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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rangers Beat AVs via the Shoot Out

Kevin Shattenkirk, who scored in the shootout and assisted on Kreider's goal was just the first star of the game in the win.  Hayes had the other regulation goal (come to think of it, Shatty assisted on that, too), and both Chytil and Vesey probably should have had a couple but didn have any. The team played well and we're starting to see a really coaching difference. And Coach Quinn is doing things differently, last week he scratch Shatty, tonight it was Buchnevich's turn to sit.  Risky, but they guys are playing their butts off, and that's all we can ask while the kids develop and the new core forms.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

This Week on the Blog

Here, hopefully endeth one of the worst sports weeks in the history of this blog.  The Yanks were eliminated by their mortal enemy, the Giants lost 2 games, the Rangers won an OT game, but lost two others, today by way of the ref, and the Knicks lost their last 2 preseason games and blew 6M in cap space by cutting and stretching Noah, now.  This week can only get better, right? Let's take a look.

Yankees: the Yanks, yesterday, announced that Didi needs TJS and their entire coaching staff is coming back. Neither of these things are good, but the coaching staff coming back intact is horrible news. The pitching coaches are atrocious.  Look at Gray, look at Sevy, look at the long stretches of wildness from both Betances and Chapman over the last two years. Also, yesterday it was confirmed that Sevy has been tipping pitches during the second half of the season. So, if they were aware of it, why wasn't it fixed?  Can they even be counted on to fix it?  It's not worth finding out, but they're gonna.  I think the proper move was to promote Danny Borrell to MLB pitching coach. Likewise, they didn't grind enough under Marcus Thames.  They did in April/May, but then stopped. That bears more examination than they could have given it between Tuesday and Friday.  I'm sure we'll have more to talk about between now and April, but they are starting things off with a very bad decision.

Giants: Two things are clear -- the Giants were not quick fixable, but they did take the best player in the draft.  They still need to rebuild the OL, and add more playmakers to the D.  The trade deadline is October 30th or 31st, and they should be sellers. They need more picks and more young players with upside. Eli looks like toast and let's hope they give Lauletta a chance before they're forced to take a QB with next year's high first rounder.   I doubt they'll fire the coaching staff a second year in a row, but they need a new plan.  And they should start at the deadline.

Rangers: the Rangers just lost their 4th game - out of 5 - this season because they refs called a penalty on Namestikov when he was the player who'd been fouled, giving Edmonton a power play and the go ahead goal.  The Rangers are playing hard, though, and we knew what this year was going to be.  Speaking of that, K'Andre Miller scored a goal in his first game for Wisconsin last night. It was a laser. So that's great news. He has the chance to give the Rangers another unicorn.

Knicks: The Knicks weren't able to buy out Noah, so they cut him today, using the stretch provision now, instead of later and losing 6M in space in the meantime.  Seems inefficient, and that's not what we want to see from any of these rebuilds.  We should see the final cuts in the next day or so and the regular season will start this week.  Speaking of inefficiency, Kevin Knox has been missing a lot of shots, especially at the Garden.  But, you can see him really focusing on D, and trying to block shots, so it could be a matter of a step back to move forward.  He still does enough amazing stuff to keep the long term hopes up.

So, here's hoping that this new week will be a better week for our teams and all of us.  Thanks for reading.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Didi's Getting TJS

At the year end presser, Brian Cashman revealed that Didi Gregorius needs TJS. This probably means he won't be back in time to start the season.  When Torres had his TJS, he missed half a season and then came back this past Spring.  So Didi will probably miss months at the beginning of next season. Torres or Tyler Wade can play SS while they wait.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Giants Add OT Brian Mihalik From the PSquad

Okay, the Giants have now waived Ereck Flower and elevated Brian Mihalik from for the practice squad to take his place.  They probably should have cut bait on Flowers last offseason, but the market was crummy and after signed Solder and Omameh, they probably didn't have much cap left. Flowers was physical marvel, but ultimately for one reason or another, he was unreachable or unteachable by 3 different Giant OL coaches. Flaherty, whom he hated, is now coaching the good line down in Jacksonville. Mihalik, in the meantime, started a few games for the Lions and originally played for Chip Kelly in Philly, so Shurmur knows him.

Saturday, October 06, 2018


Judge had his customary one jack, and the Kraken reawakened and had two jacks and 4 rbi's, in the Yanks 6-2 win that sends them back to New York with a chance to win it. Tanaka was good enough and so was Betances, who worked two innings again. Britton and Chapman took care of the 8th and 9th.  Cutch had the other  RBI on a single.  Big Win.  Let's finish it!

This Week on the Blog

Okay, week started off with a Giant misfire, then continued with both the Knicks and Rangers looking better, and the Yanks splitting a pair of playoff games. Let's take a look at this week.

Yankees:  Yanks lost one they probably should have won last night, and their margin of errror for losses could end today, if they blow another one. We need "Playoff" Tanaka, and he is available and scheduled to throw. Boston had to use their game 3 starter, Porcello, last night because their bullpen is so bad. Need to start getting into it fast. This is doable and guys like Stanton and Torres, who were awful last night, can be heros tonight. Go Yankees!

Giants: You are what you're recod says you are. So they have a 25% chance of winning tomorrow. Ugh. They have to get Saquon and OBJ more involved.  One good thing: the rookies like Saquon,  Will Hernandez, Lorenzo Carter and BJ Hill, are already among the best players on the team.  So sucking again, and getting more high picks, could really pay off -- next year.  We'll see if they have any heart.

Knicks: The Knicks are now 3-0, and we are witnessing actual player development.  Let's take Kevin Knox for example, we knew he was a scorer, but he is also working really hard on D, and getting steals, getting lots of rebounds, and suddenly trying to block a lot of shots.  Alonzo Trier is a pure scorer, and clearly more valuable than Mudiay, so that could be the move, if they want to put him on a regular contract.  Should mention THjr. In game 2 Fizdale benched him after taking a bad 3.  Well, last night a driving and dishing Hardaway came back with 19 first half points and no dumb shots.  That was impressive.

Rangers: The Rangers are 0-1 but got reffed at home in game one and if they play as hard against Buffalo tonight, they should get their first win. As with the Knicks, development will be key, and guys like Chytil, and Buch are already looking like two of the best on the team.  Howden, who is centering the 4th line has good size and great hands, so lets see if he can pot a few. I was amazing that Vesey and MZA didn't score Thursday.  They had their chances.

So there it is, all 4 teams are playing, though the Yanks need to pick it up if they want to keep playing.  Have a great one!

Friday, October 05, 2018

Yanks Beat Themselves in Game One

JA Happ was crap, and gave up 5 runs in three innings.  That said the Yanks battled back, and loaded the bases in both the 6th and the 7th, but couldn't get the big hit in either frame. Judge homered to lead off the 9th, to make it a one run game, but nobody else could do anything and Stanton had a terrible AB. They can still do this if their starting pichers can give them a chance and if they can get a big hit or three.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Rangers Get Screwed In Their Opener

In the first official game of the David Quinn Era, the Rangers played hard for 60 minutes, but they the refs missed a bunch of calls and the Rangers didn't get a power play till late in the third. They lost 3-2 and literally would have won with decent refs, two of the goals against came in situations where the refs missed something.  Of Fast got the first goal of the season on a great pass from Filip Chytil.  Buchnevich got the second goal of the year from Mika and Mats. If they keep up this effort and keep digesting the new system, they should win some games.  But even with bad refs, it was good to see them get after it.

Knicks Stuff

In last night's preseason win against the Nets, Mitchell Robinson landed on someone's foot and had to leave the game with an ankle. Also,  Alonzo Trier went off.  I think he's looks way more useful than Mudiay. Kanter's in great shape and playing some D!  And they already cut John Jenkins.