid.  Also, more dumb penalties on the OL, plus two more fumbles from Donell, and stupid plays most of the day by Ruben Randle.  Preston Parker should be cut.

Beckham had 2 TD catches and should have been used more.

The Giants head into their weak looking like they can't beat anyone that's any good.    We'll see if they make changes or ride it out and work in the young guys.   It's definitely time for a new D scheme for next year, if not a whole new staff.

Giants Today

Today the Giants are in Dallas to see if they can maybe score a point of two.    Seriously,  we should know pretty fast if they've prepared for the right opponent or not.  Last week, they were caught unprepared, or, more fairly mis-prepared. as I have no doubt the coaches had them doing something to get ready for the Eagles.  It just wasn't the right thing.

So hopefully, the staff has better insight into the Cowboys, or the players are going to get punched in the face again.  

If it's the Cowboys we know, then stopping Murray, hitting Romo and protecting Eli are the keys.  

We'll see if they're capable.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

This Week on the Blog

Could be a tumultuous week on the blog.   All four teams could be in medium to extreme flux.  Let's take a look.

Giants:  Down their #1 RB and #1 WR,  they may also be down their #1 CB by game time as DRC is still whining about his back.  The Giants basically must nut up and win this game, or they could start their almost yearly slide early.   Big game for the Giants.

Rangers:  The Rangers are off to a horrible start and they are blaming the kids, even though it has been the defense and Hank who have contributed most to their lousy start.   They may even send Anthony Duclair back to juniors.  Or they could start making trades early.  In any event, they've really screwed up the roster, and the fixes could be worse.

Yankees:  The Yanks could start filling some jobs around the organization this coming week.  And the overall plan could start to leak out or become otherwise apparent.

Knicks: The Knicks will start their season, and could get off to a really rough start.  Not that it matters, though, as next year is the next year that should actually matter for them.

So let's hope the Giants win, the Rangers keep Duclair and play him, the Yanks make good hirings, and Carmelo doesn't get hurt while we wait to build around him.   Have a great week, folks!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Rangers Should Keep Duclair

Some of the brain dead media who cover the Rangers are speculating that the move of St. Louis back to wing, could mean that there's no room for Duclair and that he should be sent back to juniors.   That would be brain dead of the Rangers.  Here's why.  Duclair is already +4 with 3 assists.  He is also the sharpest passer on the team, and gives full effort without the puck and in all three zones.  And because of that he draws a lot of penalties and always will and gets the Rangers power plays and always will.

On the other hand, Tanner Glass is a non scoring, middleweight roughing, boarding and fighting penalty waiting to happen.   So he does and always will lead to the other team going to the box.   There is no reason to dress Malone, Glass and Mueller.  None.  

Thus, the Rangers should and must keep Duclair and start cutting some of this chaff.    The roster is currently mismanaged, somewhat because Stepan is out, and somewhat because AV is a bit of a moron, but they cannot shoot themselves in the scoring, defense and ability to draw penalties by sending down Duclair or even sitting him.

Rangers Blame the Kids, Send Miller and Fast to Hartford Call Up Mueller

So the reason the Rangers have looked so bad is, of course because of the kids who weren't playing.   AV really doesn't like JT Miller yet, and may never.   Meanwhile, they recalled retread Chris Mueller to be their 4 C, so they don't have to play Marty there.   Not sure who's coming up for Fast, but startled that they made and offensive move and not a defensive roster switch.   Starting to feel like another trade is coming.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rangers Win Via the Shootout

First of all, all of a sudden, Rick Nash is a beast.   He didn't score in regulation, though he tried like hell to, but then he did score the only goal of the shootout by barreling in and shoving it past the goalie.   Huge difference, and if the Rangers were playing D like they usually do, he'd be taking them places.  

It was an important 2 points for the Rangers as they continued to lose face-offs, turn the puck over and constantly ice the puck.   Because JT Miller was a scratch, when AV finally decided to try MSL at wing, he could only roll three lines and thus Duclair,who is +4 so far, only got one shift in the 3rd period.  Hopefully, that will get figured out before they do something stupid.  So far, Duclair, Hayes and Kreider are the best passers on the team.

More Names In the Yankee Hitting Coach Sweepstakes

Okay, so Heyman has brought up some more names in the Yankee hitting coach sweepstakes.   They are Dante Bichette, Marcus Thames and James Rowson.  I like Chili Davis better than all three, and would absolutely dread Dante Bichette because his only qualification is that he is best friends with Girardi.   I think organization was frustrated with Dante Sr. for coaching Dante Jr. to do things the Yanks didn't want him doing.  So I think his name is only being pushed by Girardi.  Like Girardi, Bichette didn't take his walks, and could hardly be expected to preach their benefit.

Marcus Thames is an up and coming coach, but I'd like to see him ply his trade at AAA first.  Marcus also didn't walk much.

Rowson I wouldn't mind so much, especially if we're hiring 2, like so many other teams have done.

Rangers Tonight

Okay, while the Rangers try to prove that it's just another slow start and that Hank is still Hank, the only thing to wonder about now is who will score first: Duclair or Hayes.   They are both unselfish, but have both had some pretty good opportunities (Duclair) and point blank shots (Hayes), but neither has scored a goal yet.  Well, we'll see!   Let's go, Hayed and Duclair!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yanks Get Permission To Talk To Chili

The Yanks have received permission to talk to Chili Davis about their vacant hitting coach position.  I am wildly in favor of this.  Chili was a patient hitter and has had success as a hitting coach.    He's still under contract to A's until November 1, but there's no one to coach around now, so they can and should wait.   17 teams now have 2 hitting coaches, and maybe the Yanks could hire Chili and someone like Rowson from the system.   We'll see.   I hate what has become of the Yanks' plate discipline up and down the chain.

Yanks Talking to Magadan

The Yanks are reportedly meeting in New York today with Texas hitting coach Dave Magadan.  I don't know too much about him as a coach, but I remember that he is Lou Piniella's cousin, and remember him with the Mets.  I remember one year, early in his career where he had gained a lot of mass over the offseason and was hitting bombs in Spring.  Then they said he had developed extreme skin problems in his shoulders and he had to go on the DL. Was always sure that was a PEDs experiment gone sideways.

They're also talking to Chili Davis.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rangers Still Disgraceful

Last week, after Dan Boyle was injured, the Rangers had a choice, either call up a kid or call up a retread.   They called up a retread, Michael Kostka.  Tonight, they were outplaying the Islanders by a ton and had a 2-1 lead in the second when Kostka turned over the puck in front of Hank for an easy Islander goal.  So it was 2-2 at the second break.  To show his confidence in a decision he obviously had input in, AV started Kostka to begin the 3rd period.   Kostka promptly turned it over in front of Hank again, and it became 3-2.    Now it's 6-2 because Hank is off to a hideous start to the season, and so's McDonagh.   Don't know what they worked on in camp, but it wasn't defense or hockey.

If Kostka is still on the team Thursday, we'll have to see this as a hangover, and that Sather is resting on their trip to the finals.  Sheesh.

Giants Sign Ogletree

The Giants added McBride to the IR today and signed former Cowboy WR Kevin Olgetree to give them enough guys to play Dallas.  I was not an Ogletree fan in his draft year, but he sure did some damage against the Giants as a Cowboy.  He's got an equal opportunity coming up.

Yankee Update

Alas, they have already lost Trey Hillman again.  Thus far through their offseason, which once again started early, the Yankees have gotten rid of some they no longer wanted, and lost some they wanted to keep, without adding anyone.  So, instead of controlling the number of holes, they will now be somewhat controlled by them.   Gotta wonder if there'll be anybody left by the time they have their organizational meetings.

Giants Stuff

Okay, I don't have a lot to say about that disgrace we saw the other night.  But I will say this.  The only way something like that can happen in and NFL game is if the team hasn't prepared for what their opponent was going to do.    Now I don't believe the Giants didn't prepare for something last week, but I wonder what that something was, because it clearly was not what they saw on Sunday.   Some defensive players say they weren't prepared for the Philly O, while it was the Philly D that made the Giants look most unprepared.

Btw, the refs had nothing to do with who won or lost, but if the Giants don't send a bunch of cut-ups to the league -- about holdings, blocks in the back, Jason Peters constantly false starting, the head butt that the Eagle gave John Jerry before Weston Richburg tried to head butt one of them, etc. --  they're incapable of standing up for themselves off the field as well.

Yankee Stuff

Reading some disquieting rumors about the Yankee front office search.   Over the past day or so Omar Minaya's name has surfaced as being considered for a job in the front office.    Some articles have said he could even be Mark Newman's replacement.  No diggity.   He has a reputation as a very good scout, and a record as a bad GM.  So, if he comes aboard, let's hope it's in Gordon Blakley's old post and not in Mark Newman's.  

In other news, word's out that Trey Hillman, who was one of the internal options for Newman's post wants to manage or bench coach again, and that he's reached out to the Astro's.   That would suck.   He's got development talent, and the Yanks should probably re-jigger their major league coaching staff to keep him in-house.  

The three day weekend is over, so we might start hearing more Yankee news today.

Still don't feel like talking about the Giants.

Rangers Tonight

The Rangers will try to re-discover themselves against the Islanders tonight.  Because AV always makes changes after losses, Malone is in and Miller and Fast are out.  Kostka is also in for Hunwick.  Of course, blaming kids and replacing bad with worse on D doesn't really address what went wrong the past two games -- it's called effort.

In general, after playing good team D in game one, they've played horrible team D in the 6 periods since.   D is all about positioning and moving your feet.  And that's all about wanting to.   Until they want to again, and get their compete level back where it should be, the bad hockey will continue.

They'll be bigger but slower tonight.  We'll see if that works better than it sounds like it should work.